Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm here

Life has been pretty much the same cycle, nothing out of the ordinary.

Three people at my job have turned in their "I'm outta here bitches" letters which means the staff gets a little more work. I've been told they are not replacing the 2 temps. Great! That's exactly what I need, more work! YAY! I've also been told that some people, including folks on my team, were told by my administrator that we were not working hard enough. Without going into detail about what I do, we went from multiple hundreds down to 33! Thirty darn three! That's excellent! Who the hell ain't working hard enough? Whatever.

I am not confident I will get A's this semester and I am not liking that much. Especially since I know I am going to have a tough spring semester. *sigh* The teacher for 2 of my 3 classes is a piece of work I tell yah! She did warn folks on the first day of class about how she does things, so now that we are in class good I shouldn't be surprised at what's happening. Swimming is swimming. Whatever.

There is a rumor I'll be receiving something in the mail soon. Not sure if I should hold my breath on that. *wink*

My cousin who was murdered by his drug dealer and the other people he has killed can rest more at peace now cuz the dealer is dead. Don't know the details. I wonder how my aunt and 'em feel.

Pooka's teacher asked if I wanted to be a room mom. I would love to but I had to tell her no, it wouldn't be fair to the kids if I took the position and did nothing with it.

This weekend I am getting my hair done, working on my paperwork, and watching Pookas "cousins" while the parents have a chance to go out and be adults.

At the current time I am feeling kind of void. There is plenty of school work, housework, and stuff to blog about and complete...but don't want to. I can't really explain it and I really don't want to put any additional thought into it to try.



fuzzy said...

Can you take a pic of the weekend doo! I'd like to see it! Idk I think i just reopened my fascination with womens hair! lol darn those mandatory trips to Lenor's Beauty Salon!

Ummm Chin up at work, hopefully they will change their minds about the temps...

Darius T. Williams said...

Ahh - a void - I know how you feel. Sorry to hear about your cousin too. Your weekend sounds like mine.

-Darius (aka Jamal K. Franklin)

Freaky Deaky said...

Is it porn? Please tell me you're getting porn in the mail. What?

Glad the drug dealer is dead. May he B.I.H. (burn in hell) with all others of his ilk.

You can be my room mom...if you wear a thong and promise to bend over a lot.

I know the void. We're friends. Tell him I said hi.

deepnthought said...

you know you can and will get A's. You are the phenomenal superstar. You can do it. Just breathe and it will be ok.

I have a little void I am dealing with too.

The Goddess said...

WOW! Not doing enough work. That's a slap in the face considering the number of people that have left. That would make me wanna turn in my "I'm outta bitches" notice also.

Sorry to hear about your cousin. Hope you and your family are all doing well, considering.

Inquiring minds wanna know what you're supposed to be getting in the mail. Tell Tell!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

multiple of hundreds down to 33 people? Damn how that work. They didn't think about hiring others to replace the ones that left.

Sorry about your cousin.

Kasandra said...

Yes girl I'll admit I'm nosey so you gotta tell what's in that mail...tell me I say!! Tell me!!!

Ladynay said...

Fuzzy, I quess I could since you've put up the beach pix an all :0)

Darius, wanna do my homework? LOL

Freaky, mmmmmmmmmmmmaybe :-)

Hear Hear!

Nasty, just nasty!

I'll make sure I'll tell him you said sup!

DNT, I don't know it and that's the lil issue I'm having.

Looks like void knows many of us :-(

Goddess, I was mad about it. I am getting over it.

I'm fine, I nor my mom haven't spoke to my aunt (his mom) or my cousins(his siblings)yet.

Southern, not people, the work load! ROFL If we had several hundred staff members they'd be NO work to do! LOL I don't know why they are not replacing them *shrug*

Kassandra (and everyone) I wish it was something juicy...but it isn't! LOL! I am expecting the second installment of a book series written by the blogger known as Trent Jackson.

GurlNexxDoor said...

I have been there Lady, this too shall pass.

Have a good weekend.

Erica C. said...

Sorry about your cousin. I'm not doing ANYTHING this weekend...just the way I like it.

That Dude Right There said...

Ain't a bitch about how your employer tells you that you aren't doing enough work when you leave the damn job with a tired mind and body each damn day. Curse them all. The bastards.

And you had better get all A's this semester. If not, you can't go to the prom!

AR Gal said...

9 times out of 10, the main people complaining are the ones who are doing the least amount of work. Hell I try to do as little as possible too but do you hear me complainin....nooooooooppppe. They oughta try that sometime or possibly put in a little extra effort. And a thank you to you guys wouldn't hurt either.

I still hope you get those A's. Just based on what you've written, I know you're putting in the effort. Hopefully your professor's will keep that in mind when grade tme comes.

Sorry to hear about your cousin, not sorry to hear about drug dealer dude. Good riddance!

E said...

I"m trying so hard to turn my "I'm outta here bitches" letter myself. I hate how they cut and cut staff and expect the remaining staff to do three times as much work while still expecting the same type of quality. Big whatever to corporate America!

Oddly enough I think I have that void too. Guess it's spreading fast.