Friday, February 09, 2007


I got an email from my loctician telling me that she is moving to salon 6 miles from my place!!! YAY! The flip of that is that the salon doesn't allow children that are not clients. That's okay tho', this weekend I am going to check out this place called Right time kids. I would link the website so yall can click and see but I don't feel like it! LOL It's basically a big activity center that charges by the hour. So if you needed a few child free hours to run errands or whatever, you could drop them off and pick them up when you're done. So going to the place and checking it out beyond the website is on my things to do list.

I don't really have too much to blog about. I was going to do that Yay or Nay meme going around but I am not all that fond of it.

When I went to add the word verification thing to my blog blogger made me switch over! I was going to change my background since I was making changes but my choices aren't cool. Maybe a short cutie from Jersey that "Dreams" or a on again off again Canadian blogger chick that stays in the "Groove" can help a sista out? LOL I'm just saying.....

I had a less than pleasant ordeal with the Piz za Hut delivery dude. Yeah, I been eating out a lot lately and I really need to cut that mess out and cut that stove on! How am going to lose 10 pounds a month eating out? *shaking head at self* Jamaica is only slightly over 2 months away! AGH!

Yesterday I also had to give myself a "slow your roll" check. When you are feeling someone it's so easy for folks (esp. women) to let their emotions get ahead of them. I like being in like but I don't like the way I get territorial. It's like I gotta tell myself repeatedly to slow down and chill the heck out! I am not going nowhere and neither is he so CHILL! No need to run, take a slow leisurely stroll and stop to smell the flowers!

Okay enough self therapy, have a nice weekend.


blkbutterfly said...

you know, as i did the Yay or Nay meme, i started to not really be fond of it. but, i had to start what i finished.

blogger made me switch over when i signed in from another computer. i wasn't too happy about it, but everything seems to be ok.

have a good weekend!

LUVIN ME said...

Have a great weekend!

Ladynay said...

Finish what you start, good philosophy!

I always said I wouldn't switch until it made me so I guess they are starting to make folks! LOL


Ladynay said...

You too Luvin! :-D

Marz said...

There is something about that child drop off center that scares me. These new age things wouldn't have gotten along with me. I would've been like, "WOMAN, YOU LEAVING ME HERE!!!!!!"




"J" said...

GIRL I am SOOOO feeling u on the slow ya roll tip. I have had to check myself a time or two with Arrah. I dont like being in like. I wanna just wake up married to the perfect man with the perfect life...NOT! LOL

Pamalicious said...

Piggy backing of Marz. I never really liked those places. Though believe you me, I've wanted in my lifetime to drop her ass at the 24 hour nursery, lol

The cool thing about that whole emotions running a muck thing - is when it happens and you don't have to consciously stop yourself - it's real.

Just repeat the single woman mantra when it comes to uncommited dealings with me and allow it to happen like however it's going to happen.

Have a good weekend Sista Brown eyes!

Honey-Libra said...

I know what you mean. We can get so caught up in being happy and finally having someone we be like well he's mine I wonder what he's doing and all that other jazz...good to self check I do it all the time LOL...yea for the loctician moving closer now what if you had no one to watch Pooka what would they do..I mean I can understand that kids are loud and what not but dang....have a great weekend..and you can eat pizza just eat it in moderation and don't get meat on it or get the veggie pizza

Freaky Deaky said...

You have to think about all the hood chicks that are up in the salon with their half dozen out of control kids and few exceptions the no kids unless they're client rule is a good thing. Now if more places would have them and a no ghetto and hood people people rule then it would be too much like right.

LMAO @ Blogger making or tricking people to switch over to the New Blogger. I still haven't switched. Mainly because I'm unsure of how the whole Google thing might affect my blog or user name. Anyway, on the good side if you ever decide to switch to WordPress it should be easier now.

Complain about the pizza dude and get a free pizza.

Let me hear you start spraying and otherwise marking people. I can see dudes walking around NC right now with the sign of Ladynay on their foreheads. LOL

TTD said...

that day care sounds cool..

blogger fucking SUCKS!!!!!!!

have a great weekend!

Ladynay said...

Marz! Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! If the place looks like it does on the site and I get a good vibe from the people I think Pooka would be more upset when I came to pick her up! LOL But we will see.

I am not going to the spa...yet. Just the loc lady!

"J", wouldn't it be nice if we could just wake up and be in the perfect relationship? Already married (paid for) all the kids popped out (loss the baby weight)and trained...all that! LOL

Pam, not the 24 hour joint! ROFL

I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have to stop myself...kind of a scary thought...

"Sista brown eyes" I like it! You to Pam!

Honey, always good to self check!

I guess I would have to find another person to do my hair. I people that can watch her but this center is closer to my place and it's only gonna be like 2-3 hours.

No meat on the pizza???? Ummmm I don't know about that. LOL! I did get one w/black olives! Yum!

Freaky, then everyone wouldn't consider themselves hood! LOL

Blogger is a trip. Period.

The pizza thing is not worth complaining and I really don't need an extra pie.

Heck yeah that sounds like a good idea! So chickens know not to touch! ROFL!

TTD, yeah Imma see just how cool it really is. I hope everything is on the up and up and I don't get no bad vibes.


deepnthought said...

I am so feeling you on the slow your roll tip. I have to check myself. I get possessive. I never say anything but I be thinking it.

I know a few places like that. I hope you like the drop off center. My parents tried that and within 20 min they were back picking us up. My brothers never did well with babysitters after our first mishap.

Ladynay said...

Daaaaaang 20 mins? I sho' hate to know all your peeps had to go through! LOL

Freaky Deaky said...

Don't you be marking those innocent men like they were cattle. Then again I kind of think a mark of Freaky would be kind of cool. LOL!

The pizza guy is in customer service if he can't do the job well or like doing the job then he should find something else or be forced to find something else.

Have a nice weekend.

Ladynay said...

*shaking my head* Freaky mark = mark of the beast? Hmmmmmmm LOL

I agree with you about the pizza dude.

You have a good one too!

4EverJennayNay said...

When I started my new job I was having a horrible time finding the energy to cook. This week I cooked for the first time in minute. I'm right shamed of myself.LOL

I was excited about making the switch and did it months ago. I wanted to be able to restrict who could read my stuff... and no I still haven't taken that step.

Im in a situation now where the male is much more attached than I was/am. Its an interesting situation to be in, because I used to it being me. But I guess I can understand both sides of the coin.

Ladynay said...

You got the ball rolling so that's all that matters! When you cooking for me and Pooka??? LOL (j/k)

Part of me want to restrict my blog esp. now that I know my stuff has been put on blast, but I doubt I really will.

It's usually me too :-(

E said...

I was like who's a loctician...and then I went...ohhhh! COngrats on that. If I ever have kids the idea of dropping them off for an hour to do errands sounds appealing..:-)

I wanna go to Jamaica...after I go to Hawaii...:-)

TrinaBeingTrina said...

At least you recognize when you are trippin. Most people start acting all crazy and then swear it is the other person's fault

btw... blogger SUX!!

The Goddess said...

Hey! Just stopping by to see what's been up. HOORAY for your Loctician being closer to you. Hair is OH SO important to us women, so any convenience makes life SO much easier. Or maybe that's just me.

Hope all works out well for you and the new guy. You gotta give us some juicy details. LOL

Ladynay said...

E, Hawaii is on the "to visit" list of mine too, but it's kinda low in the list right bout now.

It's a great idea!

Trina, good way of looking at it. I haven't gone crazy thank goodness! LOL

Goddess, hair is important to us just like the shape up is to dudes. :-)

Thanks and I might....maybe *wink*