Friday, January 18, 2008

Don't know where to start

It's Friday and my week has been full. I don't know where to begin in logging in the things that happened but I remember what I can.

School started on the 7th. For my Athletic Training class we have to have 20 observation hours with a certified athletic trainer. Since 20 hours isn't a lot and I needed to have a more routine schedule ASAP I decided to knock my hours out in 2 weeks. I spent a lot of time with the trainer who currently works with men's basketball team. They have late games and practice late so many times I wasn't leaving campus until 9pm. Leaving home at 6:15-6:20am and getting home after 10pm day after day wasn't all that fun. But it's over and my hours are complete for the semester! YAY! During my observations I learned a lot and was reminded that I need to brush up on a lot of things. I also met a some cool doctors. There was one who I got to observe doing an eval and it just blew my mind. From start to finish he evaluated, diagnosed, and prescribed treatment for this person in 3 or 4 minutes! Granted, what they had wasn't complicated but still it was cool as hell. I can't wait to be on my game like that.

After my hours were over the team had a home game. Since I basically been hanging out with them day after day for about 2 weeks and admission is free for students I thought I'd go to the game and support. They suck! Both teams played some sloppy b-ball. I am not a big fan of b-ball and I only know the basics about how the game is played, but I know what I saw was not good ball. LOL!

My Athletic Training teacher, Shortie Bee Bop, is leaving the university in May. I am soooooooo glad I chose to take AT vs. Physics II cuz I would not have wanted some new teacher teaching me. I prefer someone who has taught the class for awhile.

My stats teacher basically said no to Pooka coming with me to class. Since I had a plan B I wasn't too worried. An unknown and better than plan B came to light with Lsbnmom. She offered to watch Pooka for me AND to pick her up from daycare on the days I have my night class! That's awesome and I am grateful. I don't think she knows how helpful her offer is. With plan B I would have had to pick her up and take her to a place I had to pay for. God is good. I am watching her kids this weekend so she can be grown. :-) Sidenote: We had lunch yesterday (part of my thanks for looking out for a sista) and I telling her that I feel so boring cuz all I have to speak about is school and work. It's scary how much it's consuming me right now. She has stories about her current drama and I had so many what happened at school/work stories I didn't even finish telling all of them. It was like I'd start one thing and then start talking about something else! I have to laugh at myself sometimes. My brain thinks a hell of a lot faster than my mouth can move! LOL!

Work is work. Same drama just with different people. I am not apart of any of it. YAY! My volunteer work at the outpatient clinic started and it requires me to dress business casual. All I can say about the experience is OMG!!!! There are 10 PT's there (including the one I met at orientation) a massage, occupational and speech therapist. The facility is great, the people are great, and it's a laid back relaxed type of vibe there. The few PT's that I got to shadow yesterday were so willing to teach me and tell me why they were doing what they were. Some even encouraged questions from me. In my mind all I could think of was that people are here all day and get PAID for it! I am so excited and it just gives me more fuel to study harder and get on top of my game.

One of the people I spoke with is trying to attend PA, physicians assistant, school and she was telling me that she applied to 6 schools last year and didn't make it in any of them. She tried again this year and is waiting for a call back this month from her 1st school of choice. It was a reality check for me. I only have my eyes on 2 schools. UNC and Duke, 2 NC schools that are very popular and very competitive to get into. There are some other schools like Elon and East Carolina that I could apply to but I am not as interested and others would require me to move. Sacrifice is a must but I don't want to give my place up unless I reeeeeeeeeeeally had to. My thinking at the moment is that I am going to apply to my 2 schools and see what happens. If neither says I can come then I'd sit a year out and increase my experience and knowledge. The men's b-ball athletic trainer is applying for UNC's PT program the same time I am and that scares me the death! This dude is a genius plus he's been a certified AT for 6 years. I can't compete with that.

Even with those things in mind, I won't stop going full speed towards my dream. I've come too far to let a few things hinder or slow me down.

Pooka has been great. She is a real help. I am thinking about taking her to see the Bee movie on Monday after work. Just to have some mommy/daughter time. I don't have to work Monday but I need to get ish done at work. My team got slammed with mad stuff so I gotta do my part and clear it out.

Since I've been dressed up for observing the AT or PT's a buzz around the job was that I was interviewing. I think it's funny! One day I came in looking extra nice and I was walking towards my supervisors office to FINALLY give her a copy of my new schedule for her to "review", she was walking out of her office and I stopped her to give her the paper. She asked me why I was so dolled up. I told her that I just got my hair done that weekend, which I did, and that I had to wear nice things to go with my nice hair then giggled. She said that she thought that I may have had something going on at school. Then a coworker chimes in and says that maybe I had an interview and my supervisor told her not to even play like that. Man, if she only knew my plans for the mid-end of the year. LOL! I keep talking about it cuz I can't wait to see how things pan out for me in the future.

With my New Years goals/resolutions/whatever I am going strong. I am very slowly, but surely making Ladynay a better Ladynay. I am proud of myself so far.


nikki said...

i'm proud of you too! YOU GO GIRL!

sounds like you had a really busy week. i am in awe of do school AND work AND the mommy thing. that is simply amazing to me.

sidenote: are there any cute male pts where you are or do they all look nasty?

Ladynay said...

You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

I've only met 6 of the 10 PT's and the 2 male ones (one latino/one native american) are not nasty looking, but I wouldn't call them cute either. Ight would be the best term. *shrug*

Freaky Deaky said...

Quit objectifyin' those men. Next thing I know you're going to be sexually harassing them and then Al & Jesse are going to put you on blast for being a horny perv. So are there any hot (I'm mean so hot it hurts) female PTs. LOL What?!

Stats teacher sounds like a boring math nerd assclown. BOO!!!

Shortie Bee Bop leaving is simply tragic. Do you know how long I've wished for a hot teacher with a tongue ring? Someone should be organizing a rally to make her stay.

Try not to kill any fish during your mommy/daughter time. :o(

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I'm proud for you too, girl!!!

"I've come too far to let a few things hinder or slow me down."....that's the way to think!

kasandra said...

I'm so glad I've come accros your blog. You inspire me so much to keep going for mines. Our career goals are different but our path and our journies are so similar. Keep on keeping on girl!!!!! I hope you and Pooka enjoy Bee movie. My son loved it. For a week or so after seeing it, all I heard was "pooh water, pooh water" when he took showers. ROFLMAO!!!!

Ladynay said...

Freaky, Ummm Jesse betta not say nathan about being a perv! Okay!

The answer remains the same as I gave Nikki. They not ugly, but I didn't break out the hateration either! LOL

Stats is boring, he tries to make jokes from time to time but they don't work.

Some folks want her to leave, they say she's lost her mind...literally. I don't see it. Yeah sometimes something we do (like 1/2 the class not doing the homework) would cause her to yell at the class for 5 minutes, but when she's done she's done and she moves on *shrug*

Imma kick you! We are not buying fish anytime soon! Grrrrrr

Southern, yeah positive thinking definitely helps.

Kasandra, we'll look back at these jobs we are at now and think bout all the stupid stuff we put up with and compare it to the stupid stuff we are currently putting up with! :-)

I won't ask about pooh water...NOPE!

The Goddess said...

Girl you are so busy these days, I don't know how you find time to blog. Go'on wit your bad self. Lol

I'm glad you had alternate arrangements for pooka, that damn stats teacher. *frown*

And you should be proud of yourself cause we all are. Go Girl!!!

Ladynay said...

I kinda like busy. I eat as much when I am busy and there is nothing wrong with that! :-)

YEAH! Damn him! *eyeroll* It's all good tho', things worked out in the end.


Teezie said...

You have said it right. YOU HAVE COME TO FAR TO LET THINGS HINDER/SLOW YOU DOWN NOW. Do what you have to do. Go girl. Keep up the good work! Onward and upward.

Don't worry about them menz get the job done. LOL But I would rather have eye candy to look at. LOL

blkbutterfly said...

this post made me smile. :-) i'm happy to read that things are going well for you in the new year!

as for the grad applications. i don't know how PT school is, but when i applied, i was advised to apply to at least 10. i applied to 5 and was good. those apps are too much money and there's no sense spending it on someplace you're not gung ho about.

E said...

You go girl....getting it all together...:-) Things will work itself out the way they were meant to.

deepnthought said...


You are the beezknees. Things are only going to get better for you. and when you become a pt, I will be happy to come to NC if I need pt services.

Ladynay said...

TZ, Onward and upward, that goes for both of us! *ding* We should have a graduation party together! Yeah, let me meditate on that! :-)

E, getting it together. That's what it's about.

DNT, my 1st patient and I don't even know what I'm doing yet! YAY! LOL

AR Gal said...

All your hardwork and determination is gonna pay off bigtime young lady! Just you wait and see.

Hope you and Lil Miss Pooka are having a fun time today!

Darius T. Williams said...

Well, that's what's up - I'm glad you're making you a better person.

Ladynay said...

Argal, I am hoping you're right again :-)

We had a great weekend thanks!

Darius, not like I have anything else to do :-P

LsbnMom said...

Ladynay, you know I dont mind. Anything! I do good to you just as you do good to me! We have to support each other! Thanks for lunch!

Ladynay said...

That's the golden rule, do onto others as you want done onto you...

Freaky Deaky said...

Does that count for freaky, nasty, and possibly illegal and immoral things (in certain parts of the country)? If so I may need to try this golden rule thingy out. As long as I don't have to be nice because we all know being nice makes me itch.

Ladynay said...

Yes it does count :-) as long as you want it done back to you!