Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Ms. Minerva Excertion (yeah I messed it up but you know I'm talking 'bout you) email me at . Thanks! Anyone else can email me to if yah wanna say hi or something :-) Now back to the post.

Nothings going on. I'm chilling. Pooka's chilling. Snookums' chilling. Mommy and 'em are chilling. Everything is calm and shall I say it...chill. It's great and by no means am I complaining, but it's kinda scary. There is nothing but good or normal news crossing me about me. My friends and associates have drama and stuff going on, but not me.

Maybe I'll do something exciting in MD this weekend.*shrug*

Oh yeah, how about last night I tried on some of my shorts cuz I have to wear shorts and a...*shudder* tank top for class today. Let's just say I'm having a salad for lunch and will work extra hard in the gym with my independent study class. Too many pairs that fit nice last shorts season fit a bit too well now! LOL!


Big chips made an attempt to ask me for money again. As soon she came in my office and started to close my door I beat her to the punch and told her I was broke. She got kinda offended from her facial expression, but we both knew what was coming. She played it off and laughed talking about how she can't wait till her taxes came in or something or another about taxes as she walked back out.

Granted, when she does come to me first thing in the morning it's usually to ask if I want to run up the street and get breakfast for us on her dime (I still have no clue why she don't get breakfast before she comes in and doesn't want to drive to get her own lunch) and every now again I may take her up on her offer. But when I saw that door closing I knew it was more than a breakfast run request.

*begin mini rant*

Normally, if I had it and you NEED it, like the first time you asked me cuz one your last pair of contacts got split first thing in the morning, it's yours. You couldn't work if you couldn't see and sometimes you don't have money in reserve for the unexpected. Now looking back on it I should not have gave it to you then! That's what backup glasses are for! But I don't have it, not for you. I am not broke, but I am sure I don't have the amount you were about to ask me for and I am not bout to dip into my MD travel money for you. I don't understand why you or anyone else think I have money like that. I've ranted on my blog about you and this situation at least twice that I recall and I still feel the same. You are not my blood, my man, or one of my close friends to be asking me for an amount of money large enough for you to want to shut my door. I get paid the same day you do and until recently made the same thing you do. I don't know what your life takes from your check but believe me I have my fair share of things I need to take care of too!

I really need to find a professional way to tell you not to ask me for nothing more than lunch money ever again.

*end mini rant*


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Milk is chilling, what more can i say top billin = lol

Ladynay said...

Great now that song's gonna be in my head all morning!

Freaky Deaky said...

[Comes into your office with a serious look on my face and closes the door.]

Dear Ladynay,

Hey, how you doing? I accidentally destroyed my porno collection (in a tragic and traumatic fashion) and need some money to replace it. It's a cold world and I can't really function in it without murdering millions of knuckle babies daily. I need some type of aid & supplies and that costs money. Can I get a loan to purchase some new ding-ding movies and partake in some professional phone boning sessions?

Thanks in advance,

Freaky Deaky

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

LOL @ Freaky.

Isn't Big Chips with child?

Some people have no shame. Let her know you don't have money to lend out to anyone and she can save herself from asking you.

She saw your new car and a lightbulb went off in her head. LOL

Ladynay said...

Dear Freaky,

Hell no.



Southern, Nah Slim Shady is the preggo coworker. Big Chips is the one that lies all the time and asks me for large amounts of money periodically.

Like I told some folks before. Me having Mia means I have a car note to tend to every month so I have even less money! LOL

AR Gal said...

Southerngal I was thinking the same thing!

Doesn't she know you have another bill to pay now? UGH! Folks really kill me. Please tell her to get somewhere and sit the hell down.

Kasandra said...

Damn she is really big of herself!!! I couldn't even ask my MOTHER for large amounts of money, let alone a...a.....a co-worker!!!??? WTF? I think you really need to give her a reality check fo reals!!!

Ladynay said...

Can't say it like that Argal! LOL

Kasandra, this isn't the first time and I'll find a way to tell her I can't help her that way.

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