Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rose Colored Glasses and other stuff

Right now I am determined to be happy and content from now until Thursday. Despite the negative thoughts and stuff falling apart around me, I am going to be fine. It nothing huge, it's just little things after little things after little things after little things. For instance, yesterday my coworker brought in some coke in cans. I should have left it alone like I usually do but I took one and put it in the freezer. This morning I saw that it exploded over everything in the fridge so I had to clean the freezer out and wipe off all my co workers stuff! It's not big deal but still! I just want to scream. I WILL have a happy birthday tomorrow, even if I have to pretend that all is right with the world to get it.

27 is NOT old Mistress :-). Don't be mad cuz you are 3 days in and I'm still 26! ROFL!

I haven't felt much like blogging nor responding to comments, but I will today.

Did Harry Potter die? I know someone knows. I've watched the first movie and that is as far as I've dove into the series, but I am curious if he died at the end.

Drew Carey is replacing Bob Barker. WTF? *cue losing music..boom boom boomboom woooooooooooooom*

I got the back crawl, now the breast stroke is messing with me.

I went home early yesterday because the maintenance folks were coming out to evaluate the plumbing issues I was having. While chilling on my couch watching my daytime court shows there is a knock on my door. It's my neighbors 7 or 8 year old daughter wanting to know if she could use my phone. Okay fine. I didn't stand over her as she made her call so I didn't know at the time who she was talking to. She finished her call and went about her business. I assumed that maybe my neighbors phone was out and she needed to make a call. No big deal. I had my front blinds cracked looking out for the maintenance dude, so when I peeped out the window the little girl wasn't in site. I assumed that she went home.

The maintenance dude comes and he is going in and out getting various things and when he comes in with his ladder he tells me a little girl wants to speak to me outside. I go to door and it's my neighbors daughter. She asked me if she could have something to drink. This led me to ask her if she was locked out the house. She was and the call she made was to her mother who was now on the way from the next town over. I knew it would take her mom 15-20 mins. to get home so I asked her if she wanted to come in and wait for her mom to get home. Granted it was not as hot as it has been lately, but it was still too hot to be standing outside. I offered her a glass of water because that is the only liquid I have in the house right now. Why this girl scrunch her face up but accepted the offer? I am sorry but me and Pooka don't have issues drinking water so that look took me off guard. It's hot, she thirsty and she frowning up at some water. She better recognise!

Anywho, she is sitting on my loveseat that is next to a coffee table that currently holds my media. No, I haven't brought a media storage tower yet, hush! LOL Then without asking she starts flipping through tapes and cd's. I didn't say anything. Then as she was going through my cd's she placed one to the side. I just sat there and watched her do her thing. Then she looks up at me and asked "you don't got no rap?" I tell her that I mostly listen to r&b then she asked if Pooka listened to rap. I tell her that I don't allow my daughter to listen to it. Which isn't completely true we both hear rap songs on the radio. I just don't buy it. I haven't brought much of anything in awhile but that isn't the point.

As she is rummaging through the things (which she still never asked if she could go through my stuff) she saw her older sister come home. She hops up, grabs her things and leaves. When she gets to my threshold she says that she forgot the cd. She turns around, goes back to my coffee table and picks up the Faith Evans cd she had placed to the side as she was looking at what I had. Instead of asking if she could borrow the cd, she says something like...Imma listen to this, I'll bring it back and walked out. I wish I could remember exactly what she said but it wasn't "May I borrow this cd?" *eyeroll* Again, I brushed it off and said "well you know where I live" and closed the door. I know I may never see my Faith Evans cd again, but to be honest I may have listened to that cd 2 or 3 times in the many years that I've had it. I am not going to have a stroke if I never get it back. *shrug* Did you think I got a thank you, head nod, kiss my foot, anything for the swallow of water she took out my cup or for letting her sit in the AC while she waited for her mom? Nope!

The lack of manners the entire time blew me!!!! I mean really! It made me realise the importance of enforcing and installing manners into Pooka. What made it even worse was when I was telling Snookums about it he asked me did the mother come by to thank me. I didn't even think about that! I mean I don't live in a bad part of town, but people are crazy! People will snatch up kids that are alone in freakin' heartbeat!!! There are others things that were wrong about that whole situation and wrong in general, but I have to remember that that household isn't mine and I don't run nothing over there.


J said...

one thing I can't stand is an ill mannered child. Oh you gon take ya grubby paws off my cds. I'm like big momma...i wish u would. It would have killed me not to say something.
See yall too nice. These little ruff-e-ens today are not use to that. So you gotta shake em sometimes.

Happy early birthday...its gon be aight girl!

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

Naw, that CD would've found its way right back to my hands, just as quick as the lil' snot lifted it. Her mom hasn't taught her a thing. I can't stand rotten kids, and I have 3. I wish they WOULD embarass me acting all ill-mannered.

Lookame. Threatening to snatch up someone's child in your house. It's my 1st time in your house too. My name's Tiki. How you DERN'?

Kasandra said...

That is one thing I don't tolerate either is an ignorant ass kid. I wasn't raised to be that way and neither is my son. She would of had to ask me for that cd, not assume she can have it cuz we neighbors. J is right, these lil monsters nowadays kill me!!!

TTD said...

how rude!! she wouldn't have got my CD.. i would've kindly said "did u ASK to borrow the CD? sorry, sweetie, but NO, you can't 'listen to it'"

NO MANNERS.. ur right.. instilling them in pooka is very important.. and im definitely gonna do them in my future kids..

Freaky Deaky said...

You did your good deed for the year. Now unless the little ignorant snot is in grave and mortal danger then next time she got locked out I wouldn't be answering the door. I don't like people I know borrowing my CDs all willy nilly so I definitely wouldn't let the little hoodrat in training walk out the door with anything I owned.

You won't see that CD ever again because she probably already pawned Faith Evans.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I can't stand ill mannered kids. I would have told her azz a thing or two right after she frown her face at my water. That's what wrong with kids today, they have no manners.

And why is a 7 yr alone?

Erica C. said...

First of all, I would have torn her little fast ass a new one for going into grown folks stuff in the first place. One thing I can't deal with is a fast assed little girl. My girls don't even answer my phone at home when it rings(simply put....they don't have jobs to pay the phone bill, so why answer it).

Speaking of B-Days....Have a wonderful one!!! My oldest will be 12 tomorrow, and the baby will be 7 on Thursday. The 8 year old's b-day is in January so she don't give a rip about her sisters' b-days!!!

deepnthought said...

Happy early birthday beautiful. You know I dont like rudeness period. From children or adults. And as you can see the child has seen a pattern from somewhere.

I am so late to the party because I see there is a snookums.when did he become snookums? you know I am nosey. lol.

Ladynay said...

I agree with everyone. Some kids are a true mess! I know it's a cop out response but time is of the essense at work now a days!

Youtoldharpotobeatme aka Tiki! Hello doll feel free to come back and please take your shoes off.I am usually more interactive but haven't had the real chance to lately. :-(

Southern, her being alone was part of the bigger issue I was talking about.

Erica, my cuzin', my chicka, your daughter is super duper special 4 having a b-day on 7/25!

DNT, had to give him a name. Hun, Boo, and intials are being used by many so I had to find something different.

Ladynay said...

Now that I am home I can separate somethings.

J, see if I was to shake that girl her mom would have been over my place in a heartbeat with her neck all twisted!


Kasandra, what happened to some folks not teaching their kids the basics? *sigh*

TTD, I know between you and GTL your kids will know professional and party manners :-)

Freaky, in all seriousness, if she is out on her own again it would take her to be in danger for me to step in again.

AR Gal said...

Girl you're a good one. Lil mama wouldn't have made it out of the door with my stuff let alone nosey-in around without asking. And frownin her nose up at water?? Honey please, she needs to upgrade her H2O intake cause all that sugar from sodas has gone to her head. I use to welcome an ice cold glass of it while breaking from playing in my youth.

I'm also baffled by a 7 year old being home alone as well. Wow.

Ladynay said...

It was insane I tell you. Back in the day we were so thirsty yet hyped up in the game we were playing, we'd drink out the hose so we didn't have to go inside!

Rodney said...

Hey Nay! Happy Belated Birthday! If you ever get that child back in your house, take advantage of a teaching moment. She can learn something valuable from you that she is most obviously not getting at home. Next time you see her, ask if she's finished with the CD. I'm curious if she'll remember taking it. Also take note of the condition upon return.

I worry about all children, but especially those that lack manners. It's going to make it that much harder for them to get by in the world.

Rodney said...

Ooh... today is only Wednesday. I didn't miss your birthday after all.

Honey-Libra said...

Umm I would have proceeded to go to that lil girls house and get my CD back I dont care if I had listened to it once LOL..on top of that I would have informed her mother whether she cared to know or not that her daughter was at my house...WOW..I tellya.. she better be glad it wasn't me cause the next time she came to my house I would not open the door..I know mean but oh well apparently she aint 7 she is 27 LOL

The Mistress said...

Welcome to 27 OLDIE!!