Monday, March 17, 2008

You better do it Nay!

So after my independent study class I went upstairs to ask Dr. P when I could reschedule since the lovely system is still not up. *sigh* When you open the door to enter the second floor there was 3 long laminated posters. They were about the Honors Convocation, the 3.0-3.99 and the 4.0 folks for the fall and spring 07 semesters. I told myself I'd take a look at it when I was done with Dr. P.

I set up my appointment for next Monday and mosey on down to the posters. Of course I search for my name. In doing so 3 of my ex-classmates came by and was taking a gander at the posters with me. I found my name and saw a star by it. I started looking for the key that told you what the star meant. While I was looking, one of my classmates said...

"You better do it Nay"

I asked her what she was talking about. She pointed out to me that the poster that she was in front of had my name listed as the person with the highest GPA in my major for my class!

"Damn, I didn't know that" really I didn't. I mean I knew I was in the top 15% but Dang!

You'd think they'd send me a letter or something to tell me things like this!

I am on a sweet academic roll right now! I have to say right now cuz I don't know what Physics II is going to do to all that top of the class stuff!

I am dreaming!


Freaky Deaky said...

Congratulations smarty pants! Now you can come up to MI and do my work. I believe in you. [Flashes my brick.] You better do it Nay! :oD

Sucks that the system isn't up. Hopefully, every class you need will be open and waiting for you to register.

AR Gal said...

Do we have a valedictorian in our midst? Hmmmmm, my spidey senses are tinglin something fierce!!

Keep up the good work!

E said...

Lord...Physics was my downfall in college. So hang in there with Physics II. I always did better in the lab, though..:-)

Congratulations on making it at The Top Of The Charts..:-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations with your smart azz! LOL

Ladynay said...

I barely want to do MY work Freaky, so that brick doesn't inspire me to do nathan!

The classes I need won't fill up quick, it's just that I am impatient. Depending on how the schedule is layed out, I may not graduate till May 09.

Argal, no valedictorian here. I have decent grades but there are folks with 4.0's floating around and I think the valedictorian is the person with the highest GPA in the entire class, not just the major.

E, you and me both. I really wish Physics was completely behind me. The labs are fun, the write ups....mmmmm not so much! LOL

I wonder how long I'll stay at the top.

Southern, that's the thing. I am not really all that smart (I am not dumb either)! I know how to give my teachers what they want, on time, and presented well. That's all.

Thanks tho':-)

kasandra said...

Look at her trying to be all humble!!! j/k. LOL!!!

Ladynay said...

LOL, hush! I know folks that only made it through high school that will make me look super slow and making mad LEGAL money right this very moments and folks with better GPA's than mine. That's not being humble, that's being real! LOL

M-Dubb said...

What? Nay's the top of the top?


Ladynay said...

Shole liz! ROFL! Ain't that sumtin'?