Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Maybe now

*sigh* Now that I have more than enough time to journal I don't know where to begin.

Monday was the first day of classes. This go around I'm taking Adapted Physical Education, Motor Learning, and Swim II. The first 2 classes are taught by the same woman who I will reference as Dr. P. The classes are back to back in the same room so I don't have to worry about ever being late for the second class or having to trek across campus during the midday. YAY! Dr. P has been my advisor from the jump, so we already knew one another. This is my first time taking one of her classes though. I have heard horror stories about her but like I do with the others, I take it and put it behind me. She comes off to me as someone who don't play no games. Do what she says and do it how she wants it done. Period. I already have a ton of work and reading to do. I gotta get my flow for this semester going. I think I am going to come home, blog, do homework, then do me. Homework and blogging may switch a time or two but whatever.

I also trekked across campus in triple digit heat, lost 10 pounds of sweat cuz the campus has hills, got my books after standing in line 30 minutes to get in the bookstore(which isn't bad compared to other years), and paid for my parking decal...not actually get my decal, but pay for it. They did not have them at the campus police station yet! *eyeroll* whatever!

I also spoke to my admin. on Monday and laid my situation flat out for her. She was going to check with my deputy, who is one level above her, and see if Saturdays would be okay for me. I'll get to what he said when I get to today.

Tuesday was sort of a repeat of Monday. I went to my Swim II class which is being taught by another person I've heard stories about. I don't know what I am going to call him yet cuz we basically was given our syllabus and were dismissed. LOL! One of my previous classmates told me that he is no nonsense. Either you do it or you don't. End of story. The only things I'm worried about is that mile of a final and the stuff we have to do on the high dive. I had internal issues just jumping off that board so diving and what not on it just makes my skin jump. I have a fear of standing heights. When you look at the high dive from poolside it don't look all that bad, but when you climb up and stand on the edge of that board.....OMG! I have to pass this class to graduate so I am going to handle mine whether I want to or not. I didn't see anyone from my swim I class but many people where not there when he called roll. Guess they will show up tomorrow.

I had to trek across campus to register for that first aid that that I don't have to go to. They were trying to tell me that they couldn't do what I wanted them to do when I knew for a fact that they could. I got professional on them and made it happen. It's all in who you talk to *wink*.

At work I came back to a meeting in progress about BS. Then went to respond to my work emails and saw where my admin. called a meeting with me and a few others. Looking at the people who were invited to this "party" I already knew what the subject was. Hence me probably starting to blog in the evenings more often. I have been shooting off my apps. to different places still and even shot off job application type paperwork to volunteer at the local hospital. I gotta start getting experience soon and if I got to give up some of my weekend free time, so be it. Gotta work my way up.

Today I woke up later than usual and while I was getting myself together I got a phone call. The only person who would call me that early would be my mom and she knew that I would usually be at work at that time. I didn't recall the number on the caller ID but picked it up anyway. The voice on the other line was unfamiliar. After I and the other person said hello a few times they said my name.

"uhhhhh yeah who is this"

"LAL, how are you?"

"I am fine, what's wrong?" His voice was soooooo not his, he sounded depressed. Plus, he was calling me way too damn early so something had to be up. At first I thought he was stranded somewhere and needed a ride or something.

"Nothing's wrong. I just wanted to see how you were" he said as I thought bullshit and rolled my eyes.

"What's wrong, what happened?"

He then goes on to tell me that he basically got played by some chick he was seeing so forth and so on. When he finished the summary I gave him my advice (to the left, to the left) LOL. It was kinda sad cuz he put all his *cough cough*"friends" to the side and was basically living with this chick. He turned into a one woman man for her (which is HUGE yah hear me!!!!!) and she cheated and told him she wasn't going to stop seeing her other man but still wanted him. Now I am willing to bet good money that he is going to turn back to the old LAL and maybe even be worse *smh*. Having been cheated on by someone you've been faithful too I gave the best advice I could. I hope he hasn't done anything crazy. I tried to call him before I got online to see how is mental state was and got the voicemail. This dude is trained in weaponry, so I'd hate to see his butt on the news!

Work was work. School was school. I had to trek across campus yet again to get my parking decal. Another 10 pounds lost from sweating in 3 digit heat.

We had our meeting with the upper level staff and I didn't have to say a word. I was prepared to answer the questions that I felt were going to come but Common denominator took control over the meeting! How about them apples? One thing I didn't like was that upper level management was given the impression that we were not responsible for some of what is going on and we are! I know that I read my person emails and blogs during times that are not a part of my break or lunch. I know that I am not supposed to do that. I also know that everything I do on our new system is tracked and time stamped. I know all this. If they asked me why it took me 15 minutes to execute blah blah blah. I will just have to tell the truth. Towards the end of this meeting the deputy said he was looking into us having the opportunity to work Saturdays, which was his way of answering the question my admin put to him about my school situation. So far so good. I should know something definite soon.

Today I didn't rush my job because I know they are watching us closely, but I did stay away from the extra stuff until it was almost time for me to leave.

I got a call from the volunteer program at the hospital and was given some kinda bad news. They have 3 volunteer programs: teen, student, and adult. Each program varies in different ways. I applied to the adult program since this would not be for school. Since I am a student I have to be in the student program. Since I am in the student program I missed the deadline and have to wait for the spring "semester" to get the ball rolling. I asked the chick a bunch of questions to which I didn't receive clear answers. She will call me in November to see if I still wanna be down with their program. Will see.

Pooka's open house at the school was today from 1-3:30. I was in class from 12-3. So all that good info like who my child's teacher is and so forth I didn't get. They posted lists on the glass doors last year so I hope they did the same this year so I can at least roll by there tomorrow morning on the way to work and see. I also need to put some money on Pooka's lunch account. I know I had some roll over from last year but I don't know how much. On the system that you use online to pay on the account, it won't give you a balance! HOW SMART IS THAT???!!!!! *eyeroll* I am going to use the money I put aside for getting my hair twisted and make sure my kid is st8 for lunch next week and to buy cupcakes and icecream for her summer camp folks then birthday balloons for Pooka. I am sure she is fine in the lunch area, but I need to know for sure just for piece of mind.

Pooka will be 6 on Monday. Lord have mercy! If the first day of school isn't the greatest birthday gift ever, I don't know what is!!!! ROFL!

There's more that I wanted to blog about but I don't remember at the moment *shrug* oh well!


AR Gal said...

Blogging is not work so you have nothing to worry about......oh wait maybe that's the problem. lol

I look forward to your post later on.

Freaky Deaky said...

So you're saying that earning money to provide for you and Pooka is more important than giving me something to read. That is so selfish! :o) [Rummages through your drawers for something to steal before taking off in a huff.]

Paula D. said...

Oh boy! Keep us posted!

Erica C. said...

That is so cool, Princess B-Day is on my grandmother's B-Day. I'll have to send her an e-card and a virtual hug!

She's growin up!

AR Gal said...

Ok, I came back to get the real scoop. You have A LOT going on!

Sounds like your job is going to work with you. Yeah! Good luck with school!

Freaky Deaky said...

Going to school is not a birthday present for Pooka. Being hopped up on sugar, staying up all night, and being allowed to skip school is a birthday present.

I think I'd have to have a refrigerated suit or something if anyone wanted or expected me outside during triple digit heat. Otherwise I'd tell people to call me in the fall and I'll get back to you.

I hope you got a receipt for that decal. I'd be upset to have traveled their in the heat, pried that nice chunk of money from my wallet, and leave with nothing.

Maybe you need to pull out the rubberized thong to pass Swim II. If you're going to wear it anyway my inbox is a little lonely so you could always give it some company with lots of thong and booty pics. What?

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Remembering the days I trekked across campus in the heat. I don't know who's bright idea was to put the register office and the finanical aid office clear across the campus from each other. Finally my last year they put them in the same building.

Good luck with school!

fuzzy said...

Good Luck!

Ladynay said...

Erica, your g-ma must be a really cool person then :-)

Argal, it's not as much as it seems but it's enough. Thanks!

Freaky, skip the first day? Yeah right!

Southern, OMG my school is still like that!!! Only during freshman week is all the department repped in one building! UGH!

Fuuuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyy! Thanks!

deepnthought said...

I just knew I left you a comment. I guess I didnt. I am leaving you some hugs.