Monday, May 12, 2008

Can you smelllllllllll what the Nay is cooking!

After I left work things were okay. My land land phone wasn't working so if you called me and the message said that I was on the other line...I wasn't, my phone was messed up. They came and fixed it Sunday afternoon so we are back on track. Now my internet is messed up and I don't know when it'll be back up and running. The ethernet light on my modem isn't lighting up and the internet light is red. I tried reset and that didn't work so now I'm stuck! :-(

The phone calls on my cell were short and sweet and I will call most people back tonight. Like the potentially new crew of parents I hung out with the other weekend. We tossed idea's back and forth about what to do this weekend but nothing went down. K called me wanted to know if me and Pooka wanted to meet them at the park but I was stuck at home waiting for the phone man to come. :-(

Saturday night I had expected, yet unexpected company. Guess I should have been ready for it since I did offer my place as a get away spot. LOL! I think one of the funniest parts of Saturday evening is when one of the kids asked if Pooka was teething cuz people kept playing with yet another loose tooth trying to get it out.

Sunday I was motivated to clean my place. I got most of it done and decided to cook a big (for 2 folks) dinner. I didn't have anything I wanted to eat so me and Pooka went to the store after Speed Racer...

I LIKED SPEED RACER! I don't know why the critics were hatin' on it. It was fun, flashy, colorful and cute! Pooka said it was "cool". There was a few times we laughed out loud and a few times we got caught up in the race. So I don't know what the problem was.

We got home and I started cooking. I tried to do it like my grandmother, who I think cooks circles around the best of 'em, but I couldn't match it 100%. It still came out good tho'. Take a look.

This here are my collards. They were pretty clean when I brought them but I still had to clean 'em just so I knew for myself they were clean.

After I got my greens on it was time to get the mac and cheese going. Lately my g-ma has been using cheese soup mix with hers so I thought I'd try it too.

The last thing I need is fried food, esp. since I fried chicken the night before, but I fried me up some wings anyway.

*sniff sniff* Greens are just about done!

Mac and cheese is browned at the top, it's ready to come out!

And that was my meal. Yeah I know, I didn't do cornbread and yes I do cook my greens with the stems. What's funny is after everything was done, I wasn't hungry anymore! Best believe I got me something good for lunch today tho' LOL!
Happy belated mommy's day!


Darius T. Williams said...

alright for that meal! I cook my greens w/the stems too - I ain't got time to pick nothing. If you season them and cook them all day - they're just as tender as the greens. I love it...I'm coming to Gaffney, SC in August - that's a ways from you, but um, I'm expecting some of that macaroni & cheese and chicken and greens...and CORNBREAD!

LsbnMom said...

Now you know how I feel after I cook for everyone and rarely sit down to eat a big plate! There is something about it being fun while you cook, but not wanting to eat it when its done and smelling good!

Did that tooth ever come out?

I give you props cause I have never cooked fresh greens. I dont know how. Maybe you can teach me?

Ladynay said...

D, when I grow up Imma cook that complicated stuff like you. *wink*

I'll have your meal ready with the cornbread on the side! I wanna learn how to make that from scratch too. Hmmmm I need to call my g-ma.

lsbnmom, yeah but you don't eat much of nothing whether you cook or not.

Tooth's still in :-(

Fresh greens are cooked like frozen except you wash em first! LOL

Freaky Deaky said...

No pizza? :o( I hate the smell of greens and I've only tasted them once in my life. Don't suppose I mentioned that I was at the table battling my gag reflux and trying not to give everyone at the table a Roman shower. I don't just give those to everyone.

I liked Speed Racer too. Anyone who expected more from it than being a live action anime should call Dr. Kevorkian and beg him for a suicide machine.

Did you get your booty tapped playing the Wii again?

Ladynay said...

No pizza Freaky, but I would like to put one together one day vs. buying premade or getting one delivered.

Greens are not the best smelling things but they are sure tastey! :-)

I'm saying! They better leave Speed Racer alone. It was good!

Yeah Pooka still got my number in Wii bowling, but I got her in tennis and golf. She can't figure golf out to save her life! LOL

ShawnQt said...

I so want some!

Ladynay said...

Come get some! What chu want to drink with it some extra sweet Kool aid? How about some tea?

Then again, it may be easier to buy the stuff and have Fuzzy cook it up! LOL!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Food looks good. I need to learn how to cook fresh greens because I always crave them but don't know how to cook them. Send my an email how to do it plus that mac & cheese receipe. I have one but I'm going to try it with the soup.

I can be so hungry before I start cooking but once the food is done, I'm not hungry anymore. I think it's from inhaling the scent and if you are like me, I nip pick when I'm cooking.

Ladynay said...

Check your email.

I think that may be it! We nibble so much here and there tasting to see if it's right, by time it's done you already good to go! :-)

JayBee said...

cooking takes so much time. i rarely do it and just like you said, when you're finished some of the time you're not even hungry anymore. your meal looks delicous though. i'm just a short ride up the road. *waits for invitation to dinner*

Minerva Exertion said...

Daaayyyummm that looks delicious! I agree with JayBee. I'm waiting on my invitation to dinner. :) I cook every blue moon. It's too much work just to feed one person.

Minerva Exertion said...

BTW. Happy belated Mother's Day!

Rashan Jamal said...

Lemme get summa them greens. I actually had some the other day that were just okay. I was expecting them to be banging, and was pretty disappointed.

I guess that's why God invented hot sauce.

AR Gal said...

That food looked SO good!!! Now FedEx me some so I can taste it. lol

I feel you on not being hungry after cooking, especially a hearty meal like that. I tend to do tasting in between to check the food so I think that spoils my appetite. Can you post the recipe for the mac and cheese please?? I know I'm not the only one who wants to try it with the soup.

kasandra said...

Girl I have to say my greens are ok, but my mom's is the best hands down. We use the greens seasoning and sometimes she adds a couple of jalapenos to give it just a touch of heat. FIYA!!!

Um yes your gonna have to post the recipe for the Mac & Cheese cuz that's my specialty, but I've never made it with cheese sauce.

Happy Belated Mother's Day!!!!

Ladynay said...

Jay and ME, cooking is involved and time consuming...yet cheaper and better for you than fast food. It's only me and Pooka and most meals are easier to make in large portions so I don't do it often enough. I am trying to change that.

Yall can come by, just let a sista know when and what time beforehand.:-D

Thanks ME!

Rashan, everyone has different tastes. Some folks like salt, some like sugar, some apparently even like jalapenos. Despite that, sorry to hear what you had didn't quite hit your spot the way you wanted. MMMMMMMMM hotsauce!

ARgal, nahhhh yo! Hop in your car and come get some! LOL

AR&Kasandra, I am still gotta experiment with the soup thing. I found that it made my mac and cheese sweet and I prefer mine sharper tasting. But what I did was subed about 1/2 the cheese I normally use for the soup. It's definitely worth a try playing with. I got 2 more recipes coming my way I gotta try out :-)

Kasandra, yeah my grandmothers still knocks my greens out the box, which is why I gotta perfect her technique so I can be a beast like her! May have to look into that jalapeno thing...sounds good never would have thought to do that.

Mr. Jones said...

I'm hungry now. I haven't eaten good, home cooked food since...Xmas maybe?

Ladynay said...

First off welcome to the blog Mr. Jones. Feel free to take your shoes off and get comfy.

Secondly, Christmas was 5 months away so I am going to need you to go to the nearest friends, family members, or your own kitchen and have them (or yourself) make something happen! LOL!

I thought I was bad eating out most the time! Wow! You got me beat!