Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!

I just read my blog from 7/25/06 and remembered that I had brought myself my aloe vera plant. Cool! A year later and that young plant with six sprouts has grown A LOT and had 2 kids!

My schedule for today is pretty much the same as it was a year, school, back to work, home. Part of me wants to go somewhere just so I can say I went somewhere for my day of birth but I most likely won't.

So far my birthday has been wonderful and I am truly calm. I don't have to force the rose colored glasses today cuz things will get fixed/done when I can fix/do 'em.

But ummmmmm if anybody knows where I can get a cheap, quality dryer let a sista know! :-D


Kasandra said...



Erica C. said...

Happy Birthday Gurl!!!!!!!

Have a blessed day.

@Kasandra, Damn your quick, I wanted to be the first to say Happy Birthday!!!!! It's cool!

Honey-Libra said...

WOW today is your BDAY and you sound so nonchalant..I think I spelled that wrong LOL..but hey it's your bday and you can feel how you wanna feel right LOL

So I'll party for ya..well as much partying as can be done at work which is not alot..but I'll be thinking of ya!!!

Happy Birthday..tell Pooka HIIII and I'm soo glad the plant has yet to die yet LOL

Freaky Deaky said...

Happy Birthday!!! Since it's your special day how bout we go to that dark room. You know the one with the big, solid, polished wood desk. Then I can go under the desk and...tickle your feet. What were you expecting? (((GASP))) You so nasty! I'm going to need a dollar, a big slice of cake, and some ice cream to do that. :oP

That Dude Right There said...

Happy Birthday LadyNay! Please get out and celebrate your birthday in some kinda way.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my fellow Leo. Hope your day continues to wonderful!

jameil1922 said...


deepnthought said...

Happy Birthday

Ladynay said...

Kasandra and Erica, thanks!

Honey, party hard for me. My aloe plant and my kid are the only things I have been able to keep alive! LOL

Well Freaky, I am not doing cake and icecream, nor do I have a cash buck :-( Can I get a foot rub vs. a tickle for free? :-D

TDRT, I am not really in a position to do anything today. I may try and do something on the weekend.

Southern, Jameil, DNT...thanks bunches!

Freaky Deaky said...

Free? (Sigh) Only because it's your birthday. Your feet better smell nice too because birthday or not I'll hit you with a brick if my hands smell like hot Fritos after rubbing your feet. X(

AR Gal said...

Happy Birthday to ya
Happy Birthday to ya
Happy Birthdaaaayyy!

Ummm, yeah it sounds better when Stevie sings it. Here ya go.

Have a wonderful day!

Ladynay said...

I won't watch the video but the song is in my head now!

*dances a lil jig*

Thanks doll!

Ladynay said...

They gonna smell like Fritoes, Doritoes, Taco salad and onion rings when your done! ;-P

Freaky Deaky said...

Then they'll be in your mouth and you'll be washing them until the smell goes away. [note to self: Get dual layer reinforced latex gloves, a face mask, and bottle of Lysol before ever attempting to rub Ladynay's feet because she's nasty.]

Pamalicious said...

Happy Birthday Lady! The day isn't over so I'm expecting tomorrow to see some kinda surprise "I went out and got buck" post tomorrow, lol lol

If this thing would accept pictures - I'd post a naked dude for yah to oogle at - just know that's what's in my heart LOL

Ladynay said...

FD, if you gonna get all that get one of those new Glade candles while your out! LOL

Pam, I am getting st8 buck right now!!!!!! You know responding to blogs is that FIYAH! LOL

It's the thought that counts. BTW, I need to see if dripping chocolates been updated...hmmmmmmm

blkbutterfly said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had/have a great day!

Ladynay said...

Thank you Black Butterfly

lj said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

ShawnQt said...


Ladynay said...

Lj, thanx!!!!

Shawn, thanks qt! Right back atcha!

The Mistress said...

Happy Birthday.

I'm SO glad you're 27!!!!!


Misery loves company! :-)