Monday, August 13, 2007

Get 'er done!

Saturday I got my starter replaced. My coworkers son is a sweetheart and is going to be my local mechanic. YAY! While he was doing his thing with my car, Pooka and I went across the road to the lil shopping strip to look around and kill time. We ended up in Borders and I had Pooka read me some books and we sat through story time. That was cool. At the end of the strip is a grocery store where one of the popular urban stations were out in the lot. They were playing that cupid shuffle song and for the first time I seen how the dance goes. Simple stuff. I debated on going down there to get a bumper sticker or whatever they were giving out but decided against it. After we got back my mechanic was finishing up on the van. We spoke a little vehicle stuff (more him than me) and we were on our way. He gave me the core and I took it back to the auto parts place to get my money back. I already had plans for the money I got back but talking that car talk made me want to do something under the hood, so I charged my A/C.

While I was doing my thing I was thinking that maybe after I get my PT stuff going good I could go to classes to learn cars. I know a lil something now thanks to keeping cars until they are crashed up or die. It would save me plenty of money down the road cuz if something went down on my car, I'd just buy what I needed and fix it on my time, on my dime. Who knows if I really will take the proper courses to learn, but I was thinking about it.

On the hospitals website they finally took the post down for that job I wanted. I assume that means that the proper people will be looking through the apps this week. I really want that job but I got to thinking..."what would I do if I got the job". It's a day job, M-F. My only thought was if I was offered the job, would they by able to give me flexible hours so I can finish my undergrad career out. If not, there could be a problem! LOL

While online, I checked out other accredited PT schools and learned that UNC Chapel Hill is now, starting Fall 07, offering the program Duke is! YAY! Both are very competitive to get into, but now I have 2 schools that are kinda local that I can try to get into. There are some others schools in NC that offers a slightly lesser program which isn't bad. I just want what I want and now I have two options vs. one! YAY!

I decided to fire up the grill yesterday. I ended up putting some Italian style mixed veggies on and they came out yummy! Pooka wanted to put some meat on the grill but we don't have any meat right now. When I went to the store I didn't see any sales I liked, so we are temporary vegetarians. LOL!

I finally decided on what I was going to do for Pooka's birthday. I am going to get some cupcakes, icecream cups, and some balloons, then take them up to her daycare during their after school, afternoon snack. That way all her little friends are already there, parents don't have to drive out their way, and I don't have much to clean up if anything. Sweet! I may take her up to Chuck's place that Saturday and let her run around but I don't know for sure yet.

On another note, my inner therapist and I had a talk. I am hating on Babydaddy. See what happened was he planned to come down for Pooka's birthday on the same weekend I was going to throw her party. I assumed (you know what they say about assuming) that Pooka would chill with him that weekend after the party. Then I get a call stating that that one of his "friends" is coming down to visit her fam the following weekend, so he is coming down with her to save cheddar. Okay, cool. I still had the same assumption that Pooka would be chilling with him that weekend. I wasn't quite sure so I asked him last night when we spoke what his plans were.

This joker said that he was thinking that I would drop Pooka off Saturday where he is for a lil while then come back to get her, then repeat on Sunday. I told him that I was thinking that Pooka would be spending at least one of the two nights with him. That's fair right? One night with your seed, one night with one of your pussies. That's fair. He said that he'd see. WTH? Why do I have to be the one to transport and make the visits happen the majority of the time? This isn't about Pooka and him at least wanting to spend some time with her, cuz that is great. I am ill because of ME. Why I gotta be the one to do the leg work? He has 52 weekends a year to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants to do it! No babysitter arrangements be made, no nothing. I get about 5. I have to sacrifice most the time. I want him to sacrifice too! We BOTH made a child, not just me. I was telling this to Snookums and he said that maybe how long he has with Pooka isn't controlled by him. That maybe his friend is calling the shots. This maybe true, but IMO it should have been presented to me that way. That he was going to be around and wanted to spend a few hours with Pooka. Not the whole, it's her birthday and as her father I should spend a weekend with her, blah blah blah.

Like I said, it all boils down to hateration. I don't have the freedom that he has. I don't regret any choices that I've made, but to be honest...sometimes I wish that he would have to sacrifice something so I could have a significant amount of time to myself. Ladykat, Lsbnmom, Party Girl, and my fam are there for me if I really needed some long/overnight Ladynay time. I don't want to go to them too much cuz they have their own lives to take care of. I am thankful cuz some single parents don't even have that, however, I think if anyone should help me and give some of their time to Pooka, it should be him. If anyone is going to make these visits happen, it should be him. Call it selfish or whatever you want.

Hmmmm whatelse? I put my car up for sale on Craigslist! So far I got 2 1/2 offers, none close to what I willing to give it up for right now. The half is cuz one dude emailed me and wanted to know the type of engine and miles on the car. I can't respond right now cuz I dont' know that info. So I consider him a half offer! LOL

This morning I got to test out my a/c and lets just say I did a damn good job! Pooka and I were frosty by time we got to the daycare this morning! YAY me!

Guess I should start work now huh?


deepnthought said...

IMO, I don't really think that is hateration. I think it is warranted feelings. But then what do I know I am not a single mom. I don't have children so I don't know what is and is not warranted.

I know a little about cars too. I think that would be awesome if you took a course in auto mechanics. My brother teaches a class at his shop for college students and for single moms it is free. But he only teaches the basics. I think that is so cool.

AR Gal said...

LOL @ the folks doing the cupid shuffle in the parking lot. I don't know how to do it either, I just improvise when I hear the song come on in the car.

I don't have children but I feel you on the issue with Pooka's dad. It totally sucks that he gets to have full-time father status with part time father responsibilities. I give you props for not blocking the relationship your daughter and her father have (cause a lot of women would)even though he is not doing all he could or should do to help in his parenting responsibilties.

Yay for you getting the a/c good and cold. If you did take a course in car repair, that would be a tight side hustle for ya. :-)

tina oiticica harris said...

I know nothing about cars 'cept a good driver.

I've been blessed tohave a caring husband watchic over my shoulder while I write,LOL. Kiddin'.

When you go to your template you can see how many posts by this name you have. Run a search, I think, why work -Ha!

Kasandra said...

No Lady you are not being selfish. You and me are in the same boat on a lot of things and I feel ya on your frustration with him. I always wonder if my son's father worries about my son the way I do. I have to worry about his shelter, food, schooling, and other misc stuff.

It also kills me that I do my mom thing 24/7 and it's like he wants a fucking reward when he does his daddy thing every full moon!!!

Ladynay said...

Well at least you can see my logic DNT and that's cool enough.

He teaches stuff for free???? That's sooooo what's up DNT, seriously! Women in general, not just single momma's need to know how to keep a car up and running.

Argal, you are probably doing it right, it's not hard. LOL

I will never keep them 2 from having a connection. He is not a bad father. I just want him to experience some things that I do.

Girrrrrrrrrl side hustle is right! Cars break down all the time so there would always be someone who needs help! LOL They'd just have to get over me being a woman ;-P

Tina, you are silly! LOL One day if it's in the cards for me I will have a caring husband to help me with all the kids.

I'll look into the search thing, there is more than likely a way to do it.

Kassandra, I believe that he thinks and cares about all those things. I really do! The difference is that I don't make him do anything about it.

OMG! I think I blogged about this but when Pooka was with my mom for 3 weeks he went to get her one day and took her up the street to the park. Why this nut call me while they were at the park to ask me if I was enjoying my vacation and to tell me that he had Pooka up at the park. What da hell did he want? A flipping cookie? My mom already told me the day b4 that he was planning to come by and take her to the park anyway so his news wasn't new! LOL

Anonymous said...

You are not being selfish. Women especially single parent have the most responsible when it comes to raising a child. I hate when a man feels like you should congratulate him for doing something for his child. Hell that's what you are suppose to do!

Freaky Deaky said...

Sometimes I think of the full-time father, part-time responsibility thing as a great thing...for males and sometimes I think it sucks. Depends on when you catch me. Maybe it's time you made him do more. People will do what you allow them to do and unfortunately it seems that applies to raising kids too.

I can hook you up with Ku Klux the racist Klown for Pooka's party on the cheap. He's a barrel of laughs.

Vegetarians? Eww, yuck! (Hisses and covers my eyes like a movie vampire when they see a cross.) Get back!

Hope you get the price you want for the car.

Ladynay said...

Southern, unfortunately the mother usually bares most of the responsiblity. *sigh*

Again, it's like they want a cookie. If I can get my cookies for doing what I am supposed to do then I wouldn't mind giving out a cookie or two when you do what you're supposed to do.

Freaky, for the male it's a terrific thing! Who wouldn't want to have a job, do whatever you wanted, and get full credit for it?

I am trying to start now buy having him find a way to hang with Pooka without me being the means of transportation. If I try to make him give me financial help through the government, he'd just get locked up. That wouldn't help nobody.

Ummmm you can keep KK the Klown. I am sure another parent would like his discounted services down here in the South! LOL

It's only temporary! LOL We'll have some meat back in the freezer when the price is right!

Me too! Some extra change is nice. :-)

Tasha said...

Girl, I just figured out the cupid shuffle too. I'd seen it, but figured that couldn't be the right dance cuz it was too easy, LOL.

Umm, that's not hateration, it's called wanting him to be an equal parent. It's not fair to you to have to sacrifice ALL the time. As Pooka gets older she'll see for herself just how hard you have to work. It's about time you made him live up to his responsibility...hell he donated half her gene pool, so he should do have the work.

Freaky Deaky said...

It's your loss. You haven't seen children enthralled until you see Ku Klux the Klown make a balloon tree and balloon noose and offer to wrap them around other balloons or the guests. That's entertainment! You're missing out.

Can I have one of those cupcakes? :o)

You didn't go down to where the radio people were, adjust those low riding stretch pants and thong and shake that monkey like a fool for free stuff?

blkbutterfly said...

lol @ being temporary vegetarians. i've done the same thing many a time!

how do you charge your A/C? i think mine needs it. then again, my car's still under warranty, so i'm leaning towards taking it to the dealership and letting them handle it.

i'm childless, of course, but i don't think you're hating. it seems like your feelings are warranted.

yay for more grad school options!

Ladynay said...

Tasha, it sure isn't rocket science :-)

I'll never get 50% cuz she lives with me and he is out of state. Just a bit more effort would be nice.

Freaky, I'm ignoring you! ROFL

Butterfly, gotta do what you gotta do.

If TX sales the refridgerant you take of the cap off the tubing coming from your dash to the engine, turn the car and a/c on, connect and empty the can while you shake it. Really that simple! There are some places here that charge $100+ for that mess! LOL

I am sooooooo hype about having more options!