Tuesday, April 01, 2008


If I wasn't an only child.

If Pooka was really my sister.

If I couldn't have kids.

If many of my blog entries were made up.

If I didn't work.

If I didn't go to school.

If life wasn't as great as I say it is right now.

If Snookums was a figment of my imagination.

If I lived off the government.

If I was really a stay at home guardian.

If I saw things on TV and read blogs enough to use them and twist them around enough to make it my own and not make so flashy it's unbelievable.

If Babydaddy was actually the hubby.

If my mother was dead.

If my father was my best friend.

Would you believe me?

Hear ye Hear ye!

Mr. Freaky Deaky has given me an idea and I think it may be cool! Looka here, we ALL have times where we want to blog, but have nothing to blog about! So how about we kinda steal from Freaky and all do posts some time this week about our first memorable kiss or just a kiss that stands out in your mind that will never ever be forgotten? For example, give us some back story, work your way to the kiss and tell what happened afterwards and if for some reason you know what that person is up to now a days, shoot share that too! You work the post the way you want to, but it'll be nice to have a beginning, middle, and end. :-)

So there's your themed post topic! :-D


deepnthought said...

cool idea. I will tomorrow or something.

Freaky Deaky said...

Sometimes I wonder what if I was an only child. Sure I would've gotten more stuff but I also would've had a much more boring life considering I don't have much family as it is.

You said if many of your blog entries were made up. So which blog entries are made up? [Takes off my belt and gets it ready to bite into some bootymeat.]

I think I may need a few dozen thong pics of you for me to believe with certainty that you are female. You know my e-mail address, I'll be waiting. :oD

Methinks it is an excellent idea if I do say so myself. Freaky Deaky for President! Whoohoo!!!

Ladynay said...

I can work with "or something" DNT. :-)

Freaky, they all might be made up. Who knows?!

Who said I was female for sure? That could be why I couldn't have kids if I couldn't have kids...

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

So where's your post about your first kiss?

kasandra said...

Yeah my life would be boring if I didn't have any siblings. Can it be the 1st kiss or the 1st time? My 1st kiss was a drunken blur, I think!!!

Ladynay said...

It's coming some time this week. I had my post up b4 I read Freakys.

Ladynay said...

Kassandra, it has to be a memorable kiss. The sex story will be later on. I am trying to have it so once a month everyone will have to blog about a particular topic and this month is kissing...1st kiss, best kiss, last kiss, hell I'll even throw in worst kiss. But it's kissing, not sex.

blkbutterfly said...

hey, that may just be post #200.

girl, if any of this stuff is/was made up... you have one vivid imagination!

Ladynay said...

Well I do have a pretty good imagination at times....*smile*

YAY 200 posts!