Friday, September 21, 2007


That's the best way I could describe yesterday. After my post I went to my meeting where I was paying my dues. The building has 3 floors and the elevators are kinda slow so because of somethings I made 3 trips between the 1st and 3 floor. My big girl body didn't like that much! LOL Even with my multiple trips, I STILL forgot to sign up for the Duke pt open house next week! I ended up emailing the teacher going when I got back to work cuz I was not about to walk back up those steps.

I have nothing to wear to this open house nor a portfolio ready...Excellent. I'll have to find me a nice blouse sometime this weekend cuz the professional stuff in the closet got smaller. I didn't get bigger, the clothes got smaller! LOL

Me and the pothead finished our visual impairment simulation. All I can say is that walking around campus blind is an awkward feeling. Since I am typing this post you can see the pothead didn't have me walk into a busy street or nothing. I did run into the security sensors in the library though. You know those tall things by the doors of a store that go off if you steal something or have some kinda electronic equipment that triggers it. Yeah, one of those. LOL! I am glad this part is over. Next month we have to get around campus in a wheelchair. I can already say that I am cheating on that experiment. I am not a cheater, but I'll be doggone. My campus is a bunch of hills and there is no way I am going to attempt to push myself up one of them jokers in a wheelchair! I don't have the upper body strength. This I know to be a fact! LOL

When I got to work, my mind wouldn't focus very long on anything. I did get some work done but it was like do a step, do something else, do the next step, do something else, etc...Since I don't have to go on campus today I have a chance to put in some real work.

When I got home yesterday I did dinner and helped the kid with her homework. I tried to do some of my own homework, but again, I had a hard time focusing. Not too far after that I was sleep. The sandman kept playing with me. It wasn't till Snookums called my name and I snapped back to reality that I realised how tired I was and let the sandman take over.

So the plan today is to get some work done at work, come home and finish one of the 2 assignments due next week, and maybe clean up this disaster of a place I made yesterday. Saturday I get up bright and early for some more community service (I have a lot of it to catch up on for school), go to the company picnic, then hang out with the ladies for our monthly get together. We are going to this Thai/Japanese spot and as I reviewed the online menu, I think I am going to try a dish with eel in it. I don't know yet. I am aiming to get something I've never had before. Sunday is finishing my 2nd assignment, getting the place back to order and sleeping.

I vow not to go anywhere on Sunday unless it's like a quick trip to the grocery store. I will have my home and school stuff in order and back on track before I lay my head down for the night Sunday. I am making this vow to myself.

Enjoy the weekend. I hopefully will.


GurlNexxDoor said...

You are soooooo busy.

Have a nice weekend!

Oh--So glad you made it with walking into any walls.

Ladynay said...

Yah know, when I read my entries over it doesn't seem like a lot, but it sure feels like it! LOL

You too & me too! :-)

kasandra said...

Yeah you gotta share your experience if you get the eel dish cuz from reading all I did was go....eellllllllll!!! LOL. I too plan to catch up on my homework before I lay my head down Sunday nite.

Have a great weekend.

Ladynay said...

Hey now, it might taste like chicken! LOL

Gotta love homework!


Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

My mind hasn't been able to focus on work all this week. Think I need a vacation!

Have a good weekend!

Honey-Libra said...

Dang and you talk about me being come when you were talking about the wheelchair all i could think about was that guy in Family Guy that's in the wheel chair..please man I was dying laughing I would not to be a person seeing you fall out your wheelchair especially if they didnt know what you were doing..can you imagine them running to you..are you ok mayum lol aight let me stop

Freaky Deaky said...

You know you're going to be ripping and roaring all weekend.

So is pothead going to be his official blog name? Going uphill and wheelchairs don't mix. Now going down hill might be fun. Well, not when you burn up your hands trying to stop. LOL Rent one of those Rascal scooters and call it a day.

Enjoy your weekend too, in a thong, and send pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. You know you want to. :o)

Ladynay said...

Yeah, get one in before the move Southern!

Honey, you aint funny! ROFL

Freaky, I don't plan on mentioning him again since the experiment is over. So no need to make an official blog name.

I wouldn't go down hill in a wheelchair. I just see soo much going wrong with that! LOL


AR Gal said...

Man you've got a full weekend planned. Only thing I plan on doing is going to the fair and laying around! Have fun shopping for the blouse....I hope you find some good stuff...preferably on clearance!!

E said...

Damn you are busy this summer...well fall..:-)

Sounds like you have your weekend planned. Hope you get everything accomplished you set out to do.

Tasha said...

Dang girl, I'm tired just from reading that! And I know how you feel about not being able to focus. I'm right there with ya.

deepnthought said...

I thought I left a comment on Friday. well, sounds like a busy week.

nikki said...

you haven't posted today? damn, it's like the day ain't started right...

Darius T. Williams said...

I had the same idea this past weekend...but somehow - it didn't work.

-DTW aka Jamal K. Franklin (what's up?!?!)

Ladynay said...

Everyone...Been busy, just got busier! :-(

Darius, I know who you were.

Erica C. said...

Ummm *blank stare*

I know you're really busy aren't you? Don't over do it ladynay!

Love ya!

The Goddess said...

Girl, you got a lot going. No wonder the sand man kicked your butt. LOL.

I love Thai, but I'on know about Eel... I don't think I could do it.

Oh, and I'm glad the pot head didn't get you killed. I don't know if I could've trusted that. You're one brave sista! LOL