Friday, May 30, 2008

Short and Sweet

School is working me.

Officially applied to the hospital. Sent manager an email talking about my availability concerns. Started freaking out internally since I hit send. For some reason I am not as confident in getting this job officially than I was. Good luck has been around me lately but a good word to a higher power on my behalf is still requested. EDIT: So I feel more confident now that I got a response back from the's the first paragraph:

"Yes, we could probably work with you on hours. We open at 7:30 usually. Realize that to receive full-time benefits, you need to work at least 35 hours/week- the first month, you would only be working 32 hours if you started at 7:30. That would up to 35 if we started you at 7."

SWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTT! :-D I meet with her and my immediate supervisor on Thursday for a sit down meeting! Oh yeah, the confidence is coming back!

Saw Elmo and 'em yesterday. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, even the 10 month old in attendance! Did you know that Big Bird is a canary? As many years as I have been watching Sesame Street, I had no clue!!!!!

Half the year has gone by and I am not happy with some of things that I've gain weight. By this point I was supposed to be about 30 pounds lighter than I was in January. Oh well. Can't be depressed about it too long. Today is a new day.

Weekend consists of braiding hair, dropping the kid off to a slumber party (YAY ME! Saw movies, popcorn and couch here I come!), an adoption party, and homework. That's it!


Darius T. Williams said...

A canary, huh? Well...I had no freaking idea.

Monique said...

Damn, i didn't know he was a canary either. That sounds like a good weekend. I'll be spending mine in hot ass Mississippi with BD's parent's. I'm sure it will be fun but being 7 and half months pregnant in the summer is not.

Ladynay said...

Darius, who knew?????

Monique, I don't think nobody knew! LOL

Being preggo over the summer is no fun. I had Pooka in August so I remember them days of suffering. Keep some water with you and don't stay outside all that long. I heard Mississippi got that wet nasty heat!

Freaky Deaky said...

Don't let Professa Massa hear you say that or he gone beat you. He gone beat you Ladynay!

More like a big and gumpy mutant canary with an annoyingly high pitched voice and questionable sexuality. Oh like I'm the only one who thinks that. Whatever. Every parent there could be charged for child abuse for subjecting their children to Big Bird.

You know Saw V comes out on October 24th don't you? I can't wait.

Dookie braids with an image of the Mona Lisa in the pattern gets my vote.

Have a good weekend.

Ladynay said...

It already feels like he's beating me! LOL

I hear jealousy...shame!

I know now! Thank you. I'll be all caught up before then so maybe I can check 5 out in the theater! :-)

Ummmm, a sista is not that talented ;-D


Freaky Deaky said...

My eyes are not green, so there's no jealousy. I'm just violently opposed to the concept and existence of Big Bird anywhere near my plane of existence. I don't even like fried chicken (or canary) but I'll deep fry his ass if he ever steps in my hood and make all the young, impressionable children watch. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What?!

Ladynay said...

There isn't a frying pan or deep fryer big enough *wink* That and the whole Sesame St. crew would jump you! LOL

YoungBlack&DL said...

Adoption party?

Are you adopting another bambino? You don't have that much time now. Being all excited about your baby going to a slumber party, shame on you...wait a min...don't let me hear your trying to get rid of Pooka at this adoption party!

I figured he could be a canary... but one of those canaries born in a lab or something, damn shame about those hormones they put in the animals.

kasandra said...

LOL at youngblack. I never knew either!!! Yeah your gonna have to explain the whole adoption party thing. Glad things are working out for you on the job situation.

Have a great weekend enjoying your Saw movies!!!!

Ladynay said...

YB&DL adn Kasandra, my friend has legally adopted a child. To celebrate, a big party is being thrown. I am NOT getting rid of my child this least not like that! LOL!

AR Gal said...

Never heard of an adoption party before....that's neat!

I'm joining the boat of folks who didn't know about Big Bird. Thanks for passing it along! It brings about a question though. If BB is a canary, what kind of grouch is Oscar.......???? j/k

Have fun tonight while miss pooka is away!

p.s. Sending a prayer up for you now :-)

Ladynay said...

You can have a party for anything :-)

You're silly!

I'm staying home and watching movies! YAY!

Thanks, things are looking good so far if I can get folks to keep it up until I sign the dotted line and I truely work for the hospital and not the state that'll be grrrrrreat! Like Tony the tiger!

TTD said...

Hi LadyNay!!! Stopping thru just cause :-)

No I'm not back!

I'm supposed to be 30 lbs lighter now too! Oh well.. I really have to get on track now! I officially have 1 year to lose 30 lbs.

Good luck w/ the hospital position. I'm praying for ya!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

dont u dare be hard on yourself woman

*Ms.B* said...

Congrats on the job hope everything works out for the best.

Ladynay said...

There are ghosts on my blog! AHHHHHHHHHH! Thanks TTD. I thought you were back for a minute :-(

T, it's so easy to do sometimes.

Mz.B. Thanks! Are you the Mz.B I'm thinking of from a longggg time ago? Hmmmm lemme go see.