Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Is the semester over?

I gotta teach the class (maybe) today a chapter in my Adapted PE class. I am prepared, but I still don't want to present. There is a group going before me and I hope that they take the entire class time, that way I don't have to go till Friday.

I spent my night reading and rereading the chapter because she doesn't want us to read our presentation *darn* My power point on the laptop was straight blowing me so I ended up writing page after page of what I wanted to put on my presentation. I figured I'd type it up at work and be done with it.

Got up mad late this morning with stomach issues, it was my fault cuz I had to have cereal and a glass of milk the night before. While taking care of intestinal issues I figured I'd just drop the kid off and go straight to campus to type my presentation up. There was really no point to go to work just to type the presentation and bounce right? LOL

Since I get on campus early I decide to use my handy dandy campus card to go to the cafe and eat breakfast! I don't go there but maybe once or twice a year but their food is not bad at all! I ate well! :-)

So I get to campus and do my thing. I go to put my presentation on CD and realize it's not formatted. After clicking this and that I decided to look up how to format a disk. Turns out Windows XP doesn't format cd-rw disks. Great, that's what I had. I never pay attention to r or rw. I've just stuck stuff in and saved it.

So now I have a problem. I spent some good time getting my presentation together and no disk to put it on! It was 20 minutes till class (so I thought) and it would not give me enough time to walk to the bookstore cross campus to get one. What was I to do. I figured I'd just email myself like I do all my assignments and pray Dr. P would let me pull it up online. I fiddle online till it's 5 till (so I thought) and nobody is in class! I look at the classroom clock and it says it's an hour earlier. Great, so is the clock in the computer lab wrong or is the classroom clock wrong? I walk out of class and Dr. P (whose office is right across from the classroom) is walking down the hall. She asked if I was looking for her, this time I wasn't. I asked her what time it was and she confirmed the classroom clock being correct! YES!!!!!!! This means I had enough time to get to the bookstore and get me a cd that I can use!

While walking to the bookstore I saw many men and women in suits. I am assuming they were Obama's people getting stuff situated for tomorrow. He is going to be on campus, in the same building my swim class is in! So thanks to him I gotta park cross campus tomorrow! Great! No, I am not nor desire to go to the fundraiser.

I got to the bookstore and saw only huge packs of cd's. I don't need all that. I am tech slow, but I recall folks talking of a jump drive before. I've seen folks with them and know that they sale them in the local library, so I decided to get one. Them things are pricey! I don't know how much they are regularly but I paid $20+ for a Memorex 1GB usb 2.0 High speed, whatever that means! It don't matter if I paid waaaaaaaaaay to much or got a great deal because 1) I needed it and 2) I used my campus card so it wasn't really coming out of my paycheck.

Got back to my building, saved my presentation, and now I'm blogging. It's not like I don't have other assignments I could be completing right now. I just don't wanna! LOL

Is the semester over now?


kasandra said...

I hear ya!! I can't wait either!!!!!

Mae B. said...

That jump thingy my son he's a highschool freshie needed one. I got DSL on the phone she is talking BLAH BLAH BLAH I just want my net.

Freaky Deaky said...

So did you give your presentation today? How did it go?

Flash/jump/thumb drives are handy so it's good that you finally have one.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Jump drives are the "in" thing now. Leave those disks alone. I'll give it about another 10-15 yrs, there will be no more disk drives.

Ladynay said...

Whatz we gon' do Kasandra? :-I

Mae B, you made me feel better calling it a jump thingy! LOL I am not the only slow poke when it comes to tech stuff :-)

Freaky, we gave 1/2 of it. So far so good, the second 1/2 is on Friday.

That's what I hear. It came with a necklace thing so I can keep it around my neck. They must know I lose things with ease! :-)

Southern, just like floppy disks are now going/basically already are extinct! I wonder what O and Pooka will be using to get there homework done. Hmmmmmmm

AR Gal said...

I went straight from floppy disks to jumpdrives. I think by the time cd's were considered the in thing I really didn't have a use for them and never used them unless I was burning music, lol. I love my jump drive. I scored a free one at my current gig so I'm good to go for awhile.

I hope your presentation went well.

LsbnMom said...

I know this wont help you now... but I had a jump drive you could have had! LOL We got new password protected ones at work and were told to do whatever we wanted with the old ones! I love mine! I have been looking for a new home for the old one. I have three total! They are awesome. Welcome to the real world right now! :)

PS yes, the string holds it around your neck... but i just spent 15 mins looking for the clear plastic cap that goes on the end of mine. I knew I should have painted it bright pink when I thought about it! ha!


Ladynay said...

Argal, free is good! Nobody complains with free :-)

Lsbnmom, just cuz I brought one don't mean I wouldn't have a use for the one your not using :-)

Omar Ramon said...

almost over darlin! i am not a tech buff either so don't feel alone

blkbutterfly said...

when i got hip to jump drives i wondered what i ever did w/o them! i go so far as to have at least one on me at all times.

for most of last Sunday i was unsure of the time. my grandmother called talking about an extra hour of sleep and i got thrown off. it's a funny feeling operating w/o a clear sense of the time of day.

Ladynay said...

Omar, I feel better not being the only one.

BB, I was soooo lost not knowing what time it was! I am already lost to begin with. Not knowing the time didn't help! LOL