Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Telling sommo' (part 2)

From the desk of YB&DL:

What is your favorite dish at the Olive Garden?
I've only been to the Olive Garden 2 or 3 times in my life so I can't think of a dish I would consider a favorite. I do know that I enjoy their black tie/something tie dessert they have. It's creamy and chocolatety!

Even though you have locks, have you ever seen other person, with some rough looking locks, and said to them, "Damn! Maybe YOU should drop the locks a get a perm!?" I am not very fond of the free form lock look (when people just let there hair grow, no maintenance, just washing...like true rastas do) but I've never thought that someone should put a relaxer in it. For many people, unlike myself, having locks is more than a way to wear their hair. Some link their locks to very deep and personal things and I respect that.

A new singer Katy Perry, has a song "I Kissed a Girl," and in the song she says and I liked it...have you and did you like it also? Yep, once upon a time while taking part in an adult situation, my guy at the time wanted me to kiss another female involved. She was a good kisser.

Besides the cheese biscuits, what else do you get at, Le' Red Lobster? I forget the fancy name for it but it's lobster pieces, pasta, and a creme sauce. Very tastey. The last time I went to RL the cheese biscuits were NOT like I remembered them to be :-(

When is the last time someone made your eyes roll in the back of your head? March 2008. Snookums was very hungry and I think he was trying to eat me from the inside out. Wish I could remember happened to trigger that session cuz that was GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT like my man Tony the tiger would say.

Do you think that new single father you met, who needed someone to braid his daughters hair could make your eyes roll and your toes curl? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I laughed at this question the first time I read it cuz I don't think I mentioned in that blog entry that dude had a nice package below the waist. I mean even one of the lesbians I was hanging with had to mention his blessings! So even tho' having heavy meat don't mean you got skill, I'd put money on it that he may know what to do with the goods. I am just curious what made you ask that.

I've heard over and over again PT this and PT that, I keep thinking you mean Part Time, but I know that's wrong, and I thought for a while it meant Personal Trainer at the clinic, but I think that's wrong too, what exactly is PT? PT stands for Physical Therapy when I grow up I wanna be a physical therapist :-) I answered the question yesterday the way I did so I would not pre answer your question today.

Do you ever hope that you and Pookas father will get back together one day? NO!!!!!! We function a million times better the way we are now. I don't trust him with anything except Pooka or Pooka related things.

When it comes to men, are you a size Queen? Nah, simply because I've experienced a dude with double digits inches that didn't do shit for me and I've had non double digit men who took care of business and then some. So when you say size you mean length, no, if you mean width...that's another story. The one thing the men that did something for me had was thickness. Gotta have the thickness. LOL!

Monique asked why I chose PT....well this kinda was answered in Kasandra's 4th question. Basically I initially wanted to be an athletic trainer but the school requirements didn't allow me to work and PT's can do what AT's do plus some. In physical therapy you have a wider range of things you can get into. AT's deal mostly with sports related injuries.

Nikki asked when was the last time I got a good stroking and with whom? That same session in March with Snookums, not to say the sex after that was bad but that particular hook up was one for the books :-) Damn I need to remember what got the party jumping!

Darius asked:

1. So when will you FINALLY be done with school?
I get my undergrad on December 13th, 2008. When I get into pt school I'd start sometime in 2009 (some pt schools start in Jan, some in Aug) and graduate 3 years later, so I'll be completely done with school around 2012ish at the latest.

2. The new car, are you loving it or regretting it and why? I am loving the fact that I have something reliable to get me around. No regrets to date. Well only that I put approximately 68 miles on my car every weekday, but that's not because of the car.

3. What's the best thing you want to do for Pooka in life? I want to raise her in a manner where she is wise enough to make the best choices for herself and able to handle life responsibly and with her head up when shit don't go her way. When you hear about somebody who did something crazy people tend to always blame it on that persons upbringing. I, as well as others, tend to think that everything starts at home so if I can continue to create/maintain a home where Pooka learns how to deal with life responsiby that's all I can ask for.

4. When am I getting my cornbread that you left out of that menu you cooked a little bit ago? I'll be in Gaffney, SC soon. HAHAHAHAHAHA I don't know where Gaffney is but you will get it when you come cook for me. You can cook everything but the cornbread! Yeah I like that idea!

Slaven asked:

#1. What is your BEST memory of High School? I will some it up as the entire band experience from freshman to junior year. I learned so much by being involved with that group of people. I'll never forget it. Other than that it would be hanging out at PG Plaza, oh I am sorry....The mall at Prince Georges after school. We just knew we were grown.

#2. What is your WORST memory of High School? It's a toss up between losing ALL the senior pix folks gave me at the senior picnic and almost walking off the stage sans stairs at graduation.

#3. Did you have a crush in High School that many people didn't know of? Can we say Malik P? Or Rodney M? Or Jose D? Thought you could! LOL Never wanted to pursue anything but they were beautiful to look at!

#4. If you could vacation ANYWHERE, where would you go? Somebodies island. I had sooooooo much fun in Jamaica I got to experience more places like that!

#5. If you were financially able to, would you home school Pooka? Actually no, I think the school environment, no matter how harsh it is at times, offers experiences you can't get in home school. I would love to have the best of both worlds by having her go to school and teaching her extra on the side. I sorta do that now, but haven't gone the extra mile yet.

#6. Who got you into "Blogger"? My girl Nakki aka MzSkyBluez. It's all her fault! LOL

#7. If you could play a role in ANY movie, what would it be? Whomever gets the largest percentage of dough from a blockbuster hit! I was pondering way too long on that question so that's the best I can give! LOL! That was kinda hard to answer.

#8. What's your favorite thing to do on the weekend? Sleep, hands down. I also like spending time with folks that are important to me cuz I don't do much hanging during the week.

#9. Are you tired of my questions yet? Nope, kinda wish you had more of them

#10. If you could have ONE super power, which would you choose. Invisibility, that way I could travel for free and during the times I don't want to be bothered *poof* allllllllllllllllll alone.

Okay, it's time for me to get up and get ready for my interview at plan C. I only have like 5 more questions left and I'll get to them after I land this job! Wish me luck!


Kat said...

HAHAHAH I remember Rodney M and Jose D....who's Malik P?

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Sorry I missed your birthday.


AR Gal said...

good luck on the interview!!!

LovelyBella73 said...

Many blessing on the interview!!
I know you'll get it.

Darius T. Williams said...

Cook for you? I can do that with no problem. You tell me what you like and when you'll be in Chicago and then it's yours!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i cant recant the last time i ate at red lobster

kasandra said...


Ms.Honey said...

Dang you make cornbread...and when am I getting my scarf or hat whatever you're gonna sew me lol


Young,Black and DL said...

I got some follow up questions, your answers have left me with more question lady, but I think I will email them first, but not this moment.

MzNewy said...

Ok I just realized you went to school in PG county...Me TOO!!!! Friendly in da house!!!! wow really is a small world.

Ladynay said...

Slaven, Smooth dark skin, pretty smile, kept his hair with a close cut, dated Amanda F. all throughout high school.....

Southern, HAPPY BELATED TO YOU!!!!!!!

Argal, thanks I think it went well. The only thing is if I get it I'll be taking a big pay cut! :-(

Bella, we'll see. My fingers are crossed.

Darius, that's what I'm talking about! Let me think of something complicated and get back with you! :-D

Torrence, it's been awhile for me too.

Kasandra, we shall see in the hopefully not to distant future.

Honey, don't you crochet or knit? *searching memory bank* You'll get it when I make it. Problem is there isn't any telling when that will be! LOL!

YB&DL, I am not surprized you have more questions. Depending on what you ask you may get your response via email as well.*wink*

NewNew, we travel in different spaces in the same flippin box! I'd bet money we've seen one another in passing somewhere! Like you was in the seat across from you on the city bus or something.