Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey and Cats

Ahhhhhhhh man! When you off work and school for a few consecutive days it make it that much harder to come back to it. But Christmas is around the corner so I am good!

Turkey Day was normal. I tried to time my departure so I'd get there when everything was cooked and all I gotta do is transport stuff. As soon as I walked in my pregnant cousins house she goes "you just in time cuz!" All I could do is curse in my head cuz I knew what it meant. I got stuck making the mashed potatoes and banana pudding. These dishes are not hard but I wasn't trying to be in nobodies kitchen making nothing! My contributions where a hit tho'. My 10 year old cousin asked me if I could make him a banana pudding just for him and the pot was CLEAN after dinner. My ego got stroked a little. YAY!

I haven't got any pictures from the fam yet to show anybody so gotta wait on that. This year the entertainment was my cousin doing a mime thing to a gospel song. Really nice. Then some of my fam played family feud with a few changes to the original game. When it got to the dancing portion my cousins 2 sons (the banana pudding cousin and his younger brother age 8) stole the show. Them boys were getting it yah hear me? To bad their daddy wasn't there to see his seed showing out! All my younger cousins was trying to show the older cousins how to do the soldier boy and apparently it's not a dance you do at the chorus, but there is a dance for the whole song! Too much for me. There is this dance that do when he says "supersoak that ohhhhhhhh" and my cousins did this thing where they'd move their arms like the matrix and pop their legs!!! That dance looked hot to death but I can't do it like them. Is this a sign I'm getting old? LOL

Ohhhhhhh yeah! How about all my younger cousins got cell phones and blue tooths? My younger cousins ages run from 7-16! Now I can see my 16 year old cousin having a phone and carry on but he pays he works! What does a 12 year old do with a cell phone, blue tooth, and PSP (whatever that contraption is)? I am like WTH? Pooka will not get a cell phone any time soon, TRUST!

Friday I got dragged with 2 aunts and 5 other cousins to black friday. If one gift Pooka wanted wasn't on sale for 10 bucks I would have insisted on not going. I came home Friday afternoon.

Saturday and Sunday I worked a cat show. Yah know I hung out with well off white cat owners, breeders, and there very expensive, pure breed, pedigreed, creme de la creme cats. When I got the word about helping out I thought I was getting paid for it. I read it wrong but I did have a good time and I learned way more than I needed to know about cats! LOL Pooka is an animal lover so she was just on cat overload. The only thing I had to watch for is Pooka trying to touch an animal that the owner doesn't want to be touch. There were many cages with the sign "I don't bite, but my owner does" on them. She learned quickly that you have to ask the owner before you touch any animal. There is BIG money in these shows so if you mess up the coat of a top of the line cat by putting your hand creme on it you may lose your life! I kid, but some owners take these shows VERY seriously. Others are whatever about it.

Today Slim Shady came to my office talking about "It happened just like you said it would", she caught me off guard so I was like "what are you talking about". On Thanksgiving they got into a fight that lasted about 20 minutes. Nobody was there, not even her son (thank God). A lot of her stuff was thrown out her window (of HER place) and he broke 2 doors including the front door. She pulled her shirt and sleeved up to show me her battle wounds and said that her lip just came back to regular size this weekend. At the moment her ex is on lock down and his family his harassing her. She did get her front door fixed cuz the way he messed it up, the wind could blow and her front door would come open. She said it took all day for the people to come fix her door and I told her that many folks didn't work Thurs-Sunday so it was to be expected. When she was done telling all that happened I asked her "so you finally done with *insert ex's name* and she said yes. I hope she means it this time. Who knows.

Well lemme do this work stuff *blah*


Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

My nephews try to show me how to do the whole Soulja Boy dance. I just gave up. Too much going on.

Kids today have it made. Go to any middle school and I bet more than half the kids got cell phones.

Hopefully Slim Shady will do the right thing and not take him back. I don't like family members like his. They know he kicked her butt but want to get mad at her. I know it's family but family shouldn't turn their back when another member is doing wrong. That's one thing I love about my family. We will always have your back but if you in the wrong, you in the wrong. We had an issue where my cousin got arrested for hitting his girlfriend. He called his grandmother. She told him he had no right to hit her so whatever punishment he receives that's on him.

Kasandra said...

I agree with southern, that's just plain foul.

I have my 35 year old brother doing the Soulja boy on Thanksgiving. I gotta send you the link so you can get a laugh like we did....FUNNY!!!

Ladynay said...

Southern, I agree too much stuff going on! LOL

We'll see what happens. When ever she thinks about the good stuff she should look at a bruise or scab and keep it moving. I don't know what he looks like post fight, but he got her good.

My fam is the same, if you jacked up you jacked up. Period!

Kassandra, yeah you need to send me that. I hope he didn't fall w/all that jumping and stuff they be doing! LOL

The Goddess said...

All that dang dancing is just too much for me. I know I cant hang. Lol

Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving with the family.

I don't even have a blue tooth. Dang spoiled kids. Lol. 7 is just wayyyy too young.

Hopefully your friend is serious. I'm sure ol boy isn't too happy about being locked up. But that's what he gets. Hopefully they keep him for a good long minute.

Ladynay said...

Goddess, we are all in the same club! I'll pass on the soldier/soulja boy whatever dance!

Girllllllllll I don't have a fourth of what my younger cousins have! By the grades I hear some of them get, they don't even deserve the stuff. But hey, I am not their momma so if their parents okay it, whatever!

I don't know about dude but Slim said his family isn't too thrilled. Yeah, he need to marinate in jail for a moment.

Erica C. said...

Erica+dancing=Carlton Banks!!!

Girl, I can't dance worth a lick!!

Ladynay said...