Monday, January 07, 2008

So not ready...

Today is the first day of the spring semester for many of us crazy folks trying to get a degree. To day I am not ready is an understatement. I am not ready to drive to Durham, not ready to listen to people talk, not ready for homework, not ready to do a flipping thesis. Part of me is in denial that all this doesn't even start today. God, please please please let this semester seem to fly by.

The weekend was okay. Saturday I went to work for a few hours than went to Lsbnmom's to braid her girls hair. I was supposed to braid Pooka's but I never found the motivation to do so. The most interesting thing about being over there was Ladykat being there and the vibe being the same as before they broke up. At one point I had to ask if they got back together since it's been a bit since I've spoken to either one. It was said that they are not together. *shrug* When I got back home I decided to hook up the desktop I got for the holidays. It's not working properly so I have to get some local computer folks to look at it or take it to the computer store. Aunt Diva said it worked fine when she gave it to me. *shrug*

Sunday was clean up day. I am still not finished but I got a lot done. I am a pack rat type so I threw away a bunch of stuff yesterday just trying to make room for the other stuff I don't need but will find a reason to keep. For example, Pooka's shoe boxes. I've given the shoes away but kept the small sturdy boxes cuz I "could use them for something". Whatever! Trash!

I also got an unexpected phone call from a blogger. When they called the ID said private and I usually don't answer when I can't tell who's calling, but I am glad my gut said to pick up. The person asked for "Ladynay" which made one of my eyebrows go up cuz anyone who I give my number too has my government name as well. LOL! Anyways, I spoke to them a little and Pooka spoke to them a little and all went well. They were very entertaining. I also learned part of the reason why they do what they do with their blog. It's funny because they said that they were not a talker, but spoke for most of the convo! LOL I say the same thing about myself yet have a tendency to talk a lot to certain people! I mentioned to Snookums that I think I know how he may feel sometimes! LOL

To reward myself for a good day of sweat breaking cleaning I sat down and watched Trent Jackson's behind the scenes DVD. I was so not ready for that I mean really! LOL This dude showed his behind, literally, sung about eating coochie, getting his dance on in the store, bout to run over folks in his truck, taped himself while goes on and on. I only read the first 2 chapters of his second book so I'll have blog about that later, but the dvd is bananas! Something is wrong with that man! LOL

Well that's it. Not a very exciting first weekend of 08, but whatever. Academia, here I come! :-(


kasandra said...

Wow that's something that doesn't happen everyday...a blogger calling you. WOW!!! That's cool though. Who is Trent Jackson?

Darius T. Williams said...

Hmph - we all love Mr. Jackson, don't we? Well - school starts for me next week -I'm so not ready!

Ladynay said...

Yeah it was pretty cool. :-)

Trent's blog is on my roll to the right. He can tell you about himself better than I can.

Darius, yeah we do, cuz he crazy! LOL

I would LOVE to have an extra week! I am sitting at the computer lab at school at this very moment waiting for my 10 o'clock class wanting to scream!

Freaky Deaky said...

You should let me call you around 2 in the morning. I already got the lotion ready. What?! It's discrimination if you don't let me and I know you don't want to be known as one who discriminates. :o(

Yeah, I'm not ready for school to begin either. It's so not what I feel like being bothered with or want right now.

Ladynay said...

*gasp* Nasty! Just nasty! I don't want to hear bout on the ... with your... on my ... and in my ... then turning around so my ... can reach your ...!!!! That's just GROSS!

Yeah we are in the same boat. *sigh*

Freaky Deaky said...

You're going to quit using my tease response. It was never meant to be used against me. Never.

I have half a mind to make you stand in a corner bottomless while...until I...all over that...while eating a double cheeseburger. LOL

Ladynay said...

What tease response? I don't know what your talking about!*angel smile*

Can a sista get a double cheeseburger? Dang?

AR Gal said...

In the grand scheme of things, another semester just means one less you have to deal with after it's over but ummmm yeah it still sucks trying to get back in the groove. I need to take my lazy tail back *sigh* One day.....

Tasha said...

That's cool having a blogger call you. I still haven't gotten around to contacting bloggers in "real life". I know going back to school is rough, but you're getting closer to being done :)

The Goddess said...

I have no idea who Trent is, but I'm going to have to check out the dvd. Sounds entertaining.

Lol at you and the shoe boxes. Sounds like my Hubby.

I'm sure school will fly by and you'll be done before you know it.

WrkNProgress said...

I am not ready to be working either, however things are looking much better then they were.

Don't ya just hate chatter boxes? Lol, I myself tend to chat away in the beginning and then when folks get the real me (Not so talkative girl) they think I'm mad, Oh well. That blogger must have been really comfortable with you and pooka.

Hopefully the weeks gets easier for you.

Oh My @ freaky Deak.

Ladynay said...

Argal, I know I know. I am just not as excited and pumped like I usually am. You'll go back when your ready.

Tasha, getting to know the people behind the comments can be fun...sometimes. LOL

I hear you, but don't want too! :-(

Goddess, he's a mess!

YAY @ hubby, you'll always have a container to put whatever you got into it. :-) HAHAHAHAHA!

WNP, oh yeah work can get the boot too! I've been here an hour and haven't done much! Bad sign! LOL

That's great if they felt that way cuz the southern girl part of me wants everyone to feel comfy around me. :-)

The closer to Friday I get, the better the week will be!

Freaky Deaky said...

Wha'cha trying to do to earn a double cheeseburger? I can't just give away that dollar menu goodness to every chick that asks.

Ladynay said...

You'd like it, that's all I'll say!