Friday, July 20, 2007

2nd time

I ever published a post and deleted it. Not that I have anything to hide, I just didn't want any comments about it. I played with the comment settings page for awhile this morning and still couldn't get blogger to only take out the comment section of todays entry. So bump it! I erased the whole thing and will do another entry.

Today is Friday thank the Lord!

The new system at work will take some getting used to.

Someone asked me if I was going to a party that I wasn't invited to yet.

The Sandman called me early last night. Guess that's why I got up so early. If I knew I was going to get emotional I would have made myself go back to sleep.

I got on the scale this morning and it sent me on an emotional roller coaster. I remember talking to someone years ago and telling them "If I ever get to be (insert number on scale) pounds, shoot me" Hmph! I cried for awhile but I gotta keep moving.

I am going to have swim class @ 10! I need to burn some calories so I am going to do the damn thing. We are making up a day we missed.

I am also going to a bingo hall for the first time. That should be fun. I had my reasons for not wanting to go, but I eventually changed my mind.

This weekend is the same ole, cleaning, chilling, trail and DDR. I haven't been on the trail since bPooka came home and it's time for the both of us to hit it. The weather is not supposed to be too too bad so we are going to do it. Kinda sorry to say that Pooka needs the walk like I do. 3 weeks up at grandma's house rounded her out a bit! I want her back on the track I had her on. She has no real choice but to be thick since her dad side and my side of the fam tends to be thick-plus sized. But she does have a choice on just how thick/big. It's my job as her mother to keep her on the right track. Yeah yeah I know I have to lead by example.

I speak on my weight a lot because it is on my mind a lot. I truthfully need to get a firm grip on this because I am slowly spiraling out of control. If it keeps going on I may seek help. Where am I gonna get the money for it? I don't know. But if I can't get my stuff together on my own soon I am going to have to have help.

Why oh why have I figured out how to block comments on one particular entry JUST NOW??????? LOL After I have made another entry? Oh well, I guess that mental chaos stuff I put down earlier wasn't meant for public consumption.


The Goddess said...

Don't stress girl, it'll come together. If I was in NC we could tackle the weight thing together and be one another's motivation.

Swimming is such great exercise. I hope you have fun and have a great weekeng!

Anonymous said...

I watched my cousin lose 65 pounds in 7 months. The one thing I learn by watching her is you have to be dedicated in getting your weight under control. She lost the weight on a low carb/high protein dieting and walking. If you want, email me and I will get her meal plan for you.

Don't worry too much Nay. I know and you know you can do this.

deepnthought said...


you can do this. It is going to be okay.

Freaky Deaky said...

It doesn't even feel like a Friday.

Don't give up. [Rob Schneider voice] You can do it Ladynay! We believe in you. [/RS voice] I stole a bunch of hugs from Deep so you can have one or two from me. :o)

Have a nice weekend.

Honey-Libra said...

I sooo feel you...if you need me call me...remember you're only one state away :)

DurtyMo said...

I think weight will ALWAYS be an issue. We are never where we want to be or should be. It's a constant struggle but I know that you can do it!!! Keep Praying and Keep Pressing... you'll get there. I promise!

Newy said...

Hey sis! Don't'll come off ((hug)) I'm back. I missed reading you. :)

The Mistress said...

I feel your pain all the way! I gained 20 something pounds in the last two years and am just getting it off. Exercising is no picnic and you have to be in the place mentally to want to do it. Don't rush yourself or go into a panic...take baby steps!

Zackory Kirk said...

Thickness is in... Just strap on one of those Beyonce belts...

Erica C. said...

Don't worry girl, you'll get to where you want to be, it takes time. We all care about you and you know we'll help you out!

Love ya!!!