Thursday, January 03, 2008

The year of transition

That's my 2008. I've blogged it before but this is the year many important changes will happen in my life. Well of course if things go down the way I think they will. I've rearranged how my finances (partially cuz I wanted to, partially cuz I had to), took on a few things, let go of a few things, made some grown woman decisions about other things. Man I hate being an adult sometimes.

From the last time I blogged only 2 bad things happened: my insurance assistance ended and my grandmothers companion died. *sigh* Hopefully with my moving my money around and getting more info about my work insurance I can take advantage of things before I leave my position. With my grandmother losing a husband and her companion (who she started seeing after my grandfather passed) in less than a year and a half, she is not in the best of spirits and that hurts me. My aunt told me that she called her the day after her companion died in tears! That is a big deal because my grandmother never really breaks down like that! NEVER! Next subject....

As far as my vacation goes, I spent 85% of it sleeping, 14% eating, and 1% being out and about. So I don't have very much to blog about. YAY!

When my phone leaves NC it acts crazy so many times I was not able to respond to calls or text messages. So if someone, like HoneyLibra, sent me a text and I didn't respond till like 3 days later. The main reason was my phone the other reason was I was sleep! LOL

Santa was very good to Pooka and I this year! I got my desktop computer updated and back, a camcorder/digi cam/mp3/recorder/whatever type contraption, a real Louis Vuitton purse (now I can put down the knock off I've been sporting), a thick long sweater and 2 regular sweaters that are being put to use ALL this week cuz the hawk has arrived! It SNOWED for like 15 minutes yesterday! OMG! LOL I got all that and some normal odds and ends.

Pooka got a computer. Her father was going to give it to me since he knew my laptop is dying out, but since I got my other desktop back the one he had went to Pooka. He also gave her an old cell phone of his. There is no service on it, but it's a nice phone. Way better than my accent cell! She better be lucky I can't use that phone! LOL Outside of that Santa brought Pooka one of everything in his shop! She even got 2 of the exact same toy! I just got rid of a bunch of toys just to have more come in! Many of her gifts make noise. *eyeroll* I am already considering throwing the keyboard out the window! The only thing holding me back is that it's a pretty nice keyboard. Guess I need to brush off the musical side of my brain and show her how to play it.

Part of the 1% of being out and about consisted of watching Will Smith do modified chin ups with no shirt on in I AM LEGEND. I can't tell you what the rest of the movie was about! LOL Sike nah, it was alright. Didn't quite live up the reviews and opinions I heard before going to see it.

I thoroughly despise the fact that I am no longer in the presence of those I care about. I am still not feeling the reality that my normal day to day life has recommenced. When I got back my whole face turned when Pooka looked up at me and told me she was hungry and I couldn't tell her to go downstairs and have grandma fix you a plate. I don't want to be back here in this office. I don't want to go back to school Monday. I just wanna go back to sleep and wake up long enough for Maury to tell that girl that none of the 10 men on stage are the baby father! LOL

I had my complete physical done yesterday (which I currently have to pay for out of pocket 100% grrrrrrrrr) and for the first time the nurses actually listened to the advice I gave about how to handle me! It was great! The not so great part was during the pap the chick kept moving and probing the spectrum I think they call it all up and around my insides trying to find my cervix. According to her I have a very tiny cervix! I know TMI but at least something about me is tiny! YAY! LOL In my head I was thinking if she kept probing me I was gonna cum in her face! LOL I mean she already gave me the breast exam and all that nonsence, why not finish me off right? LOL Okay I am going to stop! Mainly cuz I have to get some stuff done within the next half hour!

Welcome to 2008!


Liryc said...

sounds like you had yourself an eventful Christmas and new year. I am sorry to hear about your grandmothers loss.. I pray that she's better.

As for those doc visits.. Ugh I dread them, mainly because my doc is so rough, you would think she'd be more sensitive to those sensitive area's since she's a woman, but contrary to my belief she's rough. I'll be reading this year! Ttyls

kasandra said...

Welcome back and I'm sorry about your granny's loss. My prayers go out to her and the fam.

Girl you are a freaking trip. I was ROFLMAO about the pap and your cervix being crazzzzy!!!!!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother's friend.

My child got so many toys from other people that make noise. He got a keyboard too with a microphone. You can't tell my baby he can't sing. Plus he got a drum making machine. Then he likes to both at the same time.

Ladynay said...

I swore I responded to this already! ROFL

Liryc, thanks. My grandmother is a strong woman. Everybody, even the strong have things that are just too much for them to deal with at the moment.She will be fine. I know it.

Yah think! They know what it's like to get a pap smear so you'd think they'd be nicer to you! ROFL

Thanks for deciding to read me in the 08 :-D

Kasandra, thanks she will be okay.

It's the craziness that keeps me sane :-)

Southern, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh Pooka's has a mic too! I was blessed enough not to have to deal with a drum machine this go around. lol

O likes to multitask! Leave him alone! tee hee hee

Freaky Deaky said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother's loss. That's a very short time to lose two people close to you.

You should've skeeted all up in her face, video taped it on your new recorder thing, and then e-mailed it to me. :o( You need to think about others every now and then. I'm just saying.

When you're done teaching Pooka how to play the keyboard can you teach me? I have two doing nothing but collecting dust.

Hope you don't have any big babies.

Happy New Year!!!

Ladynay said...

Yeah it is. She is in good spirits today thank goodness.

She was busy feeling my uterus so I don't think I could have got a good shot. I'll think about getting you some footage nexxxt year. LOL

I feel yah, I got a couple of instruments myself with dust bunnies all over them. :-(

If what the chick from yesterday says is true, they are going to be cutting babies out of me anyway so size don't really matter in that regard *sigh*

Darius T. Williams said...

Hmph - so Santa was good to you, huh? Well, me too. Sorry to hear about Grammsy's companion! As well, um...I hear ya on that vacation. I have 4 days I have to take...why do I think I'll be doing nothing but sleeping too.

Eb the Celeb said...

I still havent seen I am legend... been getting very mixed reviews about it... some people love it and some people said it was a complete waste of time. I was just going to wait for the DVD but I dont know if I can wait that long to see the scene you described with

Ladynay said...

Darius, I swear sometimes the greating thing to do in the world is NOTHING! LOL Enjoy your vacation whenever you decide to take it and whatever you choose to do.

Eb, my 2 cents is to wait for the DVD. Yes, the chest was hard and shiny but it can still wait. LOL!

blkbutterfly said...

i got into a hour long debate w/ a friend who loved I Am Legend. i'm with you, it was just so-so.

also, i'm in something of a denial that my break is almost over. i say somewhat i came to school today to get some things done. come Monday, ready or not, my students will be here!

i hate those doctor visits too. i found a really good doctor right before i left ATL. :-(

Ladynay said...

An hour long debate? Really? Wow!

Giiiiiiiiiiirl I am still on vacation mode. I have done maybe 4 hours of real work since I've been back Wednesday! ROFL I am going to be on the ball come Monday so I'll be working withcha next week! :-(

Doesn't everything work like that? Jeez!

The Goddess said...

Sounds like someone had a VERY Merry X-mas.

Poor Grandma! I'm so sorry to hear about her loss. She's in my prayers. It's so hard when those that are SO strong break down like that.

Sounds like Pooka cleaned up. Thank goodness you cleaned out some of the old stuff to make room for the new stuff.

Girl I am LMAO at you and your physical. "finish me off right?" That's some funny ish!!!!! LMAO!

Minerva Exertion said...

Greetings Ladynay from Charlotte! I stumbled across your blog several months ago, but now I have found you again!!! Yippeeee!

Anyway, I am so sorry about your grandma's loss.

I think I'll wait for the I Am Legend dvd. I thought it was overrated before it was released.

LMBAO at the pap smear. I don't like it when I hear the cranking noise. All that winding. What does my dr. think I am??? A wind-up toy coochie soldier???

Ladynay said...

Goddess, she is cool. She opted out of the funeral tomorrow.

I did not clean out her toys to replace them!!!!! I am glad my child is fortunate to get things but DAMN! LOL

Come on Goddess, I was basically naked (the paper stuff don't count)and she felt up my breast, stuck me with a long object, then literally rubbed my uterus with her finger! Getting me off was the LEAST she could have done! ROFL Oh and let's not forget I am paying for this! LOL

M-E, Queen City in the house! Thanks for making a comment this go around. I don't have sitemeter or nothing of the like so if you don't say nothing I won't know you were here.

Thanks and good choice IMO.

I am going to act like I didn't read the coochie part! ROFL!

The Mistress said...

Great, now I have flashbacks from my last pap.

Thanks a lot!

Missed reading a load of catching up to do for realz...

Hope your grandma makes it thru this rough time...hugs to her.

Ladynay said...

Your welcome, anytime! :-)

You haven't missed anything.

Thanks, she's missing him and my grandfather a lot.