Thursday, March 01, 2007


I am feeling absolutely fab this morning! The sandman came and picked me up about 9:30 last night and I am not sure where we went, but man when he dropped me off this morning I was feeling great! I hooked up a real breakfast: pancakes (wally worlds), grits, eggs, and turkey bacon...mmm mmm mmm. Pooka and I got down this morning and I got a touch of the itis as I type this but I'll be alright. LOL

Last night I started to expand my horizons and cook on the grill. Not the Foreman, but a real charcoal grill. I put the bricks in, lit em up, waiting for them to ash up and threw some fish up there that came out lovely!!!! My friend wasn't all that impressed but darnit I was proud of me! LOL *insert happy dance* Go me, go me, go me! LOL I may try my hand at grilling some ribs this weekend. I was going to do the fish thing this weekend but my craving for grilled fish was bothering me. One thing I did learn tho', when you are the one running the grill, your clothes smell like cookout after your done. I usually wear a black scarf around my head and when I went to wrap it around my head this morning I smelled cookout, not fish, but cookout smell.

Speaking of hair I get my hair done this weekend. THANK DA LAWWWWWWDD! I have learned to live with my afro for the moment but I am ready for my twist again. According to my loctician since she is going to do them smaller than I had done them they should loc faster! YAY! It was funny, this morning as I was in the mirror admiring myself as I was picking my fro out I got to singing that Erika Badu interlude when she says something like "pick your afro daddy cuz it's laying flat on one side". It just tickled me! LOL I am feeling and looking so darn good this morning. The roundness of my face, the curve of my lips, the width of my nose, the smoothness of my face even w/the blemishes, the brownness and softness of my entire body is simply beautiful. Yeah even the extra fat I put on and slowly getting rid of is part of me and can't help but to be beautiful too.


Oh yeah, yesterday was the one year anniversary of the ever sweet Shawn and Fuzzy! From what I hear, for a young, black, homosexual male couple, a year together is like 10 years st8 time! I am sooooo happy for them and had to give them a bit of my blog space! What do you give folks for their anniversary? I know you throw parties on milestone years but doesn't the couple involved do the gift thing normally? Hmmmmmmm

I also got a new computer at work that has sound! So now I gotta buy me some headphones and laugh at Trent Jackson at work like the rest of folks do! I can also listen to the ecards/emails I get that have sound to them! This is cool. My laptop is sick :-( so I have to be happy for my work pc perks :-)



Newy said...

YAaaaaaaaaa for the new system at work!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for you grilling at the house by yo-self LOL

Ladynay said...

Whoop whoop! ROFL!

Watch by the summer time I am gonna be THE WOMAN when it comes to the grill!

deepnthought said...

Way to goooo. So, next time can you do some veggie burgers??????

I am glad you are feeling good.....

Ladynay said...

Grilled veggie burgers are yummy! I may have to do that. I really like the Boca brand!

Me too! I have to enjoy it while it's here!

Honey-Libra said...

Nothing like some good sleep, a good breakfast and a new comp to get you feeling in your right mind :)

Let me find out you bout to run into some hot man today LOL...looking all jazzy

Ummm can I get a turkey burger :)

Ladynay said...

Honey you ain't never lied!

I feel more jazzy than I appear and I LOVE IT!!!! :-D

Mental note: never host a blogger cookout cuz you'd have to buy every type burger ever made to keep folks happy. End. ROFL

blkbutterfly said...

i could've sworn i left a comment a few minutes ago...

anyway, this entire post made me smile. i'm glad you're having such a greay day!

note to self: If Ladynay ever comes to ATL, have her put a few things on the grill for me. ;-)

Ladynay said...

You are getting old Madam Butterfly! LOL

Me too! I don't know if my theme song should be Jill Scott's Golden joint or that new rap song that keeps saying "this is why I'm hot" ROFL!

If I'm in the A (btw I won't be coming in March for spring break like I thought :-()and I got the grillmaster title I'll hook you up! LOL

Honey-Libra said...

UMMM about that trip to ATL so LadyNay can put some stuff on the grill...wooohoo...sike let me stop

blkbutterfly said...

No Ladynay this month? :-(

I vote for "This is Why I'm Hot." i love that song!

Pamalicious said...

Um is the sandman - a real man? or did you get a good amount of..sleep.

I love personal blogs for this one reason here - you see folks ebbs and flows! You on the upswing!

Gurl we were just talking bout grilling the other day. I am wayy on the path to getting me another grill. Those that eat meat, put some lamb chops on the grill and watch you be like that AI commerical and just try to lick the grill,lol

Ladynay said...

Honey, Yeah I can tell your boss ain't at work today! LOL

BB, nah. I forgot to consider that Pooka's spring break is in April and my voluntary vacation is not a good reason to have her out of school for a week.

Pam, the sand man reference = me getting good sleep.

Everytime I find lamb at da sto' it's kinda pricey, but I may have to pick me up some and try it...after I get used to the whole grill thing! LOL

Freaky Deaky said...

You got gremlins in your computer and looking at pictures of Dennis Rodman didn't help. Speaking of which why were you looking at him? Is that the type of guy you go for?

Eww fish! You're right about a blogger cookout. I want burgers made out of something that used to look like a cow, 100% U.S.D.A. beef. Anything else and I hope you have a vomitorium on site.

Ladynay said...

I got gremlins in my 'puter :-(

Dennis Rodman is super sexy! LOL

Nope I'll have everything except 100% pure beef and make a salmon cake just for you! ROFL

Freaky Deaky said...

I didn't know you were into Roman showers. I haven't given anybody one since I've been grown but since you're down let me know where you want it.

Oooookay @ Dennis Rodman comment.

Ladynay said...

I think I just puked in my mouth. Keep your vomit to ya'self! Ugh!

Yeah D Rod is marriage material. I want him to produce my next 5 kids! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

TrinaBeingTrina said...

Don't you just love it when the sandman picks you up early, takes you to that peaceful magical place then drops you off a little late.

Go 'head wit ya bad self getting down on the grill.

Ladynay said...

Girl I love it! LOL Just love it!

*collar pop*