Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bad mamma jamma

I had a post up yesterday written while I wasn't in the best of moods, and yet again I deleted it. I should really drop that habit I am picking up. LOL

Yesterday I checked my bank account online to see more than 4 RED numbers. At first I thought it was on the bank, so I'd just go up there this morning and rectify the problem. However, the fault laid on me. This made me even madder cuz I had no one to blame but my daggone self.

As of right now, my front driver side tire has wires coming out of it. I am going to get a used one today at lunch. How? I am a bad mamma jamma.

My coworkers son strongly beleives I need a new starter which is why I am having the issues I am. I am going to get it fixed and all I have to do is buy the part. How? I am a bad mamma jamma.

My supervisor and I sorta kinda in a minor way got into it. I told her she was making a situation harder than it was. Later while we were dealing with something else, she basically called me a know it all in this smart assed sarcastic way. My thing is this...I will never ever call myself a know it all, because I know I don't. But if you (and damn near all my other coworkers) came to me to troubleshoot and solve shit yesterday REPEATEDLY I must know a little something. Why didn't I get all smart assed back? I am a bad mamma jamma and I know my day is coming where I don't need to work here anymore.

Things happen to me and even though it may get me down or frustrate me for a little while, I vent, let the frustration run its course, then get back on top of my game. I am a bad mamma jamma and that's just what I do. With the help of higher powers I am able make stuff I want to happen happen.


AR Gal said...

LOL @ you deleting post. I have done it once already. I was in the middle of a post but had to stop and do something. By the time I came back I couldn't remember anything, so I politely clicked delete.

Your supervisor's ego was probably bruised because she wasn't able to be the "know it all" herself.

Go head Bad mamma jamma!

Freaky Deaky said...

You should've kept it up. It's usually nice or at least interesting to read posts that seem to go against someone's regular routine.

I'd put a big, empty pickle jar on my desk and label it "Tech Support, if you don't pay then I don't say." That will cut down on people bothering you and your supervisor's catty little comments.

For some reason I'm imagining you with an afro, a power thong, and knee high go-go boots dancing to that song. So how about you be a bad mamma jamma and let me see that happen? :o) What?

Ladynay said...

Argal, your memory sounds almost as bad as mine! hahahahaha

Maybe, but still that wasn't right. She gave me a belated birthday gift this morning...I thought it was funny!


Freaky, maybe the next time I will.

LOL, they haven't been bothering me today so I am hoping I don't have to break the pickle jar out! LOL

ROFL@your imagination

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Girl I got about 6 posts that are in my draft folder b/c I haven't finished them. Oneday maybe...

That's right...vent for a little while then let it go.

Tasha said...

LOL @ deleting posts. I love this post though!

*singing* She's a bad mama jamma....

Ladynay said...

Dang 6? I wish I had a good start on 6 posts! Maybe I'll start a reserve...hmmmmm...doubt I'll really get it going! LOL

Keep it moving! Got to.

Tasha, just as fly as I can be! ;-)

Kasandra said...

Man that freaky is too funny for me!!!!

Man it's fuuny everytime I post an entry about hating my job, you seem to just read my mind!!!! Damn we are some bad mamma jammas!!! :)

Ladynay said...

He has issues and he knows it! LOL

I am telling you. Not many would want to do what we do!

Freaky Deaky said...

What are these issues you speak about? I'm perfectly normal in my world, everyone else is weird. :o)

Just get the jar ready. They're going to bother you again sooner or later. You can even donate the proceeds to charity. I kind of like the Freaky Deaky Fund myself. You should come up to Michigan and do some volunteer work for the FDF. I'm sure I can figure out a few positions you might be suited for. ;o) What?

Ladynay said...

Your world...yours :-)

I'm a bad mamma jamma so I am suited for many positions. Like the...and the...and...and I am surperb at...! ROFL

J said...

now i can't get that song out of my head.

Ladynay said...

ROFL! I would say sorry or my bad, but that is a jam so I won't! LOL

The Mistress said...

OK, can I just say I love the word mamma jamma.

My dad used to say that ALL the time back in the 80's. Hahaha!

Ladynay said...

Mamma jamma is one of those cutsey type words :-) I love it too!

tina oiticica harris said...

A mentor told me once never to ditch a piece of writing. They can be recycled one day. I am glad I followed his advice. I guess I exaggerate in keeping stuff. Even my third grade notebook? Please.