Friday, August 15, 2008

Might as well blog

The system we use to work basically told us that it's Friday and it's not gonna work today! "I don't care how hard your IT folks work on me, I ain't having it!" LOL

So I've pretty much caught up on blogs, left a comment on a few, read some stories online, some news online, and now there is nothing else really to do. I leave to get the locks maintained in 1/2 an hour so why not kill time and blog despite me not having anything to say.

I really don't feel like driving to Baltimore tonight/tomorrow morning however you want to look at it. But I haven't seen my momma and 'em since Christmas and I need to hang out with the fam to recharge.

Speaking of the moms, she called me at work to tell me that my immediate fam is staying at the hotel during the Tour B-More on your own cuz they don't have money. I laughed and said I am going to be with them cuz I am in the same boat! Besides, I've been to all the B-more attractions already. My aunt an 'em plan to get in the pool. I may join them even with the fresh maintenance. Who knows, depends on how the wind blows.

I'm driving back Sunday so the trip will be short and sweet. I already dread the drive back.

With the driving back and forth to Durham and Chapel Hill I finally got the car over 10,000 miles! (shut up) This trip is gonna add that much more.

Nobody has seen my new car and I know my mom is gonna want to ride in it so I want to get it detailed but I doubt I will. I'll probably pay a few quarters to the gas station machine and vacuum the insides out and call it a day.

I think I am going to get back into the NFL this season. I don't have a team so this year I plan to be a Redskins and Panthers fan. Shut up I can like 2 teams at the same time. Yeah yeah your a die hard *insert team* fan and have been since day one. Good for you! ROFL! Who knows, I may take Pooka to a Panthers game this season. That would be SWEET!

Ummmmmmmmmm I am considering taking Pooka to a baseball game after her party next Saturday. The jury is still out on that.

Pooka has been having nightmares lately, she didn't want to tell me about them. I let her sleep in my bed last night and she was rightunderme alllllllllllll night. I like having a presence in my bed, but when I am ready to sleep I prefer to wrap up in my comforter. It was kinda hard to get comfortable with the *attachment* all night long but because it was Pooka I let her hold on and get a good sleep. She sleeping in her room tonight! Mommas gotta drive!

I started the online app to Duke cuz I was asked to tell someone the exact wording of what they wanted and I couldn't get that without starting the app. Starting the app in and of itself is nothing. I mean the site said nothing will be seen by the school but my contact info until I hit the submit button and pay the app fee, but I am nervous anyway!

I am having some of the worst luck with this research study I am apart of! Oh I got my first little check today from them! Cool! But my luck with some of the equipment has been less than wonderful. I hope the primary investigator doesn't think I'm a mess cuz I am going to ask her for a letter of recommendation soon! LOL

Ummmmm, T minus 10 minutes till I leave to get my hurr did and I have nothing left to say!

Have a wonderful weekend! If you're traveling like me, be safe.

Maybe I shouldn't share this, but I keep having this thought that while I'm on the highway someone is going to cross the median and hit me. I don't feel like anyone gets hurt but the reoccurring thought is bothering me.


LovelyBella73 said...

Drive safe and have a wonderful weekend!!

Freaky Deaky said...

You better go see your mama before she replaces you.

It's a shame that you have more miles on your odometer than I do and I've had my truck almost two years longer. :o( Oh well, I swear on somebody's mama I'll put some miles on my next truck. Um depending on how gas prices are. LOL

The Panthers were playing last night. Did you watch them? I bet you didn't. Fairweather footbal fan! :op

Have a good weekend and safe trip.

Ladynay said...

I will be well rested and alert, believe that Bella. Thanks!

FD, I'll see her in appox. 17 hours! :-)

Take another vacation and drive instead of fly. Gas prices have went down a tad lately.

I didn't watch any tv last night but I bet they won! Just cuz they are one of my teams for the season! *cheese*

Thanks, u2

Monique said...

Pray before you get on the road and drive safe. I'm sure everything will be fine. HAve fun!

Ladynay said...

I will, I will, and I will. Enjoy yours as well!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

hurr sounds like a beast lol

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm here in SC and then you leave for Baltimore. But be safe...and you know, I've been having that same feeling about hitting the median. I stayed in the left lane and did the speed limit and was very safe. Just be safe - stay prayed up and you'll be good.

Look ain't been to my blog to comment and I'm coming back for my corn understand me!

kasandra said...

Hope you had a safe trip!!!

Ladynay said...

T, LOL :-P

D, how long you gonna be down south? I did comment on your blog I wished you safe travels and alla dat! :-D