Monday, December 17, 2007

The good, the bad, and the interesting...


Orientation for my PT volunteer work was today.

99% of the people were nice.

Met a "seasoned" woman from South Africa. Even though she didn't have much color to her skin, she is a real African American! :-)

Met someone who is where I want to be in 4 years. She's a PT that graduated from Duke PT school. She just got me allllllll kinds of excited talking about what she's done so far. She even told me about a PT type position that doesn't really get advertised, told me the places she's worked and even suggested I go and tell them that she sent me there! SWEET! She will be a PT at the same facility I will be volunteering at. I wonder if I will be helping her when I start? Hmmmmm.

I got a badge. A badge is only a security measure but it made me feel important. More important than when I got my gov't badge.

I showed Pooka the badge (still excited) and she told me that I was the best. Awwwwwwww gotta love that kid!

Even tho' the orientation was darn near all day, I got out in time to run another important errand.

We got a lunch voucher to eat :-)

I got a compliment about my hair.

My neighbor found something very important that I dropped.

I've already started taking better care of myself. Why wait for the first?

I've decided to get up a hour 1/2 earlier so I can DDR in the mornings before work. Like I don't get up early enough! LOL! I am very much a morning person so if I am going to do something, esp. something I don't want to do, the earlier I can get it over with, the better. The only things I wanna do at night is sleep or be cuddled up with Snookums.

I've reorganized my room and Pooka's. All the clothes she can't wear and toys she doesn't want anymore are boxed up in the van. She went from 4 totes and 1 plastic footlocker full of toys to 2 totes and 1/2 a footlocker full of toys! I'm so happy! We sat down and we went through every toy and she gave the "yes" we keep or "no" I don't want it anymore reply. Some of the toys I was suprised she wanted to give away. Of course I had to take advantage of the moment and explain to her that there are some children who have a lot less than she does and that she is giving some of them a chance to play with some really cool toys. Yah know, that be thankful type speech. I plan to give them to a organization that helped me out recently when I was in need of help. Which is part of the reason I am online now, to see what time they start taking donations.

In cleaning my room I threw away a ton of paper. I think I am a pack rat or something cuz it was just insane the amount of documents I had that I really didn't need! I did find my mp3 player tho'! LOL


Orientation was all day.

The lady who gave me my TB test had a physical and verbal attitude. She was the 1%.

The lunch I wanted had 52 cent more than what the voucher allowed.

I didn't have my locticians card or phone number with me to give to the lady who like my hair. I told her where she was and all the other details I could off the top of my head so if she wants to make an appointment I think she can find her.

I went to re certify for the only gov't help I didn't make too much to receive, child care, and the dude who looked over my paper acted like he didn't believe I work the hours I do. Now of course I didn't mention that I go to school too, but I did mention that I flex time. So I put down the earliest I go in and the latest I leave. Even after that he didn't want to believe me.

The same dude asked me 4 times in 3 different ways if I got child support. After the 4th time, he asked if Pookas father lived with me. I got tired of saying no but he was a manager who could talk the little I get away from me if I got an attitude.

I asked if I would still be able to get help if I left my job to go to grad school full time. Since that's what is going to happen next year I need to know. Well, I can't. I would if I went to UNDERGRAD full time, but not grad. I think that's stupid.

I am going to have to start being more aggressive with Babydaddy about financial support. I know he don't make much but soon I will be making less than him and his blue moon contributions are not going to be enough.

I dropped my credit card walking from my van to my place.

I stopped keeping my food log quicker than I started back up. LOL!


In talking to Babydaddy last night, yeah this was a segment added this morning too, we spoke about money and all that. He threw out the option that if he's in a better financial status by time I start PT school that I could have Pooka stay with him. I never even considered that. I have pros and cons about that. At the moment mostly cons. The big important preface was if he was in a better situation. That's a big if. Then there's Pooka flip flopping schools. I don't like that idea. I don't like the idea of her leaving for that long anyways, but I didn't make her by myself so I got to at the very least think about it. *sigh* At the moment I am thinking my mom will come down for the first year and be my live in babysitter and Babydaddy will send money more often. Like everything else, we'll see how it all plays out in a year and some change.

I met a heart surgeon in orientation today. This was a general orientation for new hires, volunteers, and students who are doing observing. From head to ankles he was business attire, but on his feet he had on flip flops. FLIP FLOPS! They looked very comfortable but it was so odd looking. Then he was a jokester! In my head I am like "yo, you manipulate peoples hearts for a living! You not "supposed" to act like this. I also know you make enough for some comfortable slick bottoms, shoot, you could have probably came up here in gators! Oh and like 40 or so degrees outside. PUT SOME SHOES ON!"


Liryc said...

PT hunh, that's where I eventually want to head.. I admire your dedication. keep making those connections. As for the guy in the flip flops.. hey cut the guy some slack.. He's got a good heart! (corny I know)

Ladynay said...

Welcome liryc! Have a seat, take your shoes off and make yourself comfortable.

You into PT too? Cool! I'll wish you luck if you wish me luck!

Yah know, I was gonna make a heart joke but I couldn't come up with any uncorny ones! LOL!

Darius T. Williams said...

So - i HATE all day orientations.

Anonymous said...

Making connections to people in your field is a good thing. I would keep that woman in my roledex. LOL

I plan on going through my child's toys after Christmas. He has so much junk he doesn't play with.

You better keep that credit card tucked away safely. This is the season to be thieving.

ShawnQt said...

can you send the heart surgeon my way, might need one...

kasandra said...

So where do you send the old toys to? I know when my son gets his new toys for X-mas, I wanted to get rid of some of the old ones to make room.

FLIP FLOPS???? WTF? Was that like an ice breaker or something cuz that would of been my first question!! LOL!!!

Well you know how I feel about the BabyDaddy best of luck.

Freaky Deaky said...

I still won't let my mommy throw out my toys. What?! All that's going to happen is they're going to tear them up. :o( I won't more toys.

I hope Pooka nuts up at the last minute and says no.

The heart doctor was white wasn't he? Regardless it takes a special person to wear flip flops in 40 degree weather. Short bus special that is.

Ladynay said...

They are the pits aren't they Darius!

Southern, you best believe I got all the folks I've been talking to info in a folder! LOL You'll be surprised how many toys you'd get rid of! I was fortunate to have my neighbor look out for me!

Shawn, rut roh! Imma read up on you later!

Kasandra, this place called With Love From Jesus. I only asked him questions about what he does and looked in awe. No mention of the shoes. Thanks!

Freaky, *sigh* big boys and their toys! I'll tell yah! LOL If you must know, yeah, he was white! *smh* So smart, yet so dumb.

blkbutterfly said...

you know, i had the same thought as Freaky that the surgeon was white. lol...

physical attitude? how so?

i really admire your dedication and drive. it takes a lot of courage to go to the broke life that is grad school. ;-) all kidding aside, i think things are going to work out fabulously well for you.

Tasha said...

I hate all day orientations, but I'm so happy for you doing the things you need to do in order to get where you want to be. Networking is so important, so yay for you!

Ladynay said...

BB, Physical attitude is communicated with body language. If I gave you and up and down with an ugly look on my face, then rolled my eyes. You would get that I wasn't too thrilled about something about you.

I hope so.

Tasha, today was my first all day one and I wasn't to thrilled :-( I am learning to make myself be more social with every little "event". If I never spoke to the PT at the orientation I would have never got the wonderful info that I did.