Monday, August 20, 2007

Party Hardy

I was supposed to do this yesterday when I was chilling and didn't have nothing to do, but I didn't :-( Lets do a quick run down of my non normal weekend shall we?

Friday was My Little Ponies largest Tea Party. Grade C? Could have been better, could have been worse. All the happiness and singing kind of made me mad. The show started on time at 7 and ended at 8:30, there was a 15 minute intermission and 15 minutes of acting which mean there was a good hour of darn near non stop SINGING! Now I like a good musical but that was insane! Then add the fact there was no story line or lessons to be learn for the kiddies! *eyeroll*. Oh oh oh did I mention they wanted 2 additional bucks for parking? Pooka liked it so that is really all that mattered in the end.

Saturday morning started with me in a funk. I didn't want to go anywhere and my tummy issues came back. By time it was time to get showered and dressed I felt a tad better and got out the house. I got to Lsbnmoms and after most folks got there we ate, chilled for bit and headed for the pool. The pool felt great, actually felt better than it did outside. I learned that going to the pool every week this summer really helped Pooka and her love for the water. She can actually swim a little bit! She only goes about 2 feet but she puts her head underwater and travels! YAY! She was so excited about being able to open her eyes underwater. Everyone had a good time. It was time to go back to Lsbnmom's so we all made our wet to dry transitions and I headed to PartyGirls function not too far away.

It's been about a year since I've been in PartyGirls home and it was almost like another place on the inside. It was nice before, but it's really nice now. Walls changed, floor changed, furniture changed, appliances changed, everything! I was greeting by one of the host and I stated how much I like the changes and made my way to the back yard. It was full of folks I didn't know. I walked around and said my hello's to folks and found me an unoccupied seat. PartyGirl was still in her room prepping for her grand appearance and the other host was floating around mingling with everyone. So I just sat there in my chair quiet and bopping my head to whatever beat being dropped. One of the guest that was sitting at the table I was raised a deck of cards and asked if there were any spades players around...why she do that? LOL After about 3 tables got going I sat down to get my spades on. Funny enough I unintentionally reneged. Me, claiming my innocence kept defending myself. Then he found the book and I just had to laugh. Oh well. LOL Me and my partner lost by 4 books but it was fun listening to them at my table talk junk. I wasn't familiar enough with them to say anything. I just played.

After the game was over I decided it was time to go back to my previous function. PartyGirl looked at me like I was crazy but she still loves me so it's all good. :-) Even with playing cards with some of the guest I still wasn't comfortable. Then there was this couple that kept swapping spit every 10 minutes. I mean every time one member of the couple got up to do ANYTHING, they had to kiss! I am sooo serious. If I had to see them kiss one more time I was going to throw something at them! LOL Anyways, I made it back to my first function and basically spent the evening laughing at the funny stories and what not. At some points of the night folks were literally ROFL'ing! Lsbnmom's best friend who happens to be white laughed so long and hard that I believe every drop of blood in her body was in her face! LOL It was a great time.

I did get a compliment in a weird sort of way this weekend. Over 3, almost 4 years ago LadyKat had a house party for her birthday. Everyone was dancing with everyone and having a good time. Okay, now depending on how long a reader has been following my online journal they may recall a chick I called Wonder Woman. She is the chick who got ran over by a van. She was also at LadyKats party and partied like everyone else. Wonder Woman has a long term on and off again girlfriend who apparently has jealously issues. WW told her gf that she was going to Lsbnmoms function and her gf asked if I was going to be there. WW told her I would and her gf made that ummmm hmmmmm noise and was like "the one you was dancing with at LadyKat's party?" WTH???????

My response when WW told us about this conversation was "GF does know that I like men right?" I mean I have met her gf on more than a few occasions and I thought she knew I was st8. *shrug* Then most of us was blown that she brought up a party that went down damn near 4 years ago! Wow, I mean wow! I can be a jealous person but come on now! I am no where near a threat to her. It would be kinda like if Snookums told me he was going to hang out and me catching an attitude and asking him if some real lesbian was going to be there? You know the stud who you played ball with 3 years ago! HUH? If I was going start to act funky it would be cuz another hetero chick would be there! *smh* It just didn't make any sense! It was one of the many on going jokes last night. ROFL! I am just taking it as a compliment.

Sunday was me dealing with my tummy again :-( My mom called to speak with Pooka and after they got a chance to talk I guess Pooka wanted to also tell her father about her time at the pool so I dialed the number and gave her the phone. I left out the room and when I came back to the room Pooka was in she was pressing numbers on the phone. I took the phone and it was on hold. I didn't know I had that option so I spent a minute trying to figure out how to get the phone back to normal. I did so and sat down on the couch. Seconds later my doorbell rings. I wasn't dressed to answer the door so I went to my room for my robe and the bell rang again and a strong knock behind it. I answer the door and it's the po po! Wide eyed with my brain racing trying to figure out why he was at my door he says that there was a 911 hangup call from my place and asked if everything was okay? HUH? Amazed I told him everything was fine and he was about his way. I was sooooo confused. I guess Pooka must have done it. I quickly went over situations when we are to call 911 and told her to only call them when it's an emergency. I don't think she knew she called them. At the very least, I know that if I need the po po's them jokers are going to be there in NO TIME. It was about 5 minutes from the time I dialed Babydaddies number to when the cop was at my door! That's good to know!


Freaky Deaky said...

All the happiness made you mad? Wow if the Ponies made you mad you muss cuss up a storm when Elmo is on TV. I don't blame you I like to cuss out Elmo too. It's fun especially if you imagine him crying and being so sad that he tries to cut his wrists or something. Absolutely hilarious.

Did you wear a little pink thong when you went swimming? How about afterwards?

What kind of dancing were you doing that has the chick all bent out of place? You were probably wearing lowriders, flashing your thong and showing all kinds of booty clevage while bending each other over, pulling hair, and spanking each other. Um that does sound kind of... Yeah, I'm going to need complete silence and a couple of minutes while I take care of something. Oh yeah.

Next time Pooka will probably dial bin Ladin's number by accident.

AR Gal said...

LOL @ WW's girlfriend. I'm going to need her to get that jealousy thing in check...quick, fast, and in a hurry.

LMAO @ Pooka callin 911. I probably wouldn't have even answered the door after they started banging on it.....then I would have been mad after they kicked my door down. :-(

Ladynay said...

Hey! I like Elmo! LOL

I went skinny dipping and stayed naked to dry off :-P

We were stripping on poles...DUH!

She might! I want the cash reward for being an American civilian who knows how to get up with him! LOL

Argal, I'm saying! Out of all the folks at the gathering I am one of the last folks she needed to be concerned about!

Shoot dude may have knocked it down if I didn't grab my robe fast enough! ROFL

LsbnMom said...

If I told you once, I told you twice... Pooka knows how to use the phone! Just as well at 8:30am as in the evening!

Ladynay said...

LOL! She just wanted to do you a favor and give you a wake up call! LOL

nikki said...

wassup folk! i see you still at it. man, there are times when i'm glad i don't have kids and you've described one of those times. an adult being forced to watch 'my little ponies tea party' is just damn cruel.

Ladynay said...

Wassup stranger! I normally can do childrens stuff live but what I witnessed Friday just rubbed me wrong.

Erica C. said...

Hey Sis! It's really good you got out and had some fun.

Oh, and I think Pooka got your number for sure! Don't ever underestimate the little ones girl!