Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ate toooo much!

First things first, I'd rather have yall complain about my word verification than to have to delete comment after comment of spam everyday. So the "damned word verification" stays! *cheese*

Now back to my entry...

I don't even know where to start about this 3 day weekend of mine. I'll do my best with a short version...

Saturday I started washing the mountains of clothes. I don't know how 2 people can generate so much laundry! When it's time to go get my hurr did I throw the wet clothes in the van and off I go. While getting my hair done my loctician tells me to count my locs. I know I have about a million of them! LOL! Next weekend I plan to roll my locs with rollers so I'll used that time to count 'em all. After the hurr appointment I run to the laundromat and dry the clothes. When I got home I had a message from Ladykat. Her and WonderWoman were throwing stuff on the grill and offered Pooka and I an invite to come through. Bet!

I call Babydaddy and tell him Pooka will be at LadyKats and his friend was okay with bringing him there vs. my place. We get to Ladykats and who comes out from the back? This chick I don't care for. I haven't given her a name but I blogged about her. She is the last chick to confess to me she messed with Babydaddy, the chick who had the other 2 tickets to go see the Lion King. The chick that broke the camels back regarding my relationship with Pooka's daddy. Hmmmm let's just call her Straw. So Straw comes out from the back and my stomach turns. There was a point were we were the only folks in the living room and we made an effort at small talk. I'm guessing I was giving off a vibe or something because she told me that she was leaving at 6:30 which was about 20-30 minutes from then. YAYYYYYYYYYY!

After the chit chat and carrying on Straw leaves and WonderWoman breaks out a brand new clothes line. I don't say anything as she is manipulating this thing. Ladykat gets up and helps her even the line out. After I couldn't hold my curiosity in anymore I finally asked what they were doing...

"Double Dutch"

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shucks! I hadn't doubled dutched in many many years. I have trophies they display how good I used to be! Memories! Anyways. They get the rope right and we call the kids to come outside. At first it was just our people, within 15 minutes we had the whole neighborhood outside trying to get there jump on. It was such a good time OMG! Can't no video game touch the neighborhood outside playing with the only drama being someone yelling "you messed me up" when they made a mistake jumping. We all felt like we were 10 again. Did I mention that some of this neighborhood shenanigans was filmed? ****warning**** if you see a heavy set black woman with locs wearing a red, white, and blue shirt with some jean capris jumping double dutch in a parking lot on you tube....that would be me! LOL!

We all stay outside for a long time. Babydaddy and his friend show up and visit for awhile. Pooka had no idea he was coming so she was very happy to see him. I like his new friend. She seems very laid back and down to earth, not to mention the little jokes she'd chime in with from time to time were actually funny. I give her a thumbs up for him based on first impressions. They visit for about an hour or so then head on to SC where her people are. We jump until we all are hungry and the neighborhood goes back to the houses they came from.

Sunday I do more washing and cleaning. I get a call from Saturn, one of the new parents I've stared hanging with. The one I blogged about that says Sa-ter-rin instead of Saturn ***mental note****make a cast of characters***end mental note*** Anyway, I get a call from Saturn to confirm me watching her son and the other mothers son(I'll find her a name soon) until she got off work. The time comes and I go outside thinking I was going to take the car. I press the unlock button on the key fob and nothing happens. As I walk closer and closer to the car nothing happened. I get right up on the car and still nothing. I think it's just the key fob gone bad. I manually unlock the door and press the unlock button so Pooka can get in....nothing. I put the key in the ignition and give it a turn...nothing. I don't really freak out. I'll just call the dealership later. We hopped in the van and take off.

I go get the boys and take the other mother to work. On the way I told the other momma what happened with the car. She asked if I gave anyone a jump and I told her the last time I used the car was to give my neighbor a jump. She told me that giving her the jump killed my battery and how something similar happened to another friend of hers. Great! I figure I'd try jumping my car later before calling the dealership to see if that helps.

We get back to my place and of course the boys want to play the Wii. As they are making their crazy looking Miis the phone rings. It's Ladykat talking about they pressing replay from yesterday and adding the pool. Sweet! I told her I had to okay it with the boys momma's and get back. Once everything was okay'ed we hoped in the van and headed to Wally world. LadyKat needed more drinks and the boys needed swim shorts. We handle all that and did the whole pool/cookout thing all over again. Straw came later in the evening *sigh* and hung out but I didn't pay her any mind. We ended up watching this comedian Jeff Dunham. He does most of his acts with puppets. Can we say funny? Ladykat and Wonderwoman had watched these dvd's so much they would do the material with him! I plan on added him to my dvd collection as well. He is just silly!

I had forgot to charge my phone the night before and Saturn told me that she'd be calling periodically to check on her daredevil son. So my solution was to cut my phone off and periodically turn it on to see if I missed a call or had a message. All night long I would check and didn't have any indicators of anything so I'd turn it back off. After the DVD's it was getting late and I was ready to go. I cut my phone on to call Saturn and tell her I was on the way. Before I could call her number fully, the text message indicator went off. It was Saturn asking if everything was okay. I was texting her back to tell her we were and that we were on the way when my phone rang...It was Saturn! LOL! I pick up the phone and she is in a state of worry and was telling me how she kept calling me and leaving message after message and was freaking out cuz I wasn't responding. After I calm her nerves we hang up and I am confused. I asked everyone in the room if they noticed me periodically check my phone and they confirmed that I wasn't going crazy. I gather up the chirrin I came with, dropped the boys off, go home, go to bed.

Monday, I slept most of the day. It was the most beautiful thing EVER! Then I cleaned a bit more. I really did the clean thing in slow motion this weekend. I am still not fully done. While I'm washing dishes my phone rings. It's Saturn. Her and the other momma were taking the boys to their complexes pool then cooking out! *sigh* I'm not really up for it but it would save me from having to cook dinner all weekend so I agree. We get dressed, I go outside to jump the car, it starts, I forgot something inside, while Pooka and I are inside she make a bad decision, I go outside, turn the car off, no pool or cookout for Pooka. We deal with the issue, she takes a nap, I call Saturn to tell her we are not coming. Cool. Looking back I am glad I didn't go cuz knowing me I would not have came home in time to finish stuff like my homework that I was also procrastinating on this weekend. So I take care of all that and go to bed.

Now I am at work!

That's the short version of my weekend! I'll get to yours soon. :-)


Kat said...

NAY!!!! Sounds like your weekend was AMAZING!!!! Mine kinda sucked. I was DEATHLY sick Sunday! But I'm better now!

DOUBLE DUTCH! YAY! I've tried SO MANY times to teach these people out here how to do it and they just can't catch the beat! AHAHHAHAHA

Hey! didn't we both jump for the Rec center team??? I think you were there WAY before me!!!! Those were the days!

Freaky Deaky said...

Why does Pooka have to make the wrong decision? The decision might have been made for her by the gremlins.

I think I may have seen that video on You Tube. You are working with a monster! Was that a star spangled thong I saw? All I could hear was "Proud to be an American" as you got a double salute. :oD What?! I can be a patriot too.

Methinks you're glad you got called away so you wouldn't get that booty whooped on by more children. BWHAHAHAHA!!!

So was Straw and Babydaddy there at the same time? That must have been awkward.

deepnthought said...

sounds fun and exhausting. lol

Ladynay said...

It was one of the better weekends I've had as of late. You can definitely tell that grilling season is in full effect! Just look how tight my clothes are already! LOL!

Deathly sick? Awwwww glad your better tho'.

You have no idea how funny that middle statement is to me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

YEP! I didn't know you in elementary school so we might have jumped at the same time. I started in 3rd grade and stopped after 6th. OMG! I may have known you long before I thought! WHOA! I'm sitting here now trying to remember all the girls but only my mind won't bring them all back :-(

Those indeed were the days.

Freaky, Pooka would love to blame the gremlins but it ain't gonna work for me.

So silly! So nasty!

The boys never played Wii so I stood a good chance of beating them this weekend! LOL

Straw left a good while before Babydaddy showed up so no awkwardness.

Hello DNT, welcome to my blog! Have a seat, take your shoes off and make yourself at home! LOL!

Sike nah, welcome back. Gotta read about what's been going on with you.

The weekend was both indeed :-)

Kat said...

Okay...I can't remember the coach's name but he was an older guy with grey hair. I THINK his name started with an "A" like Mr. Andy? Mr. Anderson? Something like that. I remember I jumped with a girl named Kionna (sp?) she went to NHS with us. Was it the Hyattsville Rec Center you jumped at???? I'm pretty sure we DID jump together! HAHAHA Maybe!

You know.....when I moved to the Ghetto....(Annacostia Rd SE, Mayfair, or any of the other Ghettos I lived in) I SOOOOO enjoyed walking up to a group of girls and asking if I could have a "Go" ahhahahaha They'd all look at me like..."who's this white girl? You KNOW she can't jump!" ahhahaha Then I'd jump circles around them! AHHAHAHAHA

Ladynay said...

Mr. Archer :-) you came close! He had salt and pepper hair on the sides and bald middle.

OH SNAPPLE! We did jump together! Kianna B. and I jumped during the same years! Lemme find out! It's a small damn world. WOW!

Yep Rollingcrest community center in Hyattsville! WOW! I am shocked over here and trying to figure out why I never talked to you back then. That would have been so unlike me. I gotta email Kianna! I'm having flashbacks! LOL!

I bet it was funny as hell you getting in and doing tricks and shit! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I would have paid to see their faces!

I just can't get over this! WOW! So I guess you can say you've known me (kinda)from wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back, damn near 20 years ago! Damn.


Kat said...

MR ARCHER!!!!! Wow!! It's amazing that I came that close! HAHAHAH

WOW! hahahahah That's kinda weird! hahahah Tell Kianna I said What's up! HAHAHA She probably doesn't remember me though! hahahah If she has a myspace tell her to add me. hahahahah

Wow! The good old days!
BTW......did you get my message on myspace??? About celebrating our 10year reunion??

Ladynay said...

I check Myspace like once a month...maybe.

I'll go look.

I'm still trippin'.

YoungBlack&DL said...

Did LadyKat know about you and Straws history?

Was there a reason she was alwyas there?

Other than that, it really does sound like you had a great weekend. You always seem like you are working, or planning some future changing decision, its good to see you become 10 again, for the weekend.

What did Saturn think, that you wanted more kids, and you were going to start, with her son. But I guess I understand her worry.

YoungBlack&DL said...

Oh and another thing, I don't remember getting a welcome, when I first starting leaving comment. What's up with that?

Ladynay said...

Nah DY&DL, I actually started interacting (knowingly) with Kat in high school and like with most people from high school, we didn't speak much after graduation. Straw came along when I was a lot older.

Straw and LadyKat are good friends. They have been friends long before I met LadyKat. LadyKat is also one of Pooka's god parents. So whenever LadyKat has a function there stands a good chance that Straw will be there.

This was my first time really keeping the boys and her son can be off the chain sometimes. Thankfully he was chill when he was with me, but I understood her concern.

Ladynay said...

This isn't DNT's first comment on my blog, I was just joking cuz she's been away for awhile.


Welcome YB&DL, take your shoes off and get comfy. Would you like something to drink? *cheese*

Ladynay said...

Sorry YB&DL, I misread your question...

Yes, LadyKat knows the story of me and Straw well. The night Straw confessed to me about what was going on was the same night I officially broke off the relationship and Pooka and I went to go live with LadyKat :-D

kasandra said...

Double Dutch!!! Man take me back...take me back!!!

Ladynay said...

Kasandra giiiiiiiiirl we gotta bring double dutch back. Many younger people don't know 'bout it! Girls to busy trying to be grown and boys to busy chasing them! I swear it was a hit this weekend.

The Pew View said...

Whew weee...sounds like your weekend was busier than Mother Robinson's Easter Outfit. I'm glad you made it through it okay. With weekends like those child, I needs me some crown royal communion and juice to make it through.

With Love,
Mrs. Mabel

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I could have sworn I left a comment yesterday. Maybe I didn't.

I turn my word verfication off last week because there's been a couple of times where I still got spam. I figured seem it wasn't working 100% might as well turn it off.

Monique said...

Sounds like a great weekend nonetheless. Enjoy those times because when school and the new jobs starts, you'll wish you had them.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u can never eat too much, try a half of loaf of white bread and slab of ribs lol

blkbutterfly said...

sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!

why did she tell you to count your locs?

for some reason i cracked up at the name Straw. i wish i still had the inclination to think of names for the ppl i mention in my blog.

Ladynay said...

Welcome Mrs. Mabel take your shoes off and unwind, make yourself at home. Busy will be my middle name for a little while.

Southern, I haven't had any since I added mine so Imma keep things as is. If I start getting it tho' I may have to do like you did.

Monique, school started last week and at full damn force! :-(

Torrance, just thinking about that makes my tummy hurt! LOL

BB, I have a lot of hair so she is curious. I am bit curious myself :-)

I haven't come up with a name for the other momma yet and I refuse to call her the other mommma! I'll come up with something after I spend a bit more time around her.

AR Gal said...

Awwww, double dutch! I was one of the wierd kids that could never jump in. I would always make whoever stop throwin and let me step in....well unless they told me no. Then I would just sit my ass down somewhere. lol

Glad you and Pooka had a wonderful weekend!

Ladynay said...

Awwwwwww :-( Bet you did good with a single rope!