Friday, August 03, 2007

Weekend checklist

1) Get up early and walk the trail b4 the sun heats everything up.
2) Wash every dirty piece of clothing.
3) Bleach down kitchen, including fridge while clothes are washing
4) Find the school supply list you got for Pooka weeks ago that you put in a safe place so when tax free weekend came you'd know where it was. *smh*
5)Wash body and get dressed routine
6)Go to laundromat and dry the loads
7)Fold them up and bounce
8)Hit up Wally World or Target for Pooka's school supplies
9)Hit up Best Buy and maybe pick up some movies for myself
10)Pick up a tad more rabbit food and potatoes from grocery store if I don't go to Super Wally World in number 8
11)Home, touch up room while Pooka touches up hers
12)Relax till Monday

Let's see if I can get all that done in good time tomorrow! :-) I got my hair done yesterday. I look like I am 10 years old! LOL! Since I will be getting in the pool twice a week until about the end of the year my loctician thought it would be a good idea to 3 strand my babies. This should help reduce most of the fuzziness that happens when my hair gets wet. We will see once school starts back up on the 20th. While I was getting my hurr did one of the other stylist started to talk about some drama that went down the evening b4. There is a nail shop in the same strip of buildings as my hair shop. One of the owners of the nail salon got shot in the parking lot!!!!! The day b4 yesterday!!!!! Nobody knew why it happened or if the owner survived. The po po caught the guy that did it, which is a good thing. The stylist said that the owner knew the shooter. Ummmmmm can we say I was thankful that my appt. was yesterday vs. the day before! My goodness!

Edit: Please send your prayers/good thoughts/positive energy/good vibes/what ever you got that fits into that realm my way. Awhile ago I blogged that there was this PERFECT job for me out there but the hours wouldn't work for my school schedule and it was kinda far from me. Why did the hospital (the one closest to me) post up the same position for WEEKENDS!!!! OMG! I already submitted my application. I know if I am supposed to have this job I will get it, but a lil extra finger crossing don't hurt. The title of the position is Rehab Services Assistant. Basically a person that does the dirty work for PT's (clean equipment, prep patient and area for treatment, transports patients to and from the PT area, etc...) OMG! I could work this job AND this crappy state one! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I want this! I really hope it's in the plans for me to get this. I just got my hair done too, so any interviews that go down soon will be met with freshness!


AR Gal said...

I know you are glad your appointment wasn't on the same day as all of that drama! That's just crazy!

You look 10 huh? Call up Dateline's "To Catch a Predator" and see if you can get a gig as the underage girl in the "bust" house. Hey you can get paid and you would be helping society. lol I bet your hair looks great.

Good luck with your to do list. Things on my list so far include staying in the house as much as possible. It's going to be in the upper 90's this weekend. :-(

Ladynay said...

I know right!

HAHAHAHAHAHA, I need some extra money too! Then again it's usually some slender white girl who's the bait so I might not make the cut! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Thank you. Trust me, I will be at home most the time because of that same reason!

Pamalicious said...

Nothing like a good list to make your life go right, lol lol

Here's hoping you get that JOB!!!

Freaky Deaky said...

Ten years old? Get away from me! On second thought I can sit in the desk behind you, pull your hair, and call you a poopy head.

You can't do any of that stuff today? It seems like doing all of that stuff in one day kind of precludes the possibility of #12 getting done.

I hope you get the job you want. Can I have $1 from both jobs, a double cheeseburger, and some ice cream too?

Erica C. said...

Got you covered sis! You know I got your back!!!!!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I got a todo list also for this weekend. I plan on bleaching down my kitchen cabinets too. I despise white cabinets.

Crossing my fingers hoping you get the job.

Kasandra said...

I plan on cleaning up my whole place tonite as well. The only time I'm going out tomorrow is to pick up a few groceries, other than that I'm staying under my air conditioner as well.

Girl I will put you on my prayer list as well. Good Luck!!!!

Ladynay said...

Pam, normally I would write it on a piece of paper but since I didn't have much to blog about I figured why not! LOL

Freaky, If you wanna go to the principals office sure! ;-P

I guess I could, I have a hard time getting motivated after work tho'

If I do, you can have one of those heart attack burgers you blogged about once with the onion rings and french fries on it!!!!

Erica, thank yah chicka! I hope this one is in my plan.

Southern, white cabinets? Dang I am sorry .I never had to go through the white cabinet thing. But I know you love the way your kitchen looks and smells after your done.

See Kassandra, I would tell you to pick up my items at the grocery store for me but you can't! LOL

Thanks everyone for the energy!

Honey-Libra said...

I'm sending good vibes and vibrations your way as well as prayers.

Hopefull you get all you want to accomplish done this weekend....enjoy the weather

Ladynay said...


If I have my say I will enjoy looking at it from the inside most of the time! LOL

E said...

I'll definitely keep my fingers crossed for you ladynay.

You guys have tax-free weekend too. Last year when I visited Eugene, it just so happen that was the weekend Boston had its tax free weekend.

I wish Chicago had that..:-/

blkbutterfly said...

don't forget about the $$ store and/or Big Lots (do they have one of those in your parts?) for the supplies.

the new apt. doesn't have a washer and dryer. i've been resistant to walking downstairs and using the community laundry. lazy, i know... lol...

lol @ looking like a 10 year old. that's another reason i can't wear 2 strands and rarely flat twists.

i'm hoping we read good things re: the new job!

have a good weekend!

The Mistress said...

Fingers and good thoughts are being sent by me to you on the job front!

Ladynay said...

E, It will catch on in the Chi eventually.


BB, Target actually came with some good and cheap sales this go around, but I'll keep those stores in mine when I have to replenish during the year. I saw a commercial for big lots where during a certain time teachers get an additional 10% off. I don't know if that was just a regional thing or not but it wouldn't hurt to check if TX has that special going on.


Mistress, I appriciate it. :-)