Thursday, February 07, 2008

My day so far...

I wish I thought of this idea as soon as I woke up but I didn't so maybe I'll do a post like this again from the very begining the next time. :-) Just so you know, yeah, I love my camera! LOL!

This is me at a stop light this morning dropping Pooka off at daycare. If you know me well you will notice something strange with this picture. The strange thing is I have on a watch. I haven't worn a watch in forever! LOL! My sweetie got tired of me asking him what time it was all the time and decided I needed a watch! YAY!

This is at the dentist office. I don't know much I've blogged about this but I have already maxed out my insurance for the year fooling with these folks! Yeah I know it's still the begining of the year! *smh*

We are still at the dentist. The pic is small but on the screen is the xray of my tooth where the old as dirt filling came out. My dentist was shocked I wasn't in agony by the size of the whole. Guess I shouldn't be sucking on gummies right now huh? LOL

After the dentist it was off to drop off the van at the dealership. They were nice folks. In the middle of the guy typing up my ticket someone messed with the breaker or something and everything went down for a moment. No big deal. I wasn't in a rush to get to work anyways. After things were taken care of on my part I was courtesy shuttled across the street to the rental car company.

Took care of business and drove back across the street for breakfast. Ummmmmmm cheese paper!

Here's my ride for the next 24 hours. It's a black Ford Focus. It'll do. I got a great rate and the staff was nice there as well. I wanted to take pics of folks so my blog entry wouldn't be all stuff, but I didn't want to explain what I was doing. LOL You should've really seen Daryl, the dude who helped me rent the car. Yummy, just yummy! Hope he's there tomorrow when I turn it back in!

Now I am in my dungon, aka office, wishing I had me one of these...

A mocha mudslide from Ruby Tuesdays. I took this when Pooka and I went last week or whenever that was. Like I was told, it was indeed tasty, it just didn't come in a big enough glass! LOL!

Well let me start working. The only thing left is to go to the clinic at 3:30, pick the kid up and go home. I may add pix of that but I doubt it. Hope your day was more fun than mine so far!


kasandra said...

Man that mudslide looks very very tasty!!!!! You gotta get a pic of dude if he's there when you drop off the ride, mmmmk???!!!

Freaky Deaky said...

That's odd. It's been awhile but my Mudslide came in a different kind of glass and my glass was bigger. I'll have to go back and see if that's still the case one of these days.

You love cheese paper too? What was the sandwich you were eating?

Since you're taking all of those pics how bout you send me some thong pics. :oD

I vote that you take pictures of female co-workers and students with big booties. What?!

Ladynay said...

It was chicka, it was! I'll see what I can do about the pic. I don't want to have to explain why I want it, just like how I was this morning! LOL

FD, they either flipped the script, I got the wrong thing, or you got your restaurants mixed up. *shrug*

Yep! Sure do! It was a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. 2 4 2 @ the arches.

I'll send you some thong pix when you send me some *grin*

I'll make sure to get the flattest of flat booties for you. ROFL!

JayBee said...

all those pictures and not a single one of yourself or pooka.

Freaky Deaky said...

Trust me as few restaurants I go to and actually like it was Ruby Tuesdays. Guess they changed it. Did yours come with any malt balls?

How bout you first and me never? LOL

That's just being mean for no damn reason. :o( If I wanted to see pancakes I'd go to IHOP. BOOOOO!

AR Gal said...

I liked this post! I may have to steal this idea from you, lol.

Ladynay said...

Jaybee, if I wanted to be extremely technical I could say that both Pooka and I are shown in this blog entry. LOL

Argal, that would be cool. I think I am going to do it again when I have a lot to do that day

blkbutterfly said...

i'm the same way w/ watches. i always carry my cell phone, otherwise i'd be lost. i don't like the watches and rings feel on my hands. that's why i never wear them.

i'm scared to go to the dentist. i know i need to, but after my last painful and very expensive visit, i can't do it.

one thing that kills me about taking your car to the dealership for something under warranty is having to pay for the damn rental car. something about that burns me up.

Ladynay said...

I feel you on the jewelry thing.

After this year I may slow my roll with the dentist. I am getting all the really expensive stuff done now while I still have decent dental coverage so when I leave my job all I should need is cleanings.

Rental cars fees SUCK!