Thursday, April 03, 2008

Possible dilemma

Today as I shadowed the supervisor at the clinic she started asking me questions about the internship I put in for at their performance center in the same building. The head guy over there got up with her, asked her about me, exactly I wanted, and what were the universities requirements. My responses were very basic, but I answered. She wrote some stuff down and then we went to get her patient. The whole feel of that convo left the impression that I may be getting that internship I put in for just in case the aide at the hospital didn't get into PA school.

Now here the thing...

Interning at the performance center is an UNPAID position. However, many athletes (including professional) come through there on the regular. I know for a fact this is where the Carolina Hurricanes come for treatment. So even though it's not a paid position, it sets me up to be at the right place at the right time for God knows what.

The aide position at the hospital is a PAID position that I pretty much got in the bag. It's stable, they are cool therapist over there, and they will work around my last semester of school.

From the outside it's like DUH, go with the aide position. But I don't want to miss out by not being at the performance center.

The supervisor said she'd tell me what she and the supervisor over the performance center are able to work out next Thursday. They have to figure out liability issues. But if they work something out how do I turn them down, do I stretch it until I sign the papers at the hospital, do I take this and drop the hospital.

I kinda hope they are not going to be able to work the liability thing out at the center. Yet kinda hope they do. I just want to be ready with a response either way the convo goes Thursday.



Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

What exactly will you be missing out at the performance center besides hooking up with a football player? **wink**

Maybe you can work out something with them letting you work both positions.

Ask yourself which position is more important? Can you afford to not to get paid? Will the internship boss work around your schedule?

So I'm guessing if you take the internship, you will stay at your previous job?

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...
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Ladynay said...

LOL, The only thing I'll miss at the performance center is certain opportunities. The clinic itself has a wide range of services and working my way through the building networking would certainly open doors for me.

I can't work both because they both are M-F, 40hr/wk positions. Now there is a center close to my house that I blogged briefly about that does part time stuff that I have to look further into.

To me they are both important on an educational level. I can't really afford not to get paid. My thoughts were that if the aide didn't leave the job and I got the internship, I would work nights to pay the bills. I don't know if the internship will work around my schedule or not, we haven't got that far. It's just when she comes up to me Thursday I want to be ready with some kind of response, even if it's just a thank you but I am no longer interested type deal.

NOOOOOOOOO! I am gone from this job before August no matter where I end up *insert praise dance*. My last semester of school requires me to be apart of an internship. I can't screw that up, which is why I even considered an unpaid situation.

Freaky Deaky said...

That requirement sucks! Maybe back in the day when most of the people attending schools were on campus and still teens or just out of their teens requiring a 40 hour a week internship was okay but come on? You have a kid, rent, and car payments. In short you have some real world to deal with instead of that fictitious college stuff. Shame on them!

I'm of the mindset that paid is always better than unpaid. Well, when I'm the one wanting or needing the money. LOL Sit down and make a list. Weigh the pros and cons of each job you're considering and don't forget to consider how they will affect your peace of mind, time with Pooka, etc. Do the list and maybe when you're done you won't have a dilemma because one job suddenly doesn't look so hot.

deepnthought said...

Wow. That is indeed a lot to consider. I have to cosign what freaky ad southern said,

Ladynay said...

Yeah, I'm just bouncing stuff around in the dome right now.

jameil1922 said...

ooh that's a tough one! i say wait to worry.

Ladynay said...

Freaky, college is based around the typical 22 year old graduate. Most are so I can't complain to much about that. I've accepted being a non traditional student with pride :-)

I may try that list thing. Looking at things in print should help.

Jameil, hey lady LTNS. I am not worried...much. I just need to figure stuff out so I'll be ready for whatever on Thursday.

YoungBlack&DL said...

Now usually, I'm down for anything, that you actually get a check. Unless it is actual community service. However in this case. I'm most certainly down for the internship. Oppurtunity can be a bitch. You are just left with regret, weh you don't take it. I think there are other oppurtunies than just hooking up with a football player. On the other hand, there is hooking up with a football player. That's a real big plus.

But if Freaky Deeky is right, than you have to do what you have to do. That maybe going for the job, that pays the bills. You got to do, what you have to do. Can you really juggle a 40hour a week internship, school, another job at night, and spending time with your child. It's all about the children.

Ladynay said...

HAHAHA! For the record YB&DL I'm already spoken for so the most I can do with the athletes is drool. LOL! Then who is to say I won't have chances to do big things at the hospital? Yah know?

I've juggled many tasks before, shoot I am doing it now! I just have to think more about it.