Monday, March 03, 2008

Random on 3/3/08

Yesterday I was officially inducted to the Honour Society. At the last mintute I kinda wanted people to be there, but everyone had their life going on. It was boring anyways and the chicken they had afterwards was dry. I'll focus invites on my graduation. That's more important anyways.

Speaking of invites, some classmates of mine thought I was crazy for not planning to send invites for my graduation or buying a class ring. As long as my momma and 'em know when and where to be on that day I'm good. Knowing my momma she gonna call everyone and tell them what the deal is anyways, so why buy or make invites? LOL! I don't wear jewelry that much so again, why pay for a ring I won't wear? The only ring I wore consistantly was my engagement ring. That's about it! LOL

A certain (ex)blogger is newly engaged! YAY!

Today, 3/3/08, makes one year to the day of my first (technically 2nd) appointment to see Jey my loctician. The first one was a week or 2 prior to help me with the locks I tried to start on my own. After washing my hair and looking at what I attempted to do. She told me what my hair would probably look like later and basically asked me what I wanted to do. Once I told her, her suggestion was to start over and to come back with my 'fro on the third. Thank God that I did cuz I am loving my shake and go right about now! LOL

Spring break is next week. I took a few days off of work too so for a few days I won't have nothing to do while Pooka is at school. I CAN'T WAIT! I plan to be away from everything except my car, bed, and kitchen. I wonder how long I can stay in my pj's? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I need to increase my social circle. The mother of Pooka's classmate was doing the social thing and gave me her number. I think she is a single parent too and she lives near by. We plan to get the kids together for a playdate of sorts since there are not many kids Pooka's age on my street and the same for her. Pooka's classmate asked me if she could spend the night. I don't have a problem with that if it's a slumber party type situation. I know they are young but I am not going to send my daughter over some little boys house by herself. If there is a few kids that means there is a chance someone else can be the patient when they play doctor...feel me? LOL

Some people are fortunate enough to have met and interacted with their true love. I am not one of those fortunate folks, but Snookums is. Their relationship ended suddenly years ago and she just kinda dissappeared off the earth. He didn't have an explaination or anything. Just BOOM...gone. This weekend I offered to use some things I have access to to help him find her. It may seem odd that I would offer something that could hurt me in the end, but if you knew you could possibly make the life of someone who has hurt so much and that you care about better and brighter, it would be wrong and selfish of me not to at the very least offer to do anything.

Starting Thursday I will be doing an hour a week at an orthopedic clinic. I haven't stopped at the outpatient clinic and don't plan to until April when the semester is done. It just that things came a bit earlier than expected. The aide at the outpatient clinic didn't sound too excited about her interview last week. She said that they would tell them by the end of the week what the results are good or bad. I still have my fingers crossed she made it in so I can have her job. But you never know. If she stays then I would have already put my foot in the door of the orthopedic clinic. Oddly enough because of the hour slot that I preferred, I get to shadow with the supervisor over there! Guess it's time to pull out the killer smile :-D Maybe it will keep her from looking at my belly. The orthopedic clinic has a much stricter dress code which includes a solid color polo shirt TUCKED IN to some khakis. Being the woman of size I am I never really wear shirts tucked in. But hey, I gotta do what I gotta do. Guess I need to find my good and strong pair of girdle panties! ROFL!

The apartment complex installed to shower and faucet heads in the kitchen and bathrooms. I like 'em. The shower heads are the ones you can adjust so it can do a light rain on one end of the spectrum, then have 3 strong beams of water on the other. Good stuff.

I went to the laundrymat with all my clean wet clothes. In the second time going to this particular place I noticed that it was like 80-90% men. The place is in an Hispanic strip mall so it was 80-90% Hispanic men. In my head I was like "okay so Maria don't wash clothes." Or maybe Jose is single and has no choice but to wash his own draws. *shrug* I am not big on gender roles and what the man or womans job is, but it's always and interesting site to see a man washing, drying, and folding clothes.

My cousin who was pregnant with the twins had her babies on 2/29! Leap year babies! YAY! More cousins for me! I am going to wait until they get some more weight on their bodies and their immune system is stronger before Pooka and I go down there and play with them. The girl was 4lbs and the boy was 4lbs 3oz. Awwwwwwwwwww so very tiny! YAY!


Darius T. Williams said...

Congrats on the Honour Society induction...I know how it feels.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

congrats on the honor and the little one, u gone spoil any baby i know u , and dred rasta lol

Freaky Deaky said...

Congrats on the induction. Did they wear those creepy robes and slaughter a goat on their alter?

I don't wear a lot of jewelry either but I have a class ring. I may get another when I graduate. Then again I might use the money on cheap liquor and strippers with stretch marks and bullet wounds. Yeah, that's ghetto hot.

[Record scratching] Um you were engaged? I've read every post and either you didn't blog about that or my early Alzheimer's is returning. What's up with that? I don't go under the desk for engaged chicks. Well, I do but it costs more and I cry in the shower to 80s power ballads afterwards, as I wash off my shame.

You know when they're playing doctor one of the doctors may refer Pooka to a special so it's possible all the kids may see more than one doctor. What?! I'm just saying. Playing doctor has changed since you last played.

You know that means you only have to get the cousins a present once every four years right? I want at least one leap year baby. It'll save a lot of money. :oD Congrats on the new baby cousins. Hopefully you'll see them before they lose the new baby smell. Then again isn't new baby smell technically...ah never mind. LOL

Ladynay said...

Thanks Darius!

Torrance, thanks! Of course they're gonna get spoiled, by me and everyone else! That's our job! LOL Spoil 'em and give 'em back to their parents!

Freaky, Nope no robe, no goat. Sorry! LOL

Ummmm yeah have fun with all that ghetto hotness!

I was engaged and unengaged to Pooka's father before my blog started so there are no entries up here talking about it.

Great, now she can't go anywhere! :-( Oh well.

You're foul! LOL! And new babies don't smell like bloody stretched out...body parts! They smell like baby oil, baby powder, and Dreft!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Congrats on the induction.

I'm like you. Why waste money on invitations. You tell mama and mama will be the invitations. LOL

blkbutterfly said...

congrats on Golden Key! brace yourself for being bombarded by their e-mails for the rest of your life! ;-)

our Spring Break's the week after next. i can hardly contain myself.

as for the Latino men at the laundry, they're likely here alone, working in the States while their families are staying in Mexico (or wherever).

LsbnMom said...

Perhaps I need to give you a key to the house so you can use the dryer for free! :) And you should have told me about the induction ceremony. Me and the crumbsnatchers would have been there! Not like I had anything else ultra exciting to do!

Glad the twins are finally here! I i know you are excited! Road trip! :)

Hang in there! I may need your PT services one day. Speaking of which, K has her first appt on Wednesday!

deepnthought said...

congrats on the induction, the cousins, and the hair. what ex blogger got engaged? you know we nosy.

Freaky Deaky said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't women usually drugged up and the baby wiped down (probably with some smell goods) before you start your human milk bottle duties?

Nope the pervs are everywhere. I wouldn't trust the little girls around Pooka either. Children are just nasty I tell you. :o)

Maybe you have to show up to a few meetings and prove you're down before they come out with the chanting, robes, and goats.

WrkNProgress said...

Awwwww I love little babies, I was 4lbs 7 oz at birth.

Ladynay said...

Southern, THANK YOU! That invite money could be spent somewhere else! LOL

BB, I am already sick of their emails! It's like spam!

That's when Pooka's break is, keep your head up, your turn to take a break from school is coming.

Good point!

Lsbnmom, I'll take you up on that when I have a load or two. I had some SERIOUS laundry last week! Don't wanna put all that stress on your dryer! LOL

Don't be surprised when I ask questions about what's going on with her and her treatment.

DNT, check your email.

Freaky, human milk bottles? *smh*

WNP, awwwwwwwwwwww you were a premie?

The Goddess said...

Wow, good for you girl on the Honor Society induction. Things just keep getting better and better.

You helping Snookums is a very selfless thing to do. He's gotta love you for that. I agree with your reasoning behind doing it.

My oldest son was born on the 27th and I was PRAYING he wouldn't be a leap year baby. But hooray for 2 new little blessings.

AR Gal said...

yay! You went to the induction ceremony...CONGRATULATIONS!

And ummmm, pump ya brakes young lady. Engaged? You just slid that shit right on in there huh? lol I saw your reply to FD, nuff said.

The locs are looking good! They've grown so much.

Kiss the babies...well when you see them. lol fun!!

Ladynay said...


He never responded to the offer one way or the other.

I think I would have prayed to have a 2/29 baby *shrug* Babies are babies and their cheeks get bitten either way! LOL

ARgal, yeah I went, no biggie.

I could do a back in the day post and talk about it but it's really not much to say. He had me, he jacked up way too much, he lost me. The end! LOL

Yeahhhhh the mop top is doing it's thing. I am happy with the progress. Can't wait until it's below my shoulder.

Babies that aren't yours are the BEST! You can give them back when you're finished with them! ROFL!

kasandra said...

I was 2 days away from being a leap year baby. That would of been hella cool cuz I only would be 8!!! :o)

Yeah what you did for Snookums was a VERY kind thing.

Congrats on the Honor's Society Induction.

E said...

Awww congrats on the induction. Those events are usually boring as hell anyway so it's probably good that everyone else had a life.

Leap year babies...that's hot! So do they celebrate their birtday on the 28th or on the 1st. Hmmm.

Ladynay said...

Yeah...8...mmm hmmm, whatever! LOL

E!!!!!! HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY man! I need to catch up on blogs for real for real! I've detached from you and I don't like it! LOL

The people I know with 2/29 b-days celebrate on 3/1.