Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I wait

I wait for the day something positively exciting happens to me. I wait for the day I take a trip out of NC again. I wait for the day we are not in triple digit weather, preferably somewhere in the 70's. I wait for my coworkers son to give his opinion on my van today. I wait for the chance I can hear Feenin' by Jodeci again. I waited until after the song went off the radio to get out the van this morning. I waited despite me being late for work already. I wait for somebody to feen for me like that, even tho' it may not be returned. I still wait to see that my application for that job I wanted has been sent to the manager. I wait to see if I am going to drink all this water I got set up for me to drink. I wait to see if I can stay within my calorie range today. I wait and see what I will do when I get home cuz that's when I go above my range. I wait for the day I can look back on my life at this time, smile, and be proud of all the progress I have made.

I shouldn't be waiting to start work, I already came in late! LOL


Freaky Deaky said...

I'm waiting for you to give me a couple of dollars and a double cheeseburger and some ice cream & cake. Mmmm cake.

You know I'm going to jack this, right? Well, you do now. :o)

They can wait a few minutes until you settle in, late or not.

AR Gal said...

Not Feenin! Hell I would have waited too! That song gets me everytime.

Ladynay said...

ROFL, keep waiting! LOL

Jack this? Really? Go right ahead, glad I could give you an idea.

They sure did wait cuz I wasn't coming in the building till the song went off! LOL

ARgal, Yeah girl! I haven't heard that song in a long time! So when they played it this morning I had to get my American Idol audition on! Tee hee hee!

spchrist said...

I might have to jack this too and put in a Las Vegas twist.

Freaky Deaky said...

[Stares blankly at you] I thought we were better than that. I'm going to take my ball and go home until you treat me better and give me what I want. I also want a thong pic now.

Yep, I'm going to jack it either sometime this week or next week.

[Pouts & slams the door on the way out.]

Ladynay said...



Show my your thong pic and I'll show you mine :-P

Tasha said...

What a fun post, I might have to jack it sometime too. And Feenin', girl I stay in the car till the song's over too.

Ladynay said...

Tasha, yall are weird! LOL

I think most chicks was feeling that song back in the 90's! ;-)

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I wait until I move out of Arkansas. But I'm becoming impatient!

Jodiec was the group back in the 90s.

Honey-Libra said...

Man I'm waiting to go home

I'm waiting to eat some chinese food LOL

Ladynay said...

The move will come soon enough Southern, just wait a bit longer :-)

Honey, it's too hot to be eating Chinese! :-)

J said...

if you like popcorn, stop by the dollar store. When you have that evening urge to eat when ur not so hungry, popcorn fills slowly, takes a lot of crunch crunch chew chew. It has helped me recently.

Ladynay said...

I have some popcorn, I knew that but I didn't even think about it. Thanks for the reminder!