Thursday, August 02, 2007

It too early

I've been up for a few hours. It's too early. I could start my day but nahhhh. I tried to go back to sleep but the Sandman didn't wanna circle back and pick me back up. Been up watching stuff about the bridge in MN. Stevie Wonder is going on tour. R. Kelly will be going to trail soon, after 5 years. I got my A in Swim I. I like Focus vitamin water. Propel fitness water has a commercial with Mary J. Blige's Family Affair song in the background, it does not make sense. Aquafina uses tap water. Why in the world are there so many waters and sports drinks around? I didn't realize just how many journalist I know of somehow. I just brought some pretty new checks with black children on them. I like waking up and seeing Snookums there beside me. He wasn't there this morning. A Greyhound bus overturned in Raleigh. He was on his cell phone speeding. Amber alert for that 16 month old has been canceled. Tax free weekend this weekend! I think I am going to attempt to drink close to a gallon of water a day. I should really get dressed. I am getting my hair done after work. This time I can keep it for 2 weeks before I have to get back in the water. I don't want to go to work. One of my "therapist" doesn't have a job to go to. Guess I should shut up and get in the shower. But not until I check my job sites.


AR Gal said...

Congrats on the A!

A greyhound bus ran off the interstate (just outside of Little Rock) a few weeks back. Something about a crazy lady that was onboard was trying to gain control of the steering wheel from the bus driver.

I bet R. Kelly gets off. :-(

Ladynay said...

Thanks :-)

Oh goodness! If I was a Greyhound driver I would prefer to tell folks a passenger got crazy vs. I was on my cell while speeding! *smh*

Of course he will. He is working on is next hit gospel song that will drop right before the trail gets going good so folks won't pay attention to what is going on.

Anonymous said...

I woke up to the news of what happened in MN. I didn't cut my tv on till 8pm and it stayed on Cartoon Network till I woke up.

Congrats on the A.

I'm trying to drink at least 4 glasses of water a day. But I'm having trouble. lol

Ladynay said...

Ahhhhhhh the joys of not having Cartoon Network! LOL


A good trick is to have a glass of it nearby. Like keep a cup on your desk and just sip from it every now and again. It would be gone b4 you know it!

Freaky Deaky said...

Congrats on the A. I'm sure it was the thong that got you the A. Ass begins with an A. Coincidence? I think not.

I heard about the bridge collapse on the news yesterday. When driving over a bridge I always wonder if it's going to come crashing down around me.

You stab a white woman to death and they put you on trial immediately but if you piss on an underage black girl they wait five years. Makes me want to borrow your gallon of water and do some things. ;o) What?!

Ladynay said...

Thanks. I would believe you if my coach wasn't a st8 female. LOL

Really, wow! I bridges give me thoughts too.

*insert shock face* Nothing...

meljoy said...

i knew there was a reason that I didnt like aquafina. I NEVER did. It always tasted funky and left a nasty after taste. no wonder.

blkbutterfly said...

i just read about the bridge collapsing. i'm slow, i know. but, i've got no TV or internet @ home. a bridge collapsed in OK a few years ago. it's all so tragic.

we have so many waters b/c ppl demand it. somehow we got the idea that regular water isn't good enough for us.

Ladynay said...

Wow Mel, your tastebuds are on the money. I don't recall ever buy that brand to know. Most the ones I get are flavored waters.

BB, it went down yesterday so you're not slow :-)

I guess it's because there are so many of them pumping that they are better in some way. No one is pumping plain ole water :-(