Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some things I've learned in a few hours worth of catching up on blog reading...

I've been removed from several blog rolls. I can't lie, they had good reason to let me go. LOL!

I need to update my own blogroll. I mean DeepNThought removed her stuff altogether.

Many people have been taking breaks for various reasons so I don't feel alone.

At least 30 reasons why people wouldn't come by my blog.

The Janet Jackson show is going to be great despite LL not taking his shirt off. I really hope he at least lifts it up one good time when he's here!

I am not the only one who is still iffy about who will get there vote. I am not really convinced either one can do it but I am going to have to choose one come November.

My cousin hasn't blogged since the day after my birthday, where you at chicka?

There are more than a handful of bloggers that travel to see their SO's!

When did Sherlon get a girlfriend? I don't remember giving permission for that to happen! *wink*

Women say they want a smart, street, family man...but they really don't

Slutty dressed woman save relationships.

Black love is real, except when the Cowboys play the Redskins.

There is a FIF that I have not had the privilege to read.

Apparently there is a sexy new female Judge on TV.

Most people who grew up with one parent will make at least one attempt to find the parent who wasn't around.

When the reason we started a certain blog isn't an issue anymore, it's okay to start a new one and give Ladynay the address to whenever it starts *wink* It's fantastic that people grow out of things and can see things from the other side of the fence.

I have a new small fear of substitute bus drivers.

I seem to enjoy many wordless posts by different bloggers lately.

Torrance and ARgal have blogs that I can look at for a moment then my computer has a fit.

Dat's bout it.


Freaky Deaky said...

I haven't changed the password in a minute so it's not like I'm trying to stop you from reading it. :( I'll resend you the password for a dollar.

LL doesn't take his shirt off anymore? I guess you'll have to settle for drooling over Janet just like everyone. Bring your camera and if she wears leather get close enough to the stage to take some good pics for me. It would make for a nice Bday present. *whistles*

I cried for days and cursed everybody when Deep left. My heart is still broken. :o(

Just 30 reasons? LMAO!

Sexier than Judge David Young? Get out of here! I kid, I kid.

blkbutterfly said...

uhm, yeah, Deep deleted hers a minute ago. ;-)

yeah, a lot of us take to the skies or roads to see the one we love!

Ladynay said...

Keep your dollar Freaky, I found the password! LOL!

From what I read off someone who has seen the show already, he doesn't take it off *moment of silence* I doubt they will let me bring a camera in, but if they do, I'll see if I can get you a birthday pic of Mrs. Dupri.

Yeah, mine too!

30 plus really! :-(

See I don't even know who that judge is either. There are tooooooooo many judge shows out. I liked it better when it was The Peoples Court and Divorce Court. Period! *hmph*

BB, I know her blog's been gone for awhile, it is just one of the best reasons why I need to update my roll :-)

Yeah I am noticing the trend :-)

Nobody not really... said...

There's something wrong with you...

AR Gal said...

LL is lookin a little plastic nowadays. What's up with that?

I remember you saying that my blog freezes up your pc. I don't know what the issue could be. :-( Me sowwy.

Posts for everyone will probably become few and far in between when this election is over and the closer it gets to the end of the year.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

When LL was here last year, he didn't take off his shirt. I was disappointed.

I've cut my blogging down to at least twice a week. Just not in the mood.

Ladynay said...

Nobody, you just figured that out? I need you to do better...ROFL!

Argal, I haven't seen LL's body lately to say but there were rumors awhile ago stating that he had some work done.

No biggie, at least I can read most of it before the pc cuts up and it's not just your blog. My computer is just picky :-)

Why would blogging slow down after the election?

Southern, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so he started keeping his shirt on way before the Janet tour huh? That should be against the law! There should be a contract made up that in every show he either has to rip his shirt off Hulk Hogan style or pull his shirt up and pour water down his chest!!!!

I understand...

kasandra said...

I agree about the court shows. Every channel you turn to nowadays has a court show. B-O-R-I-N-G!!!

Monique said...

LL is going to be performing at her concert?! I'm so jealous that my parents are going and I'm not. Dang it!

I was said about DeepNThought too. I do hope everything is ok with her though. I know she was going through some stuff.

The Goddess said...

You learned ALL THAT in a few hours. Dang! Lol.

Yeah, I still love L.L with his sexy self. It's a shame for him to have all that body and not flaunt it.

Darius T. Williams said...

That Torrance does have mega shit going on with his page, right? I love the guy dearly - but he needs to get one of those chinese experts on space and energy and whatnot.

Yea, you've been gone for a while. You've got tons of catching up to do!

The Lady Girl said...

LOL @ the 30 reasons. Blogging starts off cool then I get ummm blank or in love or something that takes my time away. When there's drama, I blog.

Ms.Honey said...

You aren't removed from mine lol

nikki said...

please note you have been on my blogroll for THREE YEARS.

you were one of the first folk on my blog roll and i'm NEVER TAKING YOU OFF! EVAR!

PhlyyGirl said...

LL is looking a lil... botoxy these days, but if he takes his shirt off, I'm still gonna take a pic and pray the flash on my camera doesn't reflect it.

"Slutty dressed woman save relationships."
Word how?!?
UNless the sluttily dressed woman is me and the relationship is the one I have with men who buy me free drinks on weekends...

"Black love is real, except when the Cowboys play the Redskins."
After living in DC for the past four years, I can say that truer words have never been posted.

Tasha said...

You're still on mine too...
But that's a lot to learn in a few hours. I really need to get reading, I've been slacking lately.

E said...

Hi ladynay!!!!

*LOL*...I admit I was surprised LL didn't take off the shirt but he did take off his bulky sweater to reveal a wifebeater towards the end of his set. But yeah they both put quite a show...and of course Janet picks a guy to freak with on the stage.

Very interesting observations on everything else. I keep falling in and out of blogging...I so need to get it together.

Ladynay said...

Kasandra, amen

Monique, um let me find out your parents gonna get their concert on! That's what I'm talkin bout! LOL

Goddess thats what I'm saying, if you still got a body that can be viewed as delicious than it needs to be shown! Esp. to folks who paid money to see you! I'm just saying, LOL!

Darius, yeah there's a lot of stuff on his page but I've seen folks with even more believe it or not.

I caught up last weekend now I need to catch up again :-)

Lady girl, Drama? I didn't read no drama unless you thinking bout getting back with ole boy!


Nikki, I don't believe that I've been blogging that darn long. You were down with me back when I blogged everyday! WoW! That's yet another reason you cool with me! HAHAHAHAHA We know that even when we not connected to the blog on the regular that we'd eventually come back so there's no need to erase the name off each others roll :-D

phly, Botox or no botox I wanna see! LOL

A male blogger stated that a sexy dressed female will allow your man to still get hard when you come to bed in granny panties. He gave a few more examples but that is the jist of it. :-D

Your man a Cowboys fan huh?

Tasha, most of us are slacking so don't feel bad.


I saw a clip of Janet getting her dominatrix on some dude the other day. I think I need to get a blindfold for Pooka during that part if she plans to do that same routine tonight on some dude.

Like I told Tasha, most of us have been shady on the blog scene so you're not alone. :-(

T.C. said...

Black love is real, except when the Cowboys play the Redskins

Now that's CLASSIC! and oh so true!