Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If I had known when I woke up this morning....

that I was going to be taking my Swimming final, I would have taken the day off! LOL Now looking back on it I can't believe all my jiggleness made it through 72 lengths of swimming non stop! But I did. It's over!

We came to class this morning and coach was like before yall jump in let me say something. He basically said that he wanted us to do our final on Thursday or next Tuesday so we don't have to come to class Thursday and we'd be done. My guess is he has plans *shrug* Anywho, he stated that he wanted us to put in a good last practice and partner up so someone can count our laps. Lap counting worked on the honor system. So if I had a classmate I could have done 60 and my partner could have told the coach I did 72! But since I was the odd man out my partner was coach! OH JOY!!!!! So I am putting in a good practice like he wanted and after the hour was over I was hurting like hell and in the middle of the lap I decided I didn't want to go through it again so I asked coach if I could test out. Permission was granted and 20 minutes later I had completed my final! YAY! Before we jumped in he let another girl who wasn't gonna be in class next week test out today and he told the class since he didn't have a class right after ours that we could take additional time to practice if we wanted.

At the very end I was thinking about Dory (thanks J!!! LOL) and saying "just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming" over and over. I got out and felt like a cooked noodle! Shoot right now gravity is pulling on me hard. *sigh* When I got out coach said I did good and now that I have built up my endurance I gotta keep it up and that it's great exercise! In my head I was like "yeah I know I am fat coach thanks" LOL He said some other nice things about the mechanics of my stroke and that was that.

I then had the NERVE to help the adapted PE teacher with another autistic class. I didn't have to go but I told her last week I would help her this week so I kept my word. I missed my normal babies but they had a fire drill during class so they didn't have time to do anything! *whew* Next week is gonna be my last week helping tho'. I am not doing NATHAN but studying for finals the week after next. The teacher is gonna try to hook me up with one of the schools PT's to see if I could shadow her sometimes! Ummmmm YAY! Can we say more experience in a different PT setting to put on my PT schools application???? Chea baby! I hope that works out! I got the interview for the hospital on Thursday. I have no clue what I am going to do with this head!

I went home to get my full head scarf and to eat. Soon as my couch saw me it was calling me to come lay down, but I was good and refused. I know if I gave in I'd still be sleep right now! LOL
I was not planning on the final today and the Ramen noodles I had at work was not gonna satisfy the hunger I had. While swimming I lost my swim cap so my hair was saturated and starting to 'fro. The job wasn't ready for what was happening to my hair so I got it wrapped up.

I wasn't planning to post anything but 2 sentences stating I finished my 72 but my fingers kept going! LOL


AR Gal said...

Awww man! Doesn't it feel great now that it's over! Good for you!

Kasandra said...

WAY TO GOOOOOO!!! I'm so glad that this semester is coming to an end!!! I sooooooooo need the break.

Ladynay said...

Yeah ARgal, the hard part is over! I still have to do the diving and treading water but that's nothing compared the laps! LOL

Kasandra, you and me both!

blkbutterfly said...

"just keep swimming... just keep swimming."---- so cute. it made me smile.

i don't even know how to swim at all, so props to you! and congrats on wrapping up the class. a few more weeks to go for us and i'll be free! :-)

Ladynay said...

It is all J's fault! She made a comment a month or 2 ago about how I have to think about Dory when I take my final and sure enough it came to mind! LOL

What? You can't wait to get away from the kids? Say it ain't so! ROFL

Promiscuous X said...

Lol yall bugged out. I havent been on your blog in a minute. Happy belated Thanksgiving

E said...

72 laps. Woo hoo. I so need to take a swimming class.

Darius T. Williams said...

We should have a party - my semester is ending too - but um, all your jiggleness?!?! That's hilarious.

deepnthought said...

you are done with that class. yayyyyyyyyyy

I am so proud.

Tasha said...

YAY! Glad you're done with swimming, and I'm excited to hear about your PT shadowing. Get all the experience you can.

Ladynay said...

Thanks X! Don't be a stranger.

Ummmm yeah E, get on that! You get to see dudes in swim wear...just to give you extra incentive :-)

Durrrris, don't it feel GREAT for the end of a semester to come? Don't be laughin' at the jiggle! LOL


Tasha, I am trying girllll. When the time comes I want to lay all my experience on the line and have whomever think that they need me in their school!