Thursday, August 07, 2008

So yeah....

The themed post for this month is sleep. Funny things that's happened while you were sleep, pranks you've played on folks that were sleep, you get the drift. My blog buddy Freaky Deaky sent me a message threatening me with bricks if I didn't put up a real post soon or at the very least give out the theme for the there it is! LOL!

I've been 28 for almost 3 weeks now and I never said what I did. For my birthday I took a physics test, went to work, saw the X-files movie, and went to a local restaurant I've been wanting to go to forever. I had ostrich for an appetiser. It was okay, a tad too soft of a meat for my tastes.

Between then and now Snookums and I went to a Sara Barailes (sp), Counting Crows, Maroon 5 concert. It was ight. I only know one Sara Barailes song and she sung that while I was standing in line to get in the Pavilion. I've never ever had to stand in line to get into the Pavilion, that was NUTS! By time we got in and found a place to sit on the lawn she was pretty much singing her last song. Oh well. As we were waiting for the Counting Crow folks to set the stage up a couple with lawn chairs came up and was like...hey we are going to sit and if we are in your way let us know. Very nice and unexpected. They sat and we could still see so it was all good. CC do their thing and this white girl with a short sleeved yellow shirt and jeans and her friend come and stand right in front of us. For a good while all I could see was a small, flat, white girl ass! *eyeroll* rude I tell you! I guess she found who she was looking for and her and her friend started making their way through the crowd on the lawn. Maroon 5 was great. The lead singer sounds like radio! COOL! The outfits some of the chicks were wearing where great too, just out of place. I mean, if you know you have lawn seats to a concert, why would you wear a dress that's stops half an inch below your butt? Why would you wear heels? Like I said, the outfits I saw were cute and I know most of them were with their man so looking cute may have been high on the priority list, but COME ON! Fortunately most of us females on the lawn had on shorts or jeans like me. We could actually lay down on our blankets comfortably without showing the world our goodies :-)

2 weeks ago I started aquatic training a subject with cerebral palsy. It's apart of a research study I am involved in. So far, so wonderful! My subject is a sweetheart and funny as I don't know what. Being in the physical therapy pool is a great experience. There isn't too much I can say about it, but I am having a good time and getting paid to do so, can't complain about that. And no Freaky, no thongs involved :-)

I took my Physics final yesterday. I studied and still walked out that room feeling like a failure. When you study hard the test isn't supposed to look like a foreign language! :-( If the numbers add up right, I won't be getting a grade I can live with and may have to take Physics 2 over if I want to get into Duke's PT school. Snookums said not to get down on myself until the grades come in, that I could be surprised. So I am not going to spend too much energy predicting my future on a grade that hasn't been published yet. My professor has until tomorrow at 4pm to turn his grades in. What I get in this class will kinda determine how things may go for me in the future.

I interviewed for a job on the 29th. I think it went well but I haven't heard anything yet. The 12th will make 2 weeks so I'll email for a status then. No need to check for a status anymore, I didn't get the job :-( In the mean time, I have applied to 2 other places that are hiring. One I didn't find out about until 4:15 yesterday and they stopped taking apps at 5 that day!!! So I rushed and completed the app and faxed it to the place barely b4 5. I am supposed to have a position "interning" before the 18th when the fall semester begins but I don't know if that's going to happen. I have to talk to my advisor Dr. P about what's may happen. Again, situations up in the air.

I've called the supervisor at what was my plan B to see if I could start volunteering again. The only reason I stopped was because of Physics and on my last day she said to let her know when I was ready to come back. I called her on Tuesday, she hasn't got back to me yet. She's a popular therapist so I won't freak out that she hasn't called me back just yet.

On the 23rd Pooka is having her first real birthday party at this place that's like a Chuck E Cheese for teenagers. They have go karts, bumper boats, a ride where they take you in the air and drop you, laser tag, and stuff like that. I don't know who's more excited, me or her! LOL!

The weekend before that I am going to B-more for a family reunion. It's going to be a reallllll quick trip. Drive up early Saturday and drive back Sunday so I can be on campus Monday for the first day of class. The grade I get in Physics will determine what I may take in the fall, if anything, in addition to the internship. So far I've already dropped American Sign Language. I still want to learn but I can take a course at a community college or somewhere where the grade I get won't affect my GPA.

I try to plan and put myself in good positions of advancement early so things won't be so unpredictable, and I haven't done a good job thus far. I don't have a game plan outside of the water therapy research I am apart of. I don't like not knowing what I am going to be doing. I am accustomed to knowing and figuring out ways to get it done successfully. *sigh* Right now I am supposed to be working at the hospital's rehab clinic and super excited about the B I got in Physics. Not this!


Freaky Deaky said...

Who says the threat of violence doesn't get results. *puts the bricks away...for now* I got my eye on you Ladynay. *rubs a brick & laughs to myself*

Eww! Phlatties offend me. :o( I love Maroon 5. I think they were here in late June. I didn't go. I see nothing wrong with wearing short dresses at a concert, especially if they stand over me or lay in a position that gives me a nice view. More women should do that. :o) What?!

What do they have some type of anti-thong policy at the facility you use? If so let me know and I can organize a protest or something.

Hopefully Pooka's party isn't overrun by a bunch of obnoxious teens. A ride that picks you up into the air and drops you? Mkay.

I take it you don't want to spend a lot of time with your peeps? Boooo!

Ladynay said...

You have a topic and you still being mean :-( I'm going to cry now!

Maroon 5 was the only reason we went to the concert! They did a good job and if they didn't come by already I would tell you to go see them. Hmmmmm maybe those woman wanted to risk having their goodies seen by the world....hmmmmmm

I am not telling *zips lips* leave the facility alone!

Yep, it's called the drop zone. Most amusement places have a version of this ride. You and a bunch of other folks strap in. It pulls you up slowly and vertically and once you reach the top it drops you slowing down only at the last minute. I am passed the time where rides like that excited me and Pooka don't like rides like that right now so neither one of us will get on it during her party.

The reunion is over the weekend anyway so I won't miss much. I'll be there for the important stuff :-)

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Hey! Came by! Said hi!
Hated college level physics too! I so feel you on the foreign language thing!

Kasandra said...

Ostrich??? OOOOKKKK!!!!

Pooka's party sounds like hella fun. Parties like that brings out the kid in me as well. LOL!!!

blkbutterfly said...

what did you think of the x-files movie? i didn't like it all that much. then again i didn't really watch the show.

the Kanye concert i went to was also outdoors and i saw several women dressed in heels, short dresses, etc. as much as i love heels, i could not be out there pulling my heels outta the grass! not a good look...

Ladynay said...

Hey 2nd 68! Thank you for saying hi, I appreciate it :-D

Kasandra, yep ostrich! When I have access to try a new food I usually do, so I did :-)

Yeah acting like kid is fun sometimes! I've never been to this place so I'm ready!

BB, X-files was okay. I kinda agree with most of the online reviews I read that said it felt like an extended tv episode, not a silver screen movie production. I thought it could use more x-fileish mystery. I loved the first 2 seasons they were on Fox.

OKAY!!!!!!! You know they were cleaning them shoes when they got home. They could have looked just as nice in sneakers and street casual attire! *smh* I'll even say that if you had a seat you could possibly wear the teeny weeny stuff, but not on the LAWN! LOL!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i used to teach physics

Ladynay said...

Wish you could have took my tests for me :-(

jwilli said...

i know you love concerts. so, i thought i'd let you know that Boyz II Men will be in raleigh on friday august 22:

Ladynay said...

Hey! Thanks for speaking! I was wondering who was checking me out from State! mmmmm hmmmm

I gotta look into the BIIM concert, good looking out. Thank you.

The Goddess said...

Girl you are SUPER busy.

I'm with snookums, don't be stressing out, I'm sure you did fine on your physics. I always get worked up too over tests and end up pleasantly surprised.

Pooka's going to have a good old time. Shoot I think I wanna come too. Lol

Ladynay said...


Why do we get worked up about stuff like that? LOL It's stupid and a waste, yet I do it :-( I did tell Snookums right off the top that he was right ;-)

It's at 3pm on the 23rd, come along! :-D