Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Your battery is dead

When Pooka and I were walking out the door yesterday the lil ghetto girl I be talking about from time to time, who shall be called Sunshine, was running towards my door. She asked if I had jumper cables. Actually she said, "my momma said do you have jumper cables." for some reason I thought it was funny when she said my momma said, but anyway I told her I did, went to the van and gave them to Sunshine. I asked the momma who I didn't see come out her door if she needed a jump. It wasn't a dumb question cuz the momma owns 2 vehicles so if one was dead she could have just took her other ride. She said she need one. Before I could ask about the other vehicle she said her mom had the keys and she stays in Durham. Blah blah blah blah

She didn't know how to jump her car so I hooked everything up once I figured my car out. I have a side post or whatever and the battery is in the back. I can still jump and be jumped from the front, I just had to figure out where my black side was. I get it all hooked up, turn the car on, wait a bit, and tell Sunshine to turn the ignition. Nothing happens, there's no pull on my car and no noise from hers. We wait a bit longer and I tell Sunshine to hit it again. Nothing. I take the clamps off her car and touch them to make sure I had power and the cables were good. They were good and power was running through them. I tell the momma her battery is dead. She don't wanna believe me.

Our other neighbor came outside to start her day and stops to see if we needed help. "It'll sure be nice to have some men around here". Sunshine's momma agreed and I didn't' say nothing. Was actually kinda put off. We don't need no men to jump a fucking car! Come on! But anyways, our neighbor tries modifying what I done and again nothing works. I again tell the momma her battery is dead. She still not hearing me. Guess me not having a dick disqualifies my opinion. Her and the other neighbor fiddle with this that and the other. I stand back just in case they did something stupid and they finally came to the conclusion that her battery was dead....REALLY???? I would have never guessed! LOL! I unhook my cables got in the van and went on to work.

I think it's just a shame how woman think they have to have a man to do car stuff. Yeah, most mechanics are men but what kind of woman are you if you don't know how to jump a car or change a tire? I mean that's basic shit that will keep you and your child off the side of the road with no where to go! I changed a few tires, got jumps, given jumps, charged my a/c a couple times, and if push came to shove I can change my oil I just prefer to have someone change it. I have driven older used cars most of my driving career and didn't have someone else around when something happened to my bucket. Which meant that some stuff I just had to do on my own to stay on the road and not pay a shitload of money! So the statement by my neighbor just put me off! Sure it's a hell of a lot easier and less dirty to have some dude come to your rescue but come on, be ready to do that yourself if need be!

I'm just saying! LOL.

Okay I want to play a little game called Are you smarter than a first grader? Here's is some back story. Every Monday Pooka brings home a homework packet that has to be submitted by that Friday. The first page of this packet is always a word family assignment. Write 6 words that end in *whatever* than write sentences using the words. For example 6 words that end in -an: can, man, ban, ran, plan, fan, then write sentences. Okay, so last Monday Pooka had to come up with 6 words that ended in -oil. She wrote down boil, coil, foil, and soil on her own. Then she had to summon me for help cuz she couldn't think of 2 more words. Take a moment and see if you can come up with 2 words other than boil, coil, foil and soil that end in -oil......

Think of one yet?

I came up with turmoil (like that's a 1st grade word, but she used it)

Is this harder than you thought?

I had to pull out the dictionary to find the 6th word for my child! How sad is that! We ended up using moil which means to churn or to work hard. I know her teacher looked at her homework and shook her head! LOL! There's no doubt she knew she had ummmm "parental assistance" for that page of homework!

BTW, this is post 7 hunnad! YAY!