Friday, August 01, 2008

Telling the rest and catching up....

First let me say that I did receive your ecard, yeah you, but the system you used to send it is down and won't let me open it right now. I'll reply to the card once I am able to see it.

Then let me say that Blogger only tells me when certain people comment on my blog. I don't know why or what the criteria is but for the most part I don't know when people comment. So if you comment on an older post and I did not reply to it after a few's a very good chance I didn't see it. I am not intentionally trying to avoid anyone. Promise!

Okay, not that that's out of the way....

Luvin me asked was I kicking schools butt or was it kicking mine. It's kicking mine. Physics and I don't get along, never have. The final is on Tuesday or Wednesday and I am praying for a C. I will still graduate with a D, but a D on my transcript isn't pretty (A C isn't much better) and it will pretty much eliminate my reason to apply to Duke's PT school. Physics is a prerequisite and all prerequisites must be passed with a C or better.

Black Butterfly asked:

If you could change 1 choice you made, what would it be? Hmmmmmmmm I would say relying on the top dog at the hospital to keep her word or withdrawing from Physics many years ago because it was hard. I should have stuck it out and I would have graduated in May.

Of what are you most proud? I am proud that I am able take care of me and Pooka's needs and some of our wants without a bunch of help. When I got pregnant people thought that I wouldn't be able handle mine. But I'm making it.

what do you love and what do you dislike/hate about blogging? Love the interacting, love reading about how other people deal with life and looking at how they express themselves, love the encouragement people give when others aren't feeling there best, love comments

Hate I am not addicted like I used to be, hate the drama, hate anonymous commenter's that have nothing to say, hate the novel writing commenter (not the people who put lengthy comments on your blog, but that person who comes around periodically on every one's blog and does that excessive comment about religion/gov't/blah blah blah...that person!)
that's all I can think of at the moment.

where do you see yourself in 7 years? (know idea why i choose7 instead of 5 or 10. :-)
In 7 years I may be 2-3 years into my career, with a home, a hubby and another baby.

Torrence asked:

what makes u blog the fact that my mom or Snookums don't wanna hear every little detail of my life everyday on the phone, the outlet I have to express myself about whatever is on my mind, the interaction with other people, you all that comment on the regular on my side of the net even tho' there are much better blogs out there.

who are your fav blogs the ones listed on the right along with a few others.

and what blogs do u dislike the ones that restrict my access, the ones that are always drama filled, and blogs that don't update at least once a week despite me being at fault of doing the same thing. Life happens and we gotta deal with it away from the computer sometimes and sometimes you just don't feel like it, but still....

Thank you all for participating in this and hanging with me despite me being in and out. Come this Wednesday I'm gonna start catching up with everyone. July was a more active month for me and thank goodness I've survived it. I finally started water training with a subject this week but I'll jot my feelings about it later.


Young,Black and DL said...

I have one thing to say Lady Nay to the need to update your right side, boo...butI still love yah!

Thanks for answering my follow up questions, by the way!

blkbutterfly said...

ok, i'm being really nosy here. but, why did ppl think you wouldn't be able to take care of things when you became pregnant?

i also don't like when anonymous (or not so anonymous) commenters have nothing to say.

hmm... after getting all of your questions, i think i should have asked you more. ;-)

Darius T. Williams said...

Yea, blogger is a mess, ain't it...but what would we do without it?

Freaky Deaky said...

Blogger sucks! Come on over to Wordpress with the cool kids.

People always say trite stuff like it's just the Internet, it's not that serious. If I met that idiot who publishes his manifesto all over blogdom I'd really kick his ass. Seriously. I'd beat him until both of my fists were bloody pulps of flesh and bone.

Do you really mean anonymous commenters or are we talking about my personal scourge, the lurker? They should all be aborted no matter their age. :oD

Water training? What's up with that? Does it involve wearing a thong?

Ms.Honey said...

Interesting answers home skilley :)

Ladynay said...

BlkButterfly, I don't really know why folks didn't think I could do it to be honest, but peoples reactions to finding out I was pregnant was interesting. It was like...OMG Ladynay is pregnant, what is she going to do, how is she going to handle it, blah blah blah *eyeroll*