Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Selling myself is harder than I thought!

Side note: ARgal, my computer does not like your site. Everytime I click you my screen freezes up :-(

Quick run down on school stuff...

Haven't secured internship yet.

Will start volunteering again at the private clinic and maybe even the hospital soon.

My anatomy and physiology class starts Monday. I have to take it again because to apply to Duke you have to have taken it within 5 years of applying there. BOOOOOOOOOO!

Don't have to take the extra stat courses to apply to UNC, so the letter of appeal and all that is out the window thank GOD!

Decided that I will apply to 4 schools: DUKE, UNC-Chapel Hill, East Carolina, and George Washington just for kicks. My first choice is UNC. Tuition plays a HUGE role in that choice. Lemme break it down...2 years @ UNC = 1 year @ Duke...3 years @ UNC aka the entire program = 1 year at GW. ECU is like 3 g's more than UNC which is grrrrrrrrrrrrreat! So yeah I wanna be a Tarheel first, but if someone else takes me and they don't I won't refuse the offer!

On the UNC application, which isn't available yet but I know what's going to be on it thanks to knowing a recent UNC PT school graduate and a member of the admissions committe, I have to write about myself. A personal statement. Basically selling myself to the school and telling them about who I am. Problem is, I have a hard time putting that down on "paper". I know I am driven, hard working and focused. I stay calm most of the time. That's about all I can think of! I know my statement has to have good hearty stick to your bones substance and so far all I got down is an appetizer :-(

Being that I have family, old friends, school friends, new friends, bloggers that never met me but have been reading about my life for years, associates and the like read my blog I am asking for your help. I am honestly asking for help to write this personal statement. I am NOT fishing for compliments or nothing like that. I just need help and some really good positive words to use that would honestly describe me.

When I spoke with a member of the UNC admissions committee awhile ago, she told me that when I write my statement to write it out to the point that when she read it she'd feel like she knew all about me and not to put down what every other pt school applicant will write down. She said she gets tired of reading the same thing over and over. Oh yeah, easier said than done chicka!

So I'm asking yall to help me sell me. Help me tell the admissions committee all about me in a professional, yet not boring manner.....Peasssss I'll be your friend!

You can email your thoughts, suggestions, words, assistance, whatever to if you don't wanna put it in the comment section. Any and all help will be most appreciated!


nikki said...

man...i'm gonna put serious thought into this one. i hope you get into unc! i've always loved the school colors.

blkbutterfly said...

hey, i'm thinking about applying to unc-chapel hill for a ph.d. program! still not sure, yet b/c i'm not sure if it will be a good fit...

oh, wow, i'm feeling in my element right now! 1st honeylibra wants book suggestions and now you want help with the professional statement--- 2 things i know a lot about! i'll get to w/ some suggestions/pointers.

The Goddess said...

I'll have to do something thinking about this one. I have a hard time doing this very same thing. I can't tell you how many times I've had to write or give statements about my character or positive qualities. Its so hard to do with out sounding arrogant. I'll let you know what I come up with.

Darius T. Williams said...

What do you already have written? I could help you from there.

Ladynay said...

Ohhhhhhhh yeah the description queen Nikki is on the case! YAY!

Not a fan of carolina/baby blue but if they take me I'll be one carolina blue sporting sista! LOL!

BB, cool! If you ever come up to see the campus or meet with folks let me know and we'll do lunch.

SEE! That's another reason I asked for help publicly. I knew that this type stuff is in more than a few peoples comfort realm and that they could provide me with good advice :-)

Goddess, Right! I mean you can't just say hire me/admit me/whatever because I am the creme de la creme! :-P

D, I am not confident in what I have down to put it out there yet. Let just say I don't have much and I am starting from scratch.

Freaky Deaky said...

Good luck with that. I've always hated describing myself to other people. It's really difficult. I'll see what I can think of though. Did you mention anything about big booties and thongs? What?! This is important information and if I was on an admissions committee it is definitely something I'd want to know.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how much help I could be because because I have a hard time selling myself too.

Kasandra said...

Damn all the stuff you mentioned that she's tired of hearing is the stuff that 1st came to mind!!! Will think for you though. Maybe break out the dictionary.

LsbnMom said...

You forget that I used to work for the Admissions committee at DOOK! Let me know what you come up with and I will help you tweak it. When the application comes out, send me the exact wording/directions and I will see what I can come up with... as I have read dozens upon dozens of admissions statements! :)

Ladynay said...

Sorry FD, I don't think they want to know about my butt or my undergarments! LOL!

Southern, ain't it hard?

Kasandra, of course that's why it came to mind first. It's like the standard what you think they wanna hear spill!

LM, *gasp* I soooooooooooooo forgot that even tho' I know you've told me before! I think Duke's app is already up, I'll send it to you if it is!