Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting it all together....

What's been going on on my side of the internet since Frankie's?

Pooka is LOVING school despite her not being back in the habit of grabbing her book bag in the mornings! LOL! She has learned how to spread the peanut butter and jelly on the bread evenly now so of course she wants PB&J for dinner everyday and she has to make complaints here! 5 pounds lost so far on the PB&J diet! HAHAHAHAHA! I asked her if we could have something other than sandwiches. She says the next dinner will be microwaved Ramen (another "meal" she is allowed to make). Oh boy I can't wait! I like when I don't have to cook! HAHAHAHAHAHA

I have been training folks to do what I do on the job so when I leave on the 5th someone will have some idea of how to do stuff. I didn't really realize how many little extra things I did around here that no one else took care of. Mainhater, of all people, came to my office in real tears when she read the mass email I sent out letting everyone I was leaving. Wasn't really expecting that! I mean yeah she worked my nerve from time to time before she retired and since she came back we were okay, but still tears? Really? I wasn't planning on telling my coworkers but my supervisor said that I might as well announce it because once she posts my position up they all gonna be asking questions anyway. The coworker with the platinum heart, the one who brought Pooka a bike one Christmas and feeds the office from time to time, is throwing me a pizza party Friday. She came and asked me what type of food I wanted. The first thing that came to mind was pizza. *shrug* I really wish she wouldn't do this but I know her and it's better that you tell her what you want than her going waaaay overboard doing what she wants.

I have officially registered for the GRE since payday is today *holly spirit dance*. I will be taking it first thing Thursday, September 11. I wanted to take it on Saturday the 13th, but all the slots were filled. All the Saturday slots were filled for September so I had to take what I could get. Do I need to study harder for the exam? Sure. Will I let this test stress me? No.

I'm renewing my CPR stuff next week.

School is school.

I went to the hospital that screwed me over for the first time since they screwed me over in June yesterday. The therapists really missed me and even tho' I didn't get the position it felt right being there. I even got a chance to meet the lady who got the position, she seems nice too. The only thing that bugged me is the way she does certain layer the pillows in the middle of the therapy table vs. stacking them at the head, folding the towels 3 different ways, and having no real organization in the storage closet...but that's her domain and I will just go with the flow. In hindsight I am glad I didn't get the position cuz I have control over when I will and won't be there and it won't affect if I can pay my bills. I like being the one to dictate where I need to be and when I need to be there.

I may also do some intern work at the athletic performance center. This is the same place I spoke of earlier where a broad range of athletes (weekend warriors to professionals) come for therapy, strengthening, conditioning, etc...from what I hear this is definitely a more hands on experience than the hospital. The head PT guy emailed me yesterday asking me what days, times and for how long I wanted to do this. Again, with the me controlling how my day goes (yay) I emailed him back asking if what I put down was okay. It's basically half days. I'll give him till next Friday to say yes he's cool or no he isn't cool with what I offered.

So if he says yeah he is cool, my schedule for the next 3 months will be something like this

Athletic Performance Center
Aquatic Training
Home to sleep for 4 hours and start again

If he is not cool, the schedule will be the same, just change the APC with Hospital cuz either way I have to clock 400 hours by Thanksgiving. *sigh*

The whole idea scares me a bit. Snookums doesn't think it's a great idea. Mommy asked me why I always choose to have a million things going at the same time. Truth is, doing this is needed to get where I want to be. There isn't much of an option for me. I told Snookums if I make it for 3 months on this schedule I'd stick an S on my chest! LOL! I love being able to accomplish things most think is bananas but even I'm kinda wondering on this here...I know I can make it, but will I be a sleep deprived bitch at the end? We'll see won't we.

As for today? I am going to do the work thing then drop Pooka off at this pajama party @ a center she goes to that she's been asking me over and over and over about. While she is at the center partying, momma is going to take herself to the dollar fiddy movie and finally see Wanted! YAY Mommy! Saturday Babydaddy is coming down to scoop Pooka up for some overnite time. As soon as he picks her up I am going to the courtry to participate in Aunt Diva's baby shower and another cousins engagement party. It's going to be one big ole cookout! Family reunion part II minus the fam in Philly. LOL! Pooka was kinda mad she wasn't going with me, but she's okay with it now. On Sunday Pooka and I are going to watch NCCU play some football! I get in free, Pooka is 5 bucks, parking is 5 bucks, and we'll already be in Chapel Hill that day so going to the game is on the way home! Family time at a live game for 10 bucks ain't bad! LOL!

Oh yeah, being that I will be in a gym, therapy room, or pool 90% of my week with no internet access, I may become a weekend blogger in the near future.


Young,Black and DL said...

ManI feel like I have been missing for like forever,I'm going to have to take this weekend and read past post...what's Frankies?

If I was Snookums, I would be worried too, in the midst of all that hectic schedule, I didn't see a slot, for breaking him off, with a little booty...getting a little love down. I guess he will be getting real familiar, with his left hand...or is he a right hand jacker?

And did you say 4 hours of sleep... uh good luck on that, you are a better person than I am!

A PB&J diet?...I'm going to have to try that sometime, although I don't think it will work for me, I can't eat a PB&J without Doritos,I don't know why, but I think it has something to do with my child hood, that combination registers something.

Tasha said...

I haven't stopped by in a while so I need to catch up. You are one busy lady, but I'm glad things are getting on the right track for you!

Freaky Deaky said...

A weekend blogger? With that schedule it sounds like you should be in bed and dead to the world on weekends.

PB&J and Ramen? *wrinkles my nose* Eww!

Hope you and Pooka enjoy the football game. You should wear thongs. What?!

Mmm pizza party. Ship me a few slices of pepperoni please. I'll be your best friend. :oD

Rashan Jamal said...

That's a real busy schedule. I don't know how you do it. I don't have any kids and I can't even bring myself to do OT.

PB&J is cool, but I'ma have to pass on the Ramen. LOL

Ladynay said...

You have been missing forever. I wondered about you! Really I did! Cross my heart. *smile*

See my last post about Frankies. Pooka had her b-day party there.

He's a....hey I am not sharing that info! LOL! I don't like to think of how much we won't get it, but the times when we do get it! Oh yeah!

I've lived on 4 hours before, I can do it again. It's only for a few months.

That's not all we eat, just what we've been having for dinner lately! LOL PB&J and Doritos doesn't sound right to me even though I know there is nothing wrong with it.

Tashaaaaaaaaaaa hey girl! Haven't been by your slice of the internet in a minute either. You and D probably married with a grown child by now! *wink*

Freaky, Oh I'll get my sleep on, trust, but I won't forget everything else in the process.

You don't like PB&J either? I already knew about the Ramen. Man you missing out!

It looks like Pooka won't be with me for the game cuz her father doesn't plan to bring her back to me until later that evening *shrug* I asked if he could bring her back before I left Sunday and that request got rejected real quick.

A few slices? I'll see what I can do *double wink*

Ladynay said...

Rashan, me neither but I'm going to do it, for a few months anyways :-)

That's ight, that's just more packs of Ramen for me and mine! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Kat said...

Hey Lady. Not a fan of PB&J either. But I've lost about 5 pounds because my dinners lately have been chicken noodle soup. Just been so busy, that's what's been in the there ya go! HAHAH But shoot.....anything the little ones can cook for themselves is a winner in my book! HAHAHA

Hope everything works out for ya. Sounds like a packed schedule. I'm guessing you wont be at the reunion then huh?

Ladynay said...

KAT!!!! I meant to put you on blast for not telling me about the reunion! You know good and well I don't check my myspace page but once every other month! ROFL!

I didn't find out about it till the day before the money was due!*pout*

Yall have a great time and take some pics for me. Malik P. is on the reunion committee so he will be there. Make sure you get a pic of him for me! He'll be the really dark toned, smoothed skin brotha with a st8 colgate white smile. Can't miss him!*wink*

"anything the little ones can cook for themselves is a winner in my book!" Let the church say amen! HAHAHAHAHA!

Kat said...

See! I was counting on YOU to go and take pics. I can't make it. :(

Ladynay said...

Well looks like we have to cross our fingers and hope someone posts up some good stuff on myspace huh? :-D

kasandra said...

Wow your gonna be one busy momma. Is someone going to drop off and pick up Pooka for ya? PB&J is the shiznit!!! Especially if the PB&J is mixed together first then spreaded. Man I gotta start teaching my son. That would be sweet to have to come home and not do a damn thang.

Ladynay said...

Nah Kasandra, on the days I can't take her to work with me I'll be the one transporting her where ever she will be that night.

Be prepared for some jacked up sandwiches when he starts doing it alone! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

JayBee said...

is there some way we can increase the amount of sleep? your schedule seems daunting to say the least.

blkbutterfly said...

wow... you are going to be quite busy in the very near future. i know you gotta do what you need to do, but i agree w/ Jaybee, is there any way to increase the amount of sleep?

oh the joys of having a 7 year old! a few of my students are 7 and i love how independent they are/are becoming.

weekend blogger? girl, with that schedule, i don't know if blogging will be a concern come the weekend. ;-)

Monique said...

Sounds like the tide is really turning for you girl. You better work it!

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - ain't nothing wrong being a weekend blogger. Seems like u got a lotta stuff going on though - do your thing ma, do your thing!

AR Gal said...

A week without LadyNay is like a month in blogdome time. lol I miss your frequent post but I do understand you have a bigger calling.

I'll be waiting for your posts on the weekend young grasshopper! :-)

Ladynay said...

JB, I don't have aquatic training everyday so some days I will have more time than others.

BB, it's the cutest thing when they are excited about doing the little things on their own! :-D

Monique, the ball is slowly rolling in the direction I want it! Kinda scary.

Darius, I will. THere is no other choice.

ARgal, my blogging has slowed down a lot since the days of me blogging everyday.