Friday, March 02, 2007

I swear it was just Friday

I really feel like every other day I am posting about how fast Friday got here! Simply amazing!

Today is still a good day, I am still beautiful and abundantly blessed. Yesterday I received my child care voucher form in the mail. My daycare cost has been basically cut in half and I can't be more thankful. Honestly I am in a comfortable financial position in my life and not in the same place I was in when I put my name on the waiting list about a year ago, so I don't have the NEED like I did. But I believe everything happens when it is supposed to so I will accept my blessing of assistance. Who knows what tomorrow may bring.

As far as this weekend goes, I am NOT going to Charlotte for the CIAA tournament. Everyone and their momma is down that way for the games. Being that I am not fond of events where a bunch of black people of my generation and younger gather together to basically party and have a good time. Well it is not the black people, it's the niggers. Chris Rock did a stand up a few years ago that defined the difference between black folks and niggers and I totally agreed with him. Basically the niggers are the ones that mess things up for everyone. For example, All star weekend was not too long ago. Many people of color go to whatever the host city is and have a good time, many of them don't even go no where close to the actual game. Now the black people go, may attend a party or three and have a good time like they are supposed to. The niggers shoot people up, start fights, and behave as if they have no home training. There is a way to have a good time without acting real dumb. So yeah, to me events like the MEAC and CIAA are just mini versions of the NBA all star game stuff and I'll be good by staying away. Now will I attend a function like that in the future? Who knows, but I doubt it.

I have a few things to accomplish this weekend compared to my usual. I am going to start my volunteer work at the nursing home, get my hurr did, maybe get me a pedicure, and possibly get my laptop looked at. Today my laptop stayed unfroze long enough for me to perform a virus scan and soon after I got the report that things were all good I get this message:


Now I know that that basically means that something has stopped working but I didn't know if that NMI thing defines the problem. So ummmmm TTD, SAR, E, somebody...can you tell me what it means or offer any suggestions? The IT folks are not here yet and I may run it by them and see what they may or may not have to offer.

Have a good weekend.

I am making a small edit cuz I won't have net access this weekend.

How about I leave work for a minute to handle some business. On the way back I get off at the wrong exit (I am not on that side of town much) and since I'd been on the street before I thought I could maneuver the road way back to work. Well that road put me on the road my favorite "toy" store is on. I figure what a good time to see what new stuff they got and see if my transparent friend was there (they didn't have anymore :-() so in looking around the lady asked me if I needed help. I said sure and she asked me what I was planning and after I told her we ended up having a half hour talk about a bunch of stuff! She is a freaky thing that's all I can say! She gave me a few ideas and suggested stuff. She wasn't commissioning me cuz the stuff she was suggesting was like $1.00 and under. She suggested I try them and if I like them and they worked for me THEN to buy the big bottle. She was really cool peeps. I hope she is there when I go there again. She spoke like she knew the real deal! LOL

I did buy me another toy *YAY* I won't give to many details but I CAN'T WAIT to use it!!!!!!! I think I might name her bunny, no it's not a rabbit! LOL

Oh I did see a nice white box with blue writing that said Habatchi (sp) hand wand and I just laughed to myself! Shout out to Mistress! She was the first thing to come to mind when I saw it *raising my fist* I may have to make that my next purchase if my clear joint don't come in cuz that thing looks like it could do some damage! LOL


TTD said...

check out this page to help figure out what the issue is..

im glad it's friday!!! im happy when weeks go by fast... slow weeks are the pits!

so since we got some extra money.. are we going shopping on you? lol

blkbutterfly said...

things always seem to happen right when you really do need it. perhaps now that the need is not so dire, you can save the extra $$, so if something happens, you'll be able to cover it.

i was listening to the Steve Harvey morning show and they were in Charlotte, talking about the CIAA Tournament. i don't think i'm one to shy away from events where there will be a lot of Black ppl (or niggas), but as soon as something starts to pop off, i'm out!

i hope you get your laptop fixed soon.

have a good weekend!

Freaky Deaky said...

Boo @ not going to the tournament. Don't even ask if you can borrow my battle robe and hood either. :oP

I was going to e-mail you a similar link to the one TTD gave you. Depending on your comfort level with opening up your laptop and your tech savy then eliminating some of the potential problems won't be too difficult. However if you're not then write down the message and take it to a shop.

"J" said...

Glad its friday too!

Folks wit no home training make me sick. Triflin asses LOL

Anonymous said...

This week did go by fast. No complaints from me.

"I love black folks but hate niggas".

Honey-Libra said...

About you posting tech help on your blog LOl...great

WOOHOO extra money is always a blessing.

I'm glad it's friday as well

and can ya'll come pick me up too you know to go shopping with your extra money LOL

Ladynay said...

TTD, Thanks for the site! Shopping on me???? Ummmmm yeah sure *eye wandering* LOL

BB, yeah the plan is to have more a cushion when the unexpected occurs.

Everyone and their momma is going to be in Charlotte at some point before next Saturday. :0(

I hope it gets fixed too, it sucks not to be able to check my email after I leave work.


Freaky, one of the IT guys suggested a place for me to take it so I may do that this weekend.

J, they just ruin the fun for everyone! :-(

Southern, I ain't either! Sounds like you saw the special I did. LOL

Honey, I have help desk folks that read my blog. If I can get some free help I am all aobut it! LOL

You keep waiting on that shopping on my tab thing....LOL

blkbutterfly said...

i just read your update. i'm cracking up! how about i'm thinking of stopping by the mall to check out a sale before i head to the office! sure, it's not the same as heading to a "toy store"...

Ladynay said...

BB, it's okay to say you going to the grown folks store...we understand ;-P

Guess I am spending that cushion money all ready huh? ROFL

deepnthought said...

ok first things first... the update= hilarious... thats all I can say...

YAY for Friday... You are getting your hair did... wooohoooo...

My dad had a saying' niggas and flies I do despise..... Anyway, I feel you. I use to like going to tournaments and stuff, but now that I am older, I see that alot of younger folks (in age and maturity level) have made it painful for me...

Ladynay said...

Girlllll I am excited!

Da fro' gotta go!

Niggas and flies I do despise...I like it! I would want to go to a tournament like that once just to say I've been to one, but the urge isn't there to do it yet.

Freaky Deaky said...

Wrong exit? Mmm hmm, sure. Just so happen to take you to the store with the grown up toys. Right. So um, how did the freaky chick at the store look? What?

Ladynay said...

I did get off at the wrong exit! LOL It wasn't my fault the exit took me where it took me! *chuckle*

She wasn't a bad looking chick...about 5'5, long curly blonde hair, wide but flat butt and hippy...what? She was demonstrating something and I had to look to see what she was talking about! LOL

jameil1922 said...

i'm so excited that feb. is over. i hated that month. all the snow and sub-zero wind chills. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!! come on spring!!

er um... the MEAC is nothing like the CIAA. no one says OH YEAH!!!! I'M GOIN TO THE MEAC!!! but i'm itchin to get to the CIAA now that its in my hometown. boy oh boy.

Soldier said...

Hey there, guesss who's stoppin by ??? I'm so proud of u for makin progress in the financial department this past year ! You should be proud of yourslef too. Thk god for what u have now and work to get to an even better position so u can buy me a cute black BMW. THX ! :-)
and that small edit.... well, u go girl ! get ur fun on !!! lol

You have to give me updating classes !! When i force myself, i manage to update MONTHLY lol and u do it almost daily, i hate u ! i love u ! no i hate u !
ok u my hero ! lol

Ladynay said...

J,if you do manage to make it this way for the tournament, have fun! I won't be nowhere near it this year! LOL

Soldier, boy youza mess! A pure mess! HAHAHA

The Mistress said...

ROFL...did you put "Hibachi".


You are crazy.

It's Hitachi Magic Wand girl! But trust me, if you ever use one, YOU WILL REMEMBER THE NAME FROM THAT POINT ON!

I kid you not.


Ladynay said...

At least I got the wand part right! ROFL I may have to add that to my staff in the near future :-) You make such a wonderful reference! LOL

Honey-Libra said...

LMBO at that update I tell ya...don't want you hurting yourself LOL