Friday, August 17, 2007

Certified Friday

Well the First Aid class is over and I am certified to give CPR to an adult, child, or infant. The teacher we had last night wasn't as fun as the dude Tuesday, but whatever.

This weekend should be fun. Tonight Pooka and I are going to see My Little Pony Live. I am hoping that I don't have to pay for parking but I think I am going to have to :-( Boooo!

On Saturday I have not one, but two get togethers to attend. One kid friendly and one not. I am going to try to spend a decent amount of time at both so neither host feels as if I came, got a plate and rolled out. That's just rude! Fortunately both parties know of each others functions so everything should be okay and hopefully understand.

Sunday is cleaning. I have my quarterly visit from the folks I pay my rent to, which means I need to mop. I HATE mopping with a passion! But gotta do what I gotta do. The rest of the place is good, just gotta mop the floors. *sigh*

Sometime this morning I am going to meet with my administrator and talk about my school schedule. One of my classes requires time at an elementary school working with the kids in addition to class time. You don't arrange your times with the school until class starts so I don't know when or what additional days I'll need to be in Durham vs. at work. Even without the additional stuff with the kids I can't work my full forty. All I can do is tell my administrator what my dilemma is and see what she will or won't do for me. I am scared to approach the situation because there is a strong possibility things may not go my way. They have been very generous and flexible in allowing me to basically make my own schedule these past few years, but I don't know how not giving them their forty is going to work for them. All I can do is talk to her and she what is laid on her heart to do. *sigh again*

Well just found out that my admin isn't coming in today and may be off Monday, so I have till perhaps Tuesday to get it together. My supervisor will be here but this type of situation I think I need the blessing of my admin.


Freaky Deaky said...

Yay @ being certified! Wanna play mouth to mouth or mouth to... [whistles]

Please make sure Pooka wears neutral cartoon characters at the show. I've heard some members from the Care Bears Cartel, Pound Puppies Clique, and the Smurf Mafia will be in attendance and well things may get ugly if the ponies start C-walking and throwing up their hooves.

Sing negro spirituals while mopping and you'll better. Time will also go by a lot faster.

Have a good weekend.

Ladynay said...

Both! So lay down and play dead so I can ummmm get you up *sly grin*

I am ignoring you! *smh*

I may have to pull out the negro spritual Freaky! I know I am going to have some music of some sort going on!


Freaky Deaky said...

You so nasty!

Fine ignore me. But when you end up on the Sesame Street news snotting up at all the carnage don't say I didn't warn you.

Nobody knows...

AR Gal said...

Music does make the cleaning process a liitle more enjoyable. Now keep in mind, it may take a little longer seeing as you may be inclined to do a mini-concert & bust out in song and dance, but hey it makes it fun.

I have to take back what I said the other day. I do remember something from the cpr class I attended. You have to make sure that the person is not breathing before you Girl you kickstarted my memory...I guess it's not as bad as I thought.

deepnthought said...

YAYYYY. You are certified. This is so cool.

Ladynay said...

Freaky, when they got the camera on me Imma tell the world you told Pooka to wear what she wore! It's all your fault! LOL

Argal, Pooka and I be having mini concerts sometimes! Good memories.

You still need to recertify! ROFL

DNT, cool indeed. Saves me time and money :-)

jameil1922 said...

get it life saver!! lmao @freaky and the negro spirituals!! i'm gonna have to try that as i get my room in working order for my l.s.'s imminent appearance.

jwilli said...

parking is $8

Ladynay said...

Okay now I gotta catch up on who LS is Jameil! LOL

Jwilli, yeah I am familiar with the cost, I just don't wanna pay it! LOL Just I know you? If so email me.

blkbutterfly said...

have you practiced what you'll say to your admin. about the whole situation? as well as responses to possible concerns? i've found that helps me when i'm getting ready for ask for something that i'm not sure will be granted. good luck with it all!

J said...

ok first....(things may get ugly if the ponies start C-walking and throwing up their hooves.) now that i'm pulling myself up off the floor from laughter...I need freaky to do so much better LMAO.

While you have the time, if ur interested like blkbutterfly said, come up with a proposal (so to speak). Solutions to the problem of not givin the 40, if thats possible so that it will go in ur favor.

fuzzy said...

you do stay busy... Hope everything works out with the admin and the schoolin class situation...