Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Did you vote?

I didn't.

I heard on the radio that if you care about something enough, you'd make time for it...so I am making time to blog. I don't have nothing to say but here's some randomness out the head!

I only have to assist with my kids with autism 12 times. Today's visit made number 10. Even though them jokers are hard to deal with and I've been bit twice, I wish I had more than 2 more visits with them.

I've had to swallow my pride and borrow from just about everyone I know. I am not fond of that idea, but I really had no other choice. This month I wasn't able to be on top of my financial game.

I only have one more report to do for Dr. P. I will basically write the entire thing tonight. I have all my resources, it's just about sitting down and putting the words down. It's due Monday, but I got other stuff to do and I meet with the lady from the Writing Studio Thursday night to read over my work. So I gotta do it tonight.

I got a book, tee shirt and behind the scenes dvd from the one and only Trent Jackson (finally). He knew black folks were going to get ghetto for the stunt he pulled so he threw in extra stuff. Good look, now I don't have to send him a email cursing him out. :-D I haven't got a chance to crack the book open, watch the dvd, or wear the shirt. But it's coming. The review of the book will be a blog entry of its own, just like with his first book.

Next semester I am taking Athletic Training vs. physics. Long story short. It might turn out better in the end for me this way....maybe.

I got a chance to catch up with an old friend. We reminisced on a adult co-ed slumber party my girl TZ threw years ago. Well about 7 years ago cuz I was pregnant then. We both agreed that that was the only overnight pajammy jam we've been to that was that fun! The night never got over R rated and it got to R cuz of the movie we watched! It was just good fun with a bunch a adults! Giving the chemistry between the folks invited to the party, it could have turned into one of the best group porn flicks ever! But it didn't and it was wonderful! I wish I knew enough folks locally to try and host a get together like that. But I don't. :-(

I am currently driving a Ford Fusion, don't ask, and that thing has some kick! It don't feel like you're going fast but when you look at the speedometer you're flying! Thank God I am turning that sucka in tomorrow morning. That thing is a ticket waiting to happen!

Pooka went to the dentist Monday. Good news, no cavities, healthy teeth and gums. Bad news, chances are high she will need braces! I already told mom and Babydaddy to start a fund for her braces. We got 6 or 7 years to come up with however much braces will cost at that time! LOL

I meet with her teacher Thursday for the midterm conference thing. I don't expect to hear any negative things but we'll see.

Friday I have to present a game at conference in Greensboro. The game is extremely simple but I don't feel like driving to G'boro nor bringing some of my classmates home. It's one of the last things I have to do for Dr. P's adapted class and it's weighed heavily so I gotta suck it up and make the drive.

Saturday morning Pooka's PTA and I will be doing a landscaping project around the schools campus. That should be fun. I can already see the kids playing in the dirt and mulch! *sigh* LOL
This year one of the most important cards in my wallet has been my library card! I didn't realize how much I used it, till I lost it.

Dat'll be all for now.


Mae B. said...

You've alot on your plate. I'm late to your blog what is your major?

Ladynay said...

Technically it's Exercise Sports Science, but I am going to PT school to be a Physical Therapist.

TrinaBeingTrina said...

Whew!! You are a busy woman. I'm tired after reading what you have been doing and what you have to do. hahaha

I know what you mean about the finacials. Ever since my sister has been out of work I have been broke. My man gave me $200 for my electric bill. That was something I should have definitely had but I don't know where the hell my money has been going.

ps...I didn't vote either. That is so trifling. :-(

Ladynay said...

I feel yah but the only difference is that I know exactly where my money went! *sniff sniff*

blkbutterfly said...

the "if you care about something..." comment made me chuckle.

i didn't vote either... and there was a school bond proposal on the table. *shrug*

Ladynay said...

Seeee so just like me, when something goes wrong locally we can't say NUFFIN! LOL

JayBee said...

I didn't vote either, but I'll definitely make it out for the presidential election. When you mentioned the slumber party my mind drifted back to the days when I got invited to house parties. I don't think people really do house parties anymore, or if they do they don't invite me.

Ladynay said...

Well, if I ever get serious and throw one I'll invite you JB!

P.S. I'll be around your way tomorrow! :-D

The Goddess said...

Geesh! Sounds like you got a lot going on Lady.

I HATE HATE HATE Fords. I had 3 and they were ALL CRAP.

I went to a Co-ed slumber party once and it was SOOOO fun. It started as everyone getting together watching the game and turned into board games, food, movies, and tons of people just hanging out and spending the night. Nothing x-rated, just everyone kicking. One of the BEST get togethers I've been to EVER! Those were the good ol days. Lol

I have conferences for my 16 yr old today. I always look forward to those for some reason.

Ladynay said...

Goddess, there was a old joke that said Ford stood for Found On Road Dead! LOL I didn't rent one long enough to test that theory out!

Sounds like you know exactly what I am talking about in regards to the party. Why can't people have more of those now a days? Hmmmmmmm

You look forward to them cuz you know you are going to get a good report and good reports make you look good as a parent and allow you to pat yourself on the back one good time.