Thursday, June 12, 2008

Supposed to be working right now

From 12-4 I am supposed to do nothing but work, but I mentioned to someone that I'd blog today so this is the best time to do it...

Why did I just figure out that a classmate is a lesbian! I've known her for a few years now and we talk from time to time at school and I never thought about her sexuality until today she came to class looking kinda down and one popular lesbian couple asked her what's wrong and she told them about how her and her girl broke up yesterday! WOW! My gaydar is pretty good but I totally missed the signal on her! I would have never guessed! Oh well!

And while I'm thinking about it. Last week another classmate asked me did I play softball, just out the blue. You think she was asking me if I was gay? I mean I am NOT the athletic type. I know people have their thoughts about me sometimes because of various reasons but I just wonder. On the few times I've been asked about my sexuality, depending on the person, I'd either tell them or not answer directly to fuck with their mind. Fun stuff.

As of today Rusty has been demoted and Mia has become my everyday vehicle. Despite my not wanting to put the miles on Mia I have no choice. While driving Rusty yesterday he was giving me signs that he's not feeling well. I'd press on the gas and he don't want to get up and go. I filled his tank up Monday afternoon and I was less than a 1/2 tank by Wednesday morning (which is ALOT even with my driving back and forth to Durham) and he is making noises unlike him. I told myself in the beginning of the year that if something major happened to Rusty I would not put more money into him and let him rest. *sigh* I think the time has come. I mean, when I took him to the dealership the guy told me that an engine problem is going to happen sooner or later and I think dude was right. *double sigh* I don't wanna wrap my mind about not driving the van, I love that van man! I can already tell a difference in Rusty and Mia. Rusty likes to go fast and go fast fast. Mia is more chill and prefers to cruise and work her way up to fast when the need comes. I have to remember Mia doesn't have the engine to go fast fast. I love her too, but I just gotta get used to her riding style.

Why do people who actually know me (for many years) and know that I usually am dead to the world after 10-11pm call me at midnight when they are not going through an emotional crisis? Then get mad when I am not 100% with the conversation or okay with the conversation ending? My friend called me on my cell phone from their new cell and when I was trying to give them my home number again to call me on, they didn't believe they could enter it without the call dropping. Then after I said it wouldn't they told me that if the call dropped they would not call me back. I told them I was okay with that scenario they became irritated. *shrug* Most of my friends know that if they are going through and need to talk, they can call me and I will get up and listen to them no matter what time it is. But this is when they are going through, NOT just to chit chat. I am not a night owl. I may hang every now and again but that's every now and again. I am sure there are plenty of other night owls up to shoot the shit with, I am NOT one of them. I even gave my friend time to tell me what was wrong, yah know, sometimes you don't just come out with your issues so I gave the cushion time to see if they were working up to the point of the call. Once I realized there was no point, I got irritated. I know I complain at times about folks not calling me, but please, when you do call, and it's just to chit chat, make it before 10pm...please? That's all I ask. I really enjoy talking to my friends that I don't hear from often, just on better terms for the both of us.

On the job front, hopefully I will know by tomorrow if the hospital job will be officially offered to me. I told everyone that needed to know that I have to give my job at least 2 weeks so when they give my official offer they know they can't try to start me until 2 weeks from then! My insides are still freaking out, but not as much as they were a couple weeks ago. I still don't believe all this is going on. I had my 2 interviews and everything went cool. I volunteer this afternoon so I'll see what the vibe is when I get there. I've been looking online to see the proper ways to resign and the thought of going into my administrators office to tell her what's up scares me! *sigh*

On the school front I am trippin. I am making C's and sometimes below that on stuff! What makes it even worse is I am not ultra upset about it like the normal Ladynay is. This class pretty much dictates whether I graduate Summa or Magna Cum Laude (sp) so this should be a big deal for me, but I am very "whatever" about it. Not a good sign. The current aide at the hospital gave me her GRE stuff and you think I've looked at it? In my mind it's like if I keep pushing it off I won't have to take it and that I can get into grad school without it! Denial is a bitch, procrastination isn't much better....

I've been shady in my blog reading and I have no real excuse. What can I say?


Freaky Deaky said...

So asking a chick if she plays softball is the equivalent of asking a dude if he was a drum major in high school or college? Check. LOL

My gaydar sucks but I'm pretty good at figure out who the freaky people are so I have freakdar I guess.

What did you do to the Devil's Van? If he dies I will never forgive you Ladynay, never! You should call Mia Bootymeat. That's a hot name. The Devil's Van and Bootymeat. Oh yeah!

Sounds like he/she was looking through his/her phone book, said I haven't spoken to her in awhile and called you up. I'm the same way except for people calling me early in the morning. If it's not important or an emergency then you know my hours of tolerance.

I'm sure you'll get the job. If not I have a semi-regular Friday post that you can talk about them like a dog in. What?! I'm just saying.

I think you need some motivation. My pimp hand is available to motivate you. Just let me know when you need me to unwrap it. It's twitching right now. LOL

Just as long as you don't forget to read your favorite blogger all is cool in the world. :oD

Monique said...

I too go lazy at the end of my masters program when I was working on my thesis. Perhaps it's signs of burnout.

I feel you on people that call all late and want to talk. I have a male friend that does that. It's as if he doesn't think of me until late at night. Damn, what does that say about his thoughts of me? LOL Ijust tell him I'll talk to him another time (I never call back) or don't bother answering. I'm trying to rest.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

dang, my truck is sick too, but firestone got me a rent a car yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ladynay said...

Yeah I guess. LOL

I need me a freakdar! Can I borrow yours?

I don't know but I wish I didn't :-( I am not calling Mia Bootymeat! HAHAHAHAHA

Maybe but they did not have to get mad when I was okay with ending the convo! I forgot to put that part in the blog...let me go edit! LOL

If I don't get the job I will have comment just for them on that special Friday! Trust!

Who's my favorite blogger? TTD? Terrance? Dizyaboy? LOL!

Monique, I hope it's not burnout! I got years of schools left before it's all over!!! :-(

Okay! Some folks don't get it!

Torrance, your truck sick? Dang must be an epidemic going on! Enjoy that rental while you got it :-)

Freaky Deaky said...

Maybe but I'll need it back.

I thought we were better than that Ladynay. :( At least two of them don't even blog anymore. x(

*angrily shakes my fist at you before leaving.* That was just mean.

Teezie said...

C's! :O Oh my god whats going on. Do I need to plan a road trip?

BTW the kids are mia for the rest of the summer. Woot Woot

kasandra said...

You know that is trife!! I also hate when I'm in a GOOD sleep and someone calls all late and then when you answer they be like "are you sleep"? Dude it's late at nite on a school/work nite and your asking me what now???!!! UGHHHH!!! That drives me insane. Hope everything gets better for ya!!!

Ladynay said...

Freaky, Ummm no I wanna keep it!

None of them blog anymore *wink* You know there's a special place for Freaky Deaky through these brown eyes *double wink*

TZ, yeah come on up! If it helps get me back right! LOL Pooka's gonna be mad if you don't bring lil J with you tho'!

Must you rub it in my face that you're child free this summer? I couldn't be that way if I wanted too :-( I guess I can be happy for you tho'

Ladynay said...

Hmmmmmm I wonder if you feel me Kasandra! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!