Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cuz Bitch I'm the Bomb Like Tick Tick

The title most likely will have nothing to do with whatever I may type about but I like that line in that T-Wayne song.

Since 2 bloggers and my man said that I need to give my blog some love cuz it was feeling kinda lonely, I am doing so.

What's been going on over here lately?

The caregiver position I quit my state job for is some kinda shady. But, everything happens for a reason so it's a good thing. Let me summarize. I get the job, take the pee test, and turn my info in for my background check. I wait awhile and call to check a status. No call back. Call again. No call back. Call one more time cuz 3 times is a charm. They still haven't called so fuck them. In the mean time I was looking online for a part time gig that would keep me afloat. I found this industrial rehab place that was looking for a part time PT aide! I shot them my resume, I get an email back asking if I could come interview. I do the interview thing on a Tuesday or Wednesday. They tell me that they have more interviews and that I would hear by Friday. Cool. Friday came and went with no call so I automatically thought I didn't get it. Being that I never really heard of industrial rehab I was still curious to see what they did there so on Monday I emailed the chick asking her if I could shadow there one day so I could see how they did their thing and I got an response asking about my availability on Thursdays. Since all I was doing was volunteer stuff I told her I was available all day. She offered me the job! YAY! If I was working that caregiver job I would not have been looking and found the rehab job that's closer to my career choice!

It was originally set up for 2 half days and one full day but they changed it to 2 full days and 1 half day. I started last week and I like it alot. The business is new (started in 2006) and there are soon to be 7 of us in total but it's all good. There is TONS of room for growth and that just makes the job even better IMO. I've told a few people that even if I didn't get into PT school this go around that I'd be sad, but so far I'd be perfectly okay working at this company until someone let me in. That says a lot.

The exercise physiologist/personal trainer/work conditioner/whatever he wants to be called that day is a shit talking easy to look at mess! I don't know how his wife or kids deal with him cuz he is always joking around or talking shit. The office manager is cool as a mug, she is going to school like me. The Pres is a PT and the VP is a marketing genius (so I've heard), the OT is very quiet but slides in jokes when you least expect it. The new part time PT hasn't started yet. We have our first ever family day next month. I'm kinda excited about that.

I'm still doing my thing at the hospital. Now that the therapist know that I am in process of applying to PT school they are quizzing me left and right. Even though I don't get stuff right sometimes I love that they are doing it. Today we had a Greek pot luck to celebrate September birthdays and let me tell yah. I am sooooooooooooo glad I am in a gym all day just about everyday most of the day! LOL!

The only thing missing from the gyms I am in is a pool. I really want to get back into swimming again and get my endurance back up to the time I was swimming mad laps before getting tired. I get a discount at the hospitals wellness center so I might end up there.

Still losing weight even though I can't tell. Two people stated that they could but the scale don't move very much. *shrug*

Pooka has started picking her own clothes to wear to school. It all started this week when what I picked out was not what she wanted to wear. I was in an off mood and really didn't feel like debating it so I told her to go to her room and find an outfit. What she came out wearing was really cute! I was impressed! The next day I let her pick her stuff out again and once again she got a stamp of approval. So that is officially something of Pookas that I no longer have to handle! YAY!

My anatomy and physiology professor sucks...period. I am thankful I've had the class already cuz if I didn't I don't know what kind of grade I would get with him! He is very picky, speaks really fast, and studders badly. Now when I say picky I really mean picky. For example, during one of our labs he told one side of the room to answer the even questions and the other side do the odd ones. He told us to write even or odd on our pre numbered paper. The woman who sits next to me got 7 out of the 10 questions we had to answer correct, but she got a ZERO on that portion of the lab because she didn't write even on her paper. She answered the questions in the even numbered spaces so it's not like he couldn't see that she was answering the even questions, but there is NO talking to the man. It made me mad and I got points for that section! LOL! That's just unfair. I mean he could have took a few points off because she didn't write the word, but a ZERO? Come on now.....

Aquatic Training is going well. We are over half way done and I hate it. I like my subject. She has a cool spirit and I already miss training her a few times a week. Hopefully I will pick up another subject after me and my current subject are done.

I asked the primary investigator, who is a PT and a member of the UNC admissions committee, if she would write me a letter of recommendation. She basically told me no because she doesn't know me THAT well personally to write me a good recommendation. She said that most admissions committees know what a generic letter looks like and don't give them too much weight. I was kinda sad by that but she made sense so I kept it moving. That was a few weeks ago, flash forward to tonight. She was there observing me and 2 other trainers like she periodically does and she asked me how my application process was going. I told her I was still working on my essays and haven't officially submitted anything yet. Then she goes on to tell me how she would write me a recommendation if I needed one.....*crickets* I'm confused.

I don't even know if I blogged about my aunts baby shower that was Labor Day weekend. But anyways, my father showed up and I gave him my contact info for the millionth time. Time passes and one night I get a phone call from the man. We talk for a bit and he tells me his wife wants to talk to me.....ummmm why? She gets on the phone and she is trying to make nice with me but I am not interested. It's not her fault. I don't know the woman and she deserved better treatment, however, she is my fathers wife and as it stands right now I will not lose any sleep if I never saw my father again. So any additional connections to him that have not been previously established are not of interest to me. So anywho, we talk and she gives me her personal cell number......ummmmmm why would she give me that? What reason would I have to call her? We talk abit then end the conversation shortly after she mentioned again how she wanted to meet me and her granddaughter. ****SSSSSCREEEEEEECHHHHH**** I didn't correct her but I HATE when people do that! Pooka is NOT your grandchild by blood or by play play like her play cousins. She is your husbands grandchild and your husband can barely say her name right, knows shit about her, and doesn't want to be called granddaddy or any variation of the sort!

I'm gonna stop cuz I can rant on and on an on about that man who helped make me. All I will add is his wife emailed me asking if Pooka and I could attend the surprise birthday party she is throwing my father next month. The company picnic is the same Saturday and I'd rather go to the picnic.

State Fair is coming and I will be going! Too bad we are not going to have any entertainment I would want to see. Mario is coming but that's about it. If he comes on the day I'm going I may go see him. Don't know just yet.

I am going to see Janet and LL Cool J on 10/4! I brought an extra ticket thinking I'd find someone to go with me but most of my local friends have things going on so I'm taking Pooka. The place is a decent drive away so we'll probably stay at a local mo/hotel if I don't feel up to the drive back when the show is over.

Let's see what else? Ummm again, I am not ignoring anyone despite me not reading any ones blog in forever. I don't even visit my own blog some days. I still think of yall and wonder what is going on in your lives, it's just that me and the computer are not as tight as we used to be. My days are spent in the gym or treatment room these days which is good for my career, but bad for blog and other non school related stuff. My evenings are spent at the pool, with Pooka, doing school work, and with my sweetie. What can I say? I would try and get up earlier to blog and read but it's really not that serious. LOL! I am going to put down on the books that this weekend I'll catch up with what's going on with you! :-)

Good Night.


Darius T. Williams said...

Yea, you have been kinda MIA - and you know - I don't think I like that one iota. I'mma need you to get back in the regular swing of things...mkay? that we've got that outta the way.

I'm working out too. My eating habits are shit cuz of the stuff I make on the food blog - but oh well. Anyway, I still look and feel like a fat pig - seriously. But someone had the nerve to tell me I look like I'm losing weight. I don't know how in the hell that's possible cuz I don't see any improvements whatsoever. I'm really starting to think God really wants me to be this fat.

If gastric bypass ever goes on sale - I promise you I'm going to buy one! I'm soooo serious.

MzNewy said...

Glad things appear to be working out. umm yeah you are going to have to stop going MIA...mkay.

Freaky Deaky said...

T-Wayne? I'm sorry but I'm going to have to deduct cool points for liking that. :o(

I came to your blog and my allergies started acting up. Why? Because I'm allergic to dust and there was dust aplenty here. x(

Methinks the caregiver place was probably ran by R. Kelly and he just wanted some of your pee.

Industrial rehab sounds like something day laborers would do on some old buildings in Detroit. Now you're going to make me chat with my friend Google to figure out what you're talking about. :o(

Don't be like that. Pooka might want to get to know her new stepgranny. LOL. :oD

You better catch up and I don't want to hear about how many posts you've missed either. Grrrrr!

kasandra said...

Girl I hear you on not posting too much. But my reasons are for school, work, and migraines. On my good days (which one is today) I come around and post, but other than that you can't catch me. But we all have our reasons. Just to know that you are alive and well is enough for me.

Ladynay said...

Darius. *head hung* I'll try

Yah know, I have yet to try one of your meals. I've been trying to get back to actually cooking again.

ROFLMBBO@gastric bypass being on sale! You a mess! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA I will cut you if you let them cut you. Stay in the gym and don't eat much of what you cook. Take a bite and send the rest to me! *wink*

NewNew, I know YOU not talking! That's all imma say! :-)

Freaky, T-Wayne or some portion of T-Wayne is on every other song on the regular radio, there's no way around them! LOL

I wonder if Mr. Kelly put the videocamera away after all this mess? Hmmmmm

To sum it up, we test and determine if people are fit for work, should go back to work, condition them to get back to work, and access work sites then make suggestions on how things could be done with less stress on the body. There is more but I've only been there 2 weeks so I haven't seen everthing that goes on yet.

I've seen on your blog how you lied on me...not cute! LOL I won't say how many entries I gotta catch up on, just know it's A LOT!

Yeah I igged that other statement on purpose.

K, thank goodness I don't suffer from migraines. I've heard so much from sufferers and yall can have that...alla dat! :0(

Girl you know woman like us never die! We're always somewhere helping make stuff work in our favor *wink*

blkbutterfly said...

can i just say that your blogging tone has loosened up quite a bit. LOL! and like others said, i need for you not to be MIA.

a 7 year old going to see Janet and LL? girl, Pooka has no idea how good she's got it!

The Lady Girl said...

I so love that song off the Lil Wayne CD. I think that will be in my CD rotation today.

Congrats on going to PT school. Hang in there with that A&P stuff, it was a drag for me.

Monique said...

The primary investigator was pulling a power trip. Then decided to write you a recommendation after the fact? That's jacked up.

Ok, your father's wife is tripping. I would have corrected her just make sure she understands and stays in her lane.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

he has a lot of job titles
have a gr8 weekend

Kat said...

Hey Lady! Glad to see you are back on here. I come by your spot everyday (or almost)and check to see if you've posted something new.

Funny how things work out huh? Sometimes we get so focused on one thing (a job or a man or whatever) that we miss out on the blessing that's right around the corner. Glad it worked out for th ebest for ya.

I HATE anal retentive people like that prof. I mean DANG. ONE WORD! I remember a few teachers like that back at good old Northwestern.

Speaking of our Alumn......did you go to any of the reunion stuff? I didn't. I'm still waiting on some pics from it to be posted on myspace or facebook. :(

LsbnMom said...

I wanted to go see Janet! :P(

Freaky Deaky said...

Lies? What lies? I know not what you speak of. Everything I said was true. :oD

I'm mad you're going to see them on my birthday. Drive up here, take me to the concert, and then drive me home. What?!

Ladynay said...

BB, yeah there is no telling if either artist will be touring when she is old enough to go on her own or with her crew.

HIIIIIIIIIII The Lady Girl! Welcome to my blog, don't be a stranger despite my blogging once a week! LOL

I have not officially made it into PT school yet, but I like the way you think *wink*

Monique, yeah me and my subject are still confused about the 2 opposing convos we've had.

His wife hasn't made contact with me since I told her I was not coming to the suprise party she is throwing but if she claims Pooka again I will most likely correct her politely.

Torrance, he does have a lot to titles but he has the documentation stating he can be called such things so it's fine by me. He is currently my personal trainer.

Kat, everything alwasys seems to work out in the end even if you don't understand the process.

Yep, trippin' over ONE WORD!

I've been in NC the entire time. I didn't know of anything outside of the 6Flags thing.

lsbnmom, don't know what to say...

FD, outside of the visually molesting the football team I don't know where that other stuff came from! ROFL!

Ummmm yeah, that's gonna happen. Have your bags ready *eyeroll*

E said...

Girl I feel ya on the being's been that way for me a while. I'm trying to ease back in but it's not with the same vigor I used to have for blogging when I first started.

What a crazy situation with your Dad and his wife. I guess they're trying to make some kind of connection but with your Dad's track history, I don't blame you for being leery.

Congrats on the weight loss...I bet being extra busy with everything also helps in that department.