Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Today is a much better day just like I knew it would. I am back to what is considered normal for me. The emails I got were inspirational and appreciated. My father called me to ask me for my physical address Sunday. I haven't called to give it to him. I don't know if I want to give it to him AGAIN. What if this time he does take me up on my offer? It messed with me just seeing him for a few moments Sunday so do I really wanna go through that again and more? Right now I say no. But there is a part of me that says "what if he is going to try this time, for real?" Then I have to blame myself for not giving him my address. But if I do and he does what he normally does, which is nothing, it'll just lower him even more to me. Whatever, like I said, right now, I don't feel like calling him back.

Had a feeling I was going to lose my relationship with Snookums yesterday. It was the classic what I/you said not equaling what you/I heard mixed with a trust issue. Everyone knows if you don't have honesty, trust, and communication no type of relationship (not just couple type) will function very long so I had to do something. I bounced the situation off of Lsbnmom and she basically said that all I could do was wait for his response to mine and prepare for the worst. In doing that I got inpatient and called to see where we stood. We're okay. We didn't have a long and in depth convo about it like I thought we would, but I guess it happened like it was supposed to. *shrug*

Mommy sent Pooka some money to buy some videos for Valentine's Day. Pooka picked up some and I picked up 2 classic cartoon DVD's with Betty Boop, Felix, Casper, Mighty Mouse, Woody Woodpecker, Popeye, and folks of the like on them. Can't wait to watch 'em this weekend.

As far as my van goes I am blessed. I found a guy to fix my van and brought the parts for him to do so. Long story short. The system that is malfunctioning in the van is under a lifetime warranty which means I can take it to the dealership that's very close to my job and have it fixed FOR FREE! When I took it down there the guy told me about some recalls on my van that they are going to fix FOR FREE too! I love that FREE word I swear I do! LOL I am turning the van in Thursday morning and hopefully they can have it fixed before it's time for me to leave for the clinic. Between the tune up I got Sunday, the free stuff Thursday, and the oil change coming this Sunday my van will think it's a week long birthday celebration!

My state tax check deposited. Even though it wasn't a ton of money, between my paycheck and the tax check I feel like I am balling! LOL The money is spent already but it was still nice to hear the automated lady tell me how much I had in my account! :-)

Today is my cousins birthday. My cousin who's the closest thing to a blood brother I have, yeah him. He doesn't read my blog (I don't think) and his cell is currently not in service. So I can just wish him a happy birthday and hope that he has a great time doing whatever he is going to do to celebrate. Unless he's hanging with the wife, I'll put money on it that he will be smoked out and drunk with the fellas. *shm* God bless him. LOL!


kasandra said...

Glad to hear your feeling betta. Glad to hear that you and Snookums are ok. Just glad to hear positive things....especially about the FREE things happening to your van. Man that's a blessing and a half!!!!!

I think your doing the right thing and taking your time with your father. Who wants to be set up for hurt again? If he wants to be in your life, he should fight harder.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Free is my favorite word.

Glad you are feeling much better. I forgot about Valentine's Day. It's right around the corner.

Ladynay said...

Girllllllllllll I don't even know how much the repairs would have been if it wasn't for the warranty or recall! I don't wanna know!

Southern, free, clearance, sale, percentage off, all things of that nature is music to my ears! :-)

Yeah, it is around the corner. I can't wait for all the chocolate and valentine's candy to be on clearance 2/15! LOL

Freaky Deaky said...

Glad today is better for you. Take things slow with your father and don't invest too much emotionally. It's not just you being set up for disappointment and rejection but Pooka too. Have you ever tried writing him a letter and expressing how you feel?

Did you share some of your DVD gains with your readers, well more importantly and specifically, with me? If not then I'm just disappointed. SMH

Ladynay said...

Freaky, never thought about the letter thing. It would be mean spirited right now so I'd rather wait till I am more in a "whatever" mood to write it. Besides, I don't know his mailing address.

We got my 2 old school cartoons, Over the Hedge, Shrek 2, Madagascar (sp), Open Season, Something with Spongebob, Wallace and Grimmach (?), and I brought an old school wrestling dvd for Snookums. I don't think I left anything out. My next dvd buys will be R rated and maybe and X or higher rated, depends on how the wind blows.

Darius T. Williams said...

I know how you feel about them tax dollars - lol.

deepnthought said...

glad to see you are feeling better. yayyyyyyyy for dvd's. I like betty boop. Madagascar is my fave.

Ladynay said...

Darius, I'm not balling but it's all good! LOL

DNT, I have seen bits and pieces of Madagascar. I may sit and watch the whole thing this weekend.

AR Gal said...

What a difference a day makes huh? I can feel your good energy through the screen. :-) Okay, not really but I'll just take your word for it, that you doing better. YAY!!

Anything free is the cat's meow!! What a relief that must be?!

Have fun watching your dvd's this weekend!