Wednesday, January 23, 2008

School stuff

Work is work and school is looking better. My stat teacher cancelled class tonight! YAYYYYYYY! He is considering having us meet only on Monday nights after he already modified the original M,W,F night schedule to Mondays and Wednesdays. DOUBLE YAYYYYYYY!

Me and C (the girl I am doing my independent study with) was FINALLY told what we are doing for the class. We are doing a case study of the class....that's million page paper....just a case study! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! When she said that me and C looked at each other and was like "4 real?" I had to be clear so I asked Dr. P specific questions about what she wants and all she wants is a case study! C and I have witnesses of this conversation! LOL

The guy who teaches the Adapted Activities class C and I are observing is soooooo laid back and speaks slowly and calmly. There are only 4 students in the class so we are going to do a lot of one on one. There is a "plus sized" woman in the class and we made an unspoken deal to work together. This is gonna be soo cool! We work out in the schools wellness center every Monday and Wednesday which is a plus! This just helps me in my journey to make me a better me! I am so flipping happy right now! The only down is that we are going to do water aerobics once or twice this semester. I was sooooo not trying to get back in that pool! At least I don't have to do laps this time tho'! Woot woot!

Misc...My JAM at the moment is Rihanna's Don't stop the music! I've heard it 6 times total and every time I have to sway from side to side!


Freaky Deaky said...

I hope your witnesses aren't each other but other professors or better yet the Dean and a tape recorder. Hope she doesn't conveniently forget what she said.

So does this mean you're finally going to break out with the two piece thong in the swimming pool?

I sway from side to side whenever I see Rhianna. A few minutes later I usually have to change my boxers and wash my hands. What?!

kasandra said...

Freaky is crazy!!!! Yeah but you better get some more witnesses. Man I'm good with one class and I'm freaking out with the other class (programming)!!!! I'm gonna talk to my teacher and see if I can get a tutor. I just don't get it!!!

AR Gal said...

Haven't heard that new Rhianna song. I'm sure if I listen to the radio waves long enough, it will filtrate my ears. lol

Seems like you are going to have quite the easy semester this go round. Go You! I'll be waiting on that report card with straight A's. :-D

Ladynay said...

Yeah we have plenty of witnesses, even the teacher of the class.

Nah, I am getting in the pool naked. Screw the thong! *wink*

Ummmmm join the rest of the men worldwide. She wears less and less clothes by the day!

Kasandra, yeah girl go head and get that tutor early. I already know I am going to get one for physics II. Sometimes our brains can't process certain things so I feel you.

ARgal, here they play it on the mixed stations here. Yah know, where they play a bit of everything. They haven't started to play it on the st8 urban stations yet. I'll give it another week b4 the urban stations catch on.

I wouldn't say easy, but I would say easier than expected. :-)

Freaky Deaky said...

Oh yeah! Do you have one of those underwater cameras? If not I can get you one. The only thing better than booty is wet booty! What?!

Maybe I'm part Ferengi but I don't think hot women should be allowed to wear clothes anyway. At least when I'm looking at them. LOL Yeah, that's hot!

Ladynay said...

*smh* you are a mess!

BuddahDesmond said...

Sounds like you're going to have a good semester with less stress and no crazy professors. Don't you just love semesters like that?

I love Rihanna's "Don't Stop The Music." I've been rockin' to that for awhile now. Though I do wonder - would the song be as hot without the Michael Jackson sample? I think I downloaded it from iTunes the same time I downloaded "Shut Up and Drive." My other favorite song by Rihanna is "Breakin' Dishes."