Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Walk back in time with me if you will....

to a time when Ladynay was just little Nay living in SE DC. If memory serves me correctly I was 6 or maybe even 7, one of the two. My father, who was still married to my mom, took me to spend the day at his sister D's house. Her boyfriend, now husband, was over her house and so were her boyfriends son's R and I can't recall the younger brother's name, I'll call him A...LOL! R was older than me by 2 or 3 years. So anyways my aunt and her boyfriend took us all around town doing fun kid stuff. Once they got tired we went back to my aunt's apartment. I remember going to the balcony and being in awe of how tight of a view of DC she had.

The boys and I ate and went outside to play at the park down the street. We were running around having a good time doing what kids do at the park until I got up on this metal contraption that looked like a squared up letter m with another hump and the 3 horizontal bars were different heights. I was hanging on it upside down and next thing you know...BAM...I am head first into the sand! I wasn't hurt seriously, but my head sure was throbbing! R must have seen it happen cuz as I was laying on the ground R scooped me up in no time. As I held my hurting head R held me and we walked back towards my aunts place. The other kids kept asking questions about what happened and R was just like "back off I have to take her home". Mannnnnnnnnn I wasn't studdin' R like that before, but when he was in bodyguard/savior mode I fell in looooooooooooooooove! LOL! We get to my aunts, they fix me up, I take a nap, I wake up feeling normal.

Me and the boys played with their Lincoln Logs and watched Back to the Future. I can't recall how me and R got into my aunts bedroom and away from his now annoying us like hell won't go away brother but we did. We were laying on the floor on the opposite side of where my aunts bedroom was. His back was against my aunts bed laying on his right side, I was in front of him laying on my left. Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer video was on my aunt's little tv on her dresser in the corner. At one point I could give you the conversation that led up to him touching my face but I can't no more :-( but he was smooth talking and I was already in looooooooooooove so by time he touched my face I closed my eyes and he laid it on me. Before the first kiss ended I actually started to kiss him back. I swear we kissed forever! Once the first one was over we kinda looked at each other, giggled like a couple of idiots, and started kissing some more. Eventually we heard someone coming towards the bedroom and got all innocent like we was just watching tv.

After awhile it was time for my aunt to take me back home. On the way, my aunt and her boyfriend stopped to Popeye's (restaurant that mainly sells chicken). My aunt and her boyfriend both got out the station wagon. Me and R were in the second row and A was in the back. Me and R are acting like...well children..looking at each other and giggling about our little secret. Then A pops his head up and says, "I know yall been kissing and I'm telling!" OMG OMG OMG! When did he see us? When we heard noise coming we got ourselves together!!! So we thought. All I could think about was how my father was going to kill me if he found out I was kissing! So I was pleading with A not to say nothing to nobody. R sat back in the seat and was like "so?" After a bit of pleading on my part, my aunt and her boyfriend came back to the car with dinner in hand. As the car cranked up Lean On Me by Loose Ends (?????) you know that up beat version that was out in the 80's came on. The whole ride to my place was quiet on the children's part. My head was against the window looking out just plain afraid of what was going to happen to me that night if A opened his pie hole to my parents.

Nothing ever happened to me so maybe A kept his knowledge to himself and I never saw the brothers again. About 6 or so years ago my cousin on my fathers side had a get together. Most of my aunts and uncles and their kids showed up, including my aunt D and her hubby. I asked my now uncle about his sons. They are in the military, well at least they were about 5 years ago. ;-)

Okay, now if you didn't read my last post here's the deal. Every month we are going to do a themed post. I'll try to post the theme on the first day of the month, but hold me to the first week okay? LOL! Since none of us really post every day I'll give about 7 days for you to post your entry. This way we are all in the same mind set around the same time and it will flow better. I won't send you a blog virus or forward youa chain letter if you post up on day 9, but still, try to work within 7 mmmmmmkay? Great! This month the theme is Memorable Kisses. Kisses only. I'd prefer it be the first kiss, but a kiss you'd never forget will do, whether it was good or bad. Freaky Deaky, who inspired the idea, did a post called Kiss from a Rose, so here is your second themed post via moi!


Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

First kiss at 7. My first kiss didn't happen till I was 13. I didn't like boys until I was 12.

Freaky Deaky said...

You are so nasty! I can't believe you started kissing that early. That's a shame. LOL

The little brother didn't play his cards right. I would've blackmailed you like let me hump on your booty or I'm telling. ;o)

Well, technically my first kiss happened in the Bahamas, ironically with a chick from Detroit that we met there but my first open mouth give her something she can feel kiss was the one I blogged about.

I enjoyed the post. I thought it would be smuttier but I enjoyed it all the same. :oD

kasandra said...

It was weird but reading your blog made me remember mine. I too was about 6!!! But I think I may do the best kiss!!!

Ladynay said...

Southern, My first kiss was before this but this was my first real open mouthed kiss was this here. Pooka is 6 and she already got the keep your mouth to yourself adn kissing people on the mouth speech. I don't think I blogged about it.

Freaky, I started earlier than this.

The brother would have got what he wanted cuz I was SCARED! LOL

I blogged about my first "real" kiss too.

Kassandra, what floats your boat :-) Can't wait to read it!

Freaky Deaky said...

You kiss slut you. You were getting down with the kissy face early.

Oh I know he would've gotten what he wanted. He could probably smell the fear on you.

So you're trying to sprinkle some salt on Pooka's game? Mean! She's going to be a kissing bandit just like her mommy.

Ladynay said...

Yeah, unfortunately me and my kid started early :-(

He probably did! LOL

Kissing bandit...that just makes me smile for some odd reason.

deepnthought said...

this was cute. Now that I realize it, I was kissed at that age too. I didnt kiss back cause I thought I was pregnant. My brothers told me that if you kiss somebody you would be pregnant. lol

Diva (in Demand) said...

I like this themed post idea......I'm going to write mine right now. LOL

Rashan Jamal said...

Lean on Me- Club Nouveau...

I know I'm new here, but can I play too? I like the idea. We'll see what I can do with it. Sounds like a Flashback Friday joint.

Ladynay said...

DNT, ROFL! I've heard that before, the funny thing is you believed it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Diva, Hola! Bein venidos! No, I can't spell in English or Spanish but whatever! LOL! Take your shoes off and relax for a spell.

I know where to find you so I'll be checking you out later!

Rashan, yeaaaaaaaaaaah Club Nouveau! 'Preciate that!

Welcome as well. Sure you can play with us! Flashback away.