Friday, March 07, 2008

GRE among other things

I knew I had to take this test, but up until Wednesday night I wasn't thinking about it too much. Long story short, the lady who helps me with my papers in the writing studio basically said I needed to step my game up and take this test seriously. She told me preparing for this test should be like another class. She also told me that I should have taken it twice by this time in my college career. Oops! LOL So anyways, if you read my blog and I break out some odd word that you don't think would normally come out of me, it's cuz I'm trying to up my vocabulary. Some say the best way to learn a word is to use it in context so that's what I am going to do. Well at least try to. I prefer my stuff simple. :-)

She also reviewed my resume she asked me what else have I been doing. WHAT ELSE? I have filled my plate to capacity and you asking me if there is anything else? You gotta be kidding me! I'm 90% done with my resume. I did give a copy of it to a therapist that is writing a recommendation letter for me so it's done enough for that. However, I am not fully confident and comfortable in it to give it to a potential employer. I want it fine tuned a bit more.

Yesterday I started at the orthopedic clinic. I LOVE it! Like the hospitals outpatient clinic, I hated to leave.

After class today my spring break begins! YAY! I need to tell my supervisor that I'm taking a mini break from work too! Not the whole week, but time off none the less. It's not really a good time to take off work but this is the only extended time I have off school anytime soon, so if I am going to do it, now is the time.

I refinanced my car. Good stuff. I've actually drove the car all day yesterday and it was kinda cool. The weather was wonderful and being out and about in it just made the car seem to drive even better.

How many times will I say I want to leave my current job? Hmmmmm I've lasted 6 years (including temp time) and I'm having the hardest time lasting these last 5 months. My mind changes constantly, but I think my last day will be the end of July. I may do it on my birthday *shrug*.

I don't like the Jay-Z/Mary J song.

Just like cable or satellite for the tube, satellite radio has a ton of additional channels yet there are times when there is nothing playing that I want to hear. I will admit that the drastic cut down of commercials is very nice.

Have a nice weekend despite the loss of an hour.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Its not a hard test, im sure u will do well

Freaky Deaky said...

Only perfectionists and people who don't do well on tests should expect to take tests a kajillion times.

Yeah, they really need to quit messing with day light savings time. The new dates are just annoying.

Go spring break! Will you be in a thong frolicking on a beach somewhere? If so then you know the e-mail, send pictures.

[In stereotype slave voice.] You ain't neva leavin' yo job Ladynay! Neva! [/slave voice]

Now that you have all this extra money can I get a dollar? Please? I'll be your friend.

Yep, satellite radio is just like cable. Lots of channels but sometimes there's just nothing on.

Ladynay said...

YOU saying that it's not a hard test means NADA! You know that right Torrance! ROFL!

Freaky, I don't plan on taking it more than 2ce, if that many.

I like the fall back, not the spring forward.

Nope, no beach...maybe a thong tho *wink*

Imiz leavin' dis hur job!

Yeah, I guess you can have a dollar. But that's all you get!


blkbutterfly said...

ah, the GRE... it's been over 4 years since i had to take it. i found the math part hard, but that's b/c i sucked at geometry and there's a lot of that on there. i wish i'd taken the test more than once, but only b/c my math score was so low. at any rate, i'm sure you'll do fine.

hooray for spring break! enjoy your time off. :-)

AR Gal said...

I had forgotten about moving the clocks forward until I saw an email I received from one of my friends. Didn't we just push them back last month? Sure in the hell feels like it. I'ont like folks messing with my sleep patterns! lol

I hate redoing my resume. I usually just keep copies of my job description from previous jobs and take it from there. If it were left up to me, I would probably have nothing worthwhile under each position. lol

I know you are loving that new car! How is the new car smell holdin up?

Ladynay said...

BB, Everything on the test is hard for me! There's no anatomy on there is it? ROFL!

Argal, my mom told me last night that's how I knew :-) Still don't get why we have to change times forward or backwards now a days.

I never really HAD to have a real resume until recently.

Mia's still smelling new :-)

deepnthought said...

you will ace the gre. You know that. Now, I hate to admit it, but I took it three times. dont ask. First time my head just wasnt there. I know you will do fine.

E said...'re just me. I've been plotting to leave mine for the last three years...*LOL*. But the raise you got definitely should help you stick it out.

And definitely take that time off. It's well deserved.

M-Dubb said...

You refinanced? ALREADY?