Friday, April 04, 2008

Where is my child?

Shoot out to Slaven who shot me a message about how she still reads my blog on the regular! I forgot I even gave the address to her! ROFL! I swear I need to try for the 3rd time to get a sitemeter thing. Ain't no telling who else I gave my blog address too! HAHAHAHAHA!

During spring break Pooka, my sweet, darling, hug everyone Pooka, has been acting like lil Shaquanikashay, let's go through the chain of events and the punishments shall we....

Tuesday...she hit a lil boy in the groin...we had a sit down talk. the kids where drawing at the table she burst out with "What the hell?", then later she choked a kid...we got our privileges taken away until the weekend.

Yesterday...she slapped two kids and pushed another...she got that butt popped! If I get a report about some non sense today...I'm breaking out the belt! Edit: she got the belt, a talk from her father, and been placed on shut down for the weekend. Which means she allowed eat and sleep. Period. She slapped a different child and then lied repeatedly about it to me.

Now I don't like to put my hands on my child but I do if needed, and for the majority of Pooka's life I never had to do much physical enforcement. Maybe a pop on the hand or pluck in the mouth, but that's it. I mention this cuz as the lady was telling me about what Pooka did I got mad. This is the THIRD time she's told me about my child putting her hands on people. So I gave Pooka a stern talking to and informed her on what was to come once we got home. When we walked out the lady asked me something (I forget at the moment) and I said that we'll handle it at home, she asked me what I was going to do. I said I was gonna beat her ass. Her eyes got big as satellites. I don't know if it was because I cursed or I just said I was gonna beat her ass. I'll blog if Child Protective Services hits me up today. LOL!

Until then, can me find my child? The little girl living with me looks like her, talks like her, and everything. But she sure don't act like the Pooka I know, at least not at daycare.


Diva (in Demand) said...

Are you sure she's not defending herself or retaliating for being done wrong? Check those other kids out.....ya never know. Your baby might be in "back up off me" mode for a reason.

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - whatever...whip that ass. Don't hurt the girl - but you know, do her like you got done, out of love. And look at how you turned out.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Diva. Ask if anyone is bothering her.

You already know I believe in whoopings!

Freaky Deaky said...

Damn sweet lil Pooka is slapping and choking fools already? You better watch out, her pimp hand is strong I can feel it in the force. Next she'll be asking where's her damn money or she'll either cut or stab someone. :oD

Pooka is in Detroit working on her brick work. Let me stop playing. In all seriousness, you should try to find out what has changed in her environment between then and now that's causing her to act out. I'm assuming you've ruled out self defense since you're not in jail for putting your hands on any of the kids.

Sitemeter is your friend. The counter doesn't seem to show up anymore but it's your friend. Try that Stat Counter or even Google Analytics and start tracking them lurkers. LOL

Have a good weekend.

deepnthought said...

I think its in the water. My brother has called three times this week so I can talk to minnie me. Seems she has been telling folks she gone slap they face in (my phrase of choice when they act up. I never do.) couple of my nieces have been acting out. And they are all typically the sweetest lil girls you ever did meet. Maybe it is the school juice. lol

Kat said...

FINALLY!!!! I've been trying to leave a comment on your blogs for ever! hahah I KNOW it isn't That hard to do....but for some reason the computer here at works hates me and it wouldn't let me!

Thanks for the shout out! But it's Jackson now! hahah :D

Don't give Pooka TOO hard a time! hahah Maybe it's just a phase! We all went through that at one time or another! Let's just hope it passes quickly!

And Freaky Deaky......I was one of your "lurkers" until you banned me. But I was only a lurker because the stupid computer wouldn't let me leave a comment! hahah Oh well!

The Goddess said...

LMAO at CP ringing your phone or showing up at your door. Girl you KNOW you can't say that to some people because they will call on you in a heart beat.

I'm sure you did a little investigating to find out why Pooka reacted the way she did in each instance. Girl you know just like grown ups go through their moods kids do too. I would definitely keep and eye on her and keep talking to her little self. The old Pooka will be back in no time.

But I have to say, it sounds like Pooka dont play!!! LMAO!

Ladynay said...

Diva, nope, she's not defending herself. In all 3 instances the children were doing something she didn't want them to do. For example, the little boy that got hit in the groin wouldn't stop dancing. *smh*

Darius, oh I beleive in the laying of the hands! LOL! That's why I never put my hands on her when I'm really mad cuz I am already heavy handed and I may hit/pop/whatever her too hard.

Southern, when we've talked she would say that "they didn't stop" which is unacceptable!

Freaky, I know you're joking but I am trying to break her out of whatever it is before she really hurts somebody.

ROFL@in the D working on her brick work! ha!

The only thing I know of that's changed is that she is at daycare all day this week opposed before and after school. *shrug*

I look that stuff up this weekend. Thanks and you too!

DNT, if it's in the water they need to throw it up, piss or sweat that mess out! What the heck is wrong with da babies?

Slaven, I know you greweded up and got married which changed your name, but you will ALWAYS be Slaven to me. Calling you by your first name or married name is just...wrong! LOL! So go head and tell your hubby not to get mad when I call you such at the 10 yr reunion...which is this year by the way. Feel old yet? *wink*

This "phase" needed to have passed like yesterday! LOL

Ladynay said...

Goddess, yeah I know but I was mad and it came out the way it did. I can't go back and make the words softer. But no calls from CPS yet! :-)

So far I haven't got a good reason from her on her actions.

Freaky Deaky said...

Well you have a possible direction to start your investigation. Until you said she wasn't in school at the moment I would've suggested you contact her teacher to see if anything was up (her being bullied for example). However since her schedule has been altered with spring break that could very well be the problem. Her routine has been thrown off and she's now around these part-time people full-time. Okay, I'm done playing amateur psychologist. My $300 bill will be in your e-mail. Thanks.

Ladynay said...

Maybe, still no excuse in my book.

Go 'head and take that to the collections agency cuz I ain't paying! LOL

blkbutterfly said...
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blkbutterfly said...

this post made me laugh and also brought to mind some of my students who have taken sudden turns. that being said, being the parent you are and that she'll be back on schedule next week, she should get back on track.

i'm gad to see you're getting upset about it though. some of my kids' parents act so chill when i tell them about their children's misbehavior. (and i've dealt with more extreme behavior than what you described) had you told me you were going to beat her ass, i'd have barely batted an eye.

JayBee said...

at least you're not one of those parents who don't believe when adults tell them what their child did. i applaud your efforts to rear your child the right way. if you don't do it now, then you'll get mad at me when i go off on her when she gets to high school.

JayBee said...

at least you're not one of those parents who don't believe when adults tell them what their child did. i applaud your efforts to rear your child the right way. if you don't do it now, then you'll get mad at me when i go off on her when she gets to high school.

WhozHe said...

LOL, do what you got to do. And don't be fantsizing about CPS taking that child away, they don't want her, that's your problem child. She just needs some good old fashion mothering. Get the switch out and tear those legs up!

E said...

You gotten some real good advice. I don't have much more to add but it probably is the change in routine that set her off. It's good that you want to get to the bottom of it. Hopefully Pooka is just going through a phase.

I will say it's cool seeing that you do believe what you're hearing about Pooka. I still remember when I was young forging my Mom's signature on a disciplinary warning thing and then when the teacher asked my Mom during parent-teacher conference whether she really signed it or not (guess I sucked at forgery...*LOL*), my Mom straight up told the truth. I was pissed at time but it was a very powerful lesson. And I didn't turn out so bad, passive/aggressive, socially awkwardness aside...*LOL*.

kasandra said...

You know people kill me that we can't enforce "spankings" on our children. I used to work with this guy who told me that "spanking" my child was child abuse and I had to snap on his ass!!! Hell I got my ass whooped and I consider myself "normal". Maybe the lady got bug eyed cuz of the way you said it. But come on, some parents still DO spank their included!!!!

Ladynay said...

BB-maybe some of the parents don't want to come off as aggressive in front of you. *shrug* It's still sad that their are some parents that just don't care :-(

Jaybee-you be going off on your kids? Even the 6'5" 16 year olds? HAHAHAHAHA! I imagine that to be a funny sight to behold!

Whozhe-I've learned from people I know that you don't want to get them in the limbs. Things get messy that way when they go to school and/or daycare. I try to keep contact to the butt.

E, I used to forge my mom's signature. But it was mostly because I'd forget to give her the permission slip for a field trip. Lemme find out you were a bad lil E back in the day! Mmmmm hmmmmm LOL!

Kassandra, yeah it's sad that parents that really abuse their children made it so the powers that be had to change rules around so any type of physical punishment can be viewed as abuse.

She could have bugged out by my tone, but I was mad.

JayBee said...

@lady: heck yeah! most of them respect boundaries. uh...didn't diva tell everybody to take that dang comment verification off? just a thought.

AR Gal said...

OMG,I can't stop laughing 'cause she hit the little boy in his nuts 'cause he wouldn't stop dancing. lol lol

I don't know what advice to offer but Freaky offered up a really good suggestion as to what the problem may be. Tell Pooka I understand. Hell if I had a full week with two weekends off and had to go back to the "plantation", I'd be annoyed too! lol

Crossin my fingers that your baby returns to her senses before Mama Ladynay has to mollywhop her upside the head.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

DEFACS will get u down here lol

Eb the Celeb said...

remember its not your child... the other kids make her act that

Ladynay said...

Jay, I prefer not to deal with the bs I did when I didn't have the verification. Sorry.

Argal, She's back to her senses now. Thank Goodness.

RawDawg, Let's hope DEFACS never has to come after you when your daughter decides to test you. :-)

EB, ROFLMBBBO! Suuuuuure. LOL!