Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pooka's birthday party @ the mad house known as Frankie's Fun Park

I can't believe my child will be 7 on Wednesday. Where does the time go?

Pictures speak louder than words so here are pics of the majority of the inside of this place. There was stuff outside too but I didn't take any pics outside cuz it was hotter than I liked. LOL! The only thing I gotta say is thanks for coming out if you came and next year her party is gonna be @ the HOUSE! Throw some hot dogs and burgers on the grill and end the meal with some cake! LOL! Frankie's can hold and held too many darn people for my liking. It was fun though. Pooka thoroughly enjoyed her first real, invite my friends, type party. The only bad thing that happened was one of her guest couldn't find us. Pooka and I stood at the front door of the place for an hour to pass out arcade cards and fun house bracelets to her guests, so I have no clue how I missed him come in and leave. The place is quite large but I was at the front door. They had to have passed us at some point. I didn't remember what the little boy looked like but Pooka was with me and she would have pointed him out if she saw him. Pooka was sad her ex-classmate missed out. Oh well, everything happens for a reason.

Oh yeah, the short clip is of a ride called the drop zone. None of Pooka's guests wanted to partake so I had to video other folks kids on it! LOL The round thing to the left of the drop zone with illuminating rings around it is this thing called the Spider Web. There's a ton of this black roping of sorts in different patterns and the kids have to climb through it up to the top. Pooka loved it. I took pics of her climbing up, but just like you can't see the kids climbing on the clip, you couldn't see Pooka, so I deleted them.

I'm going to lay down!


The Goddess said...

That looks like it was so much fun. The ride looks like one they have in MN at valley fair called the power tower. It goes up like 200 something feet and then drops. I think I'm getting too old for those rides. I'd probably pass out. Lol Glad Pooka had a good party. Happy B-day to her!!!!!!!!

Black Mamba said...

Forget the kids...lemme at drop zone, it's MY TURN!!!! lol
That ride looks fun :-)
Happy Bday to Pooka!!!

Freaky Deaky said...

Pooka chickened out? Was that before or after she noticed that growing wet spot on your pants? LOL!

I'm glad everyone had fun. And surely there was a piece of cake saved for me since that kid never showed up. Just wrap it up, put some dry ice in a box, and mail it to me. I'll be waiting. Mmm cake!

Happy Birthday to Pooka!

Darius T. Williams said...

Hmmm - looks like this would be soooo much fun. I know I'm old as shit, but next time, do u think I can get an invite? Thanks!

AR Gal said...


Look at her, she's such a doll!!

That place looks WAY cooler than the mess that is Chuck E. Cheese.

Christian said...
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blkbutterfly said...

i'm with the kids. i would not have gotten on that ride! lol... i don't do rides that make me sick to my stomach.

Happy Birthday to Pooka!

kasandra said...

Oh man places like that bring the kid outta me!!! I would of had (or at least tried) my grown tail on that ride!!!


Ladynay said...


Goddess, it was fun and expensive! LOL There are many different versions of the ride. I saw on tv one day a ride that was on top of a sky scraper!!! Lawwwwd have mercy! The day when ride like that excited me has passed.

Black Mamba, You can have it! Nobody in our party got on that thing! LOL!

Freaky, we all chickened out. Bumper boats and go karts seemed like a better fit! :-)

I sent it super duper express mail? Did you get it? I sent it to 6969 In Your Eye Lane, Freakytopia, SX 69696

Darius, ummmm yeah sure you can get an invite, but next year we not doing Frankie's it too darn pricey! LOL

ARgal, It's a Chuck E. Cheese for people who think they too old for Chuck E. Cheese but not quite a Dave and Busters.

BB, Everyone took a pass on the ride. I am not much of a thrill rider anymore.

Kasandra, like I told Mamba, you can have it. I would have had fun taping you on that from the ground! LOL

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

That's my kind of ride!


Ladynay said...

Again, you can have it girl! I'll watch as you mamba, kasandra, and the rest of yall scream! LOL!