Sunday, October 12, 2008


Before I explain the title let me get some things out of the way....

In Britney's new song she says "they say I'm crazy, I got your crazy" I love that line!

T-Pain stated in Ciara's new song that his IQ was 42, didn't someone in his camp tell him that 70 was border line retarded? I mean even if he was trying to say that even with his low IQ scores folks think he's a genius, he could have at least said 82....*smh*

The theme for the month is fear. It's Halloween time and everyone has been scared, afraid, spooked, whatever at some point in time. So write a post about it. I have been fearful plenty of times but I can't think of one I want to blog about yet. But one will be up by the end of the month.

Speaking of Halloween, Pooka's pumpkin that she'd been asking about for WEEKS was thrown in the trash. Know why? Because when she got it from the pumpkin patch Friday and asked me if we could carve it Friday night I said no we would do it this weekend. Being that that was not the answer she wanted to hear, she carved it Friday night. I walked in the kitchen to see pumpkin insides all over my table and a pumpkin with 2 eyes, a nose, and a smile. I wasn't very happy! Pooka and I had a "little talk". She heard and understood me when I said we'd carve it during the weekend, but made the choice to do what she wanted to, so I made a choice based on her choice....which was to throw it all in the trash! Oh well!

Today was the 20th annual Walk for Hope. This will make Pooka and I's 3rd year participating in this fundraiser to help in the research and cure of mental illnesses. As always it was a great time. There is a 1 mile, 5k, and 10k that folks can do. Pooka and I stick with the mile, but next year I plan to walk/jog the 5k! I would reallllllly like to get my local homies and local bloggers together and do it as a team! That would be AWESOME! So don't be surprised when I ask if you gonna walk/jog with me and Pooka next year! :-) I had planned to take pictures but of course the batteries for the camera were darn near dead. I should know by now to check the camera before I leave the house! *sigh*

Now to fat girl down....Long story short, I sorta fell twice last week. Once on Wednesday and again on Thursday, then managed to hit my lip on my car Wednesday evening. *pauses so everyone can get their laughs out* Okay, on Wednesday while I was at the hospital observing a therapist provide treatment on a patient, another therapist called me to watch a procedure I'd been wanting to see. So I am sitting in a chair that's between 2 therapy beds, I stand up, I fall down on one knee. Nothing tripped me and I wasn't light headed. So what made me go down? I have no clue. Then Wednesday night as I am getting out my car I had my hands full and somehow managed to bang my lip against the roof of my car!

But Ladynay, you don't even face the cars direction when you get out of it!

Yeah I know! So how did I do it? Again, I have no clue. Then Thursday I am at my Industrial Rehab job and it's lunch time so I'm working out. I usually end my workouts on the treadmill and Thursday was no different. So I'm getting my stride on and all of a sudden it felt like I was walking backwards for a split second. If I had not been holding on to the bar it would have been a scene made for Americas Funniest Videos. My coworker (who I told the events from the day before) asked me what happened. I told her that it felt like the belt went in reverse for a split second. She claims it didn't, so I told her I didn't know what was going on....still don't. So yeah, not only did I have ummmm gravity issues...I am having unexplainable issues. I told one of my coworker that I was glad I didn't get hurt cuz if the doc asked me what happened they would look at me crazy if I said I didn't know. LOL! Thankfully I've been normal since Thursday.


blkbutterfly said...

lol @ throwing Pooka's pumpkin away. she was not going to let a little thing like mommy saying no stop her.

i do the same thing w/ my students when they choose to do something they shouldn't. whatever it is goes right in the trash! i'm not sure if it accomplishes anything, but i certainly feel better. :-)

Ladynay said...

Giiiiiiiiiiirl she was so excited about the darn thing what I said meant NADA! Hopefully she's been reminded that my rules run this castle here!

I know I felt better seeing that Pooka actually regretted her decision not to wait. There is no point in punishment if they didn't learn the lesson.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Ladynay - 1
Pookie - 0

You had to remind Pookie your will is stronger.

I have nothing to say about your unexplain issues. Lol

Kasandra said...

LOL At SG!!! I got a lil grown up over here too. His mouth is overloading his ass. LOL!!!

But since Holloween is like in 2 1/2 weeks, that should sting a little.

TrinaBeingTrina said...

I'm very upset with you. I don't thnk I really comprehended anything in this blog past you throwing away Pooka's Pumpkin. This is the kind of thing that can scar a child for life. Poor thing!!

But what I'm reaaly mad about is that she was actually able to successfully carve it all by herself. I couldn't carve a pumpkin if my LIFE depended on it. Hahaha.

Btw...I don't care who it is or where it happens but whenever I see someone fall down for no apparant reason it is the most hilarious thing to me. As long as the person is not hurt.

Ladynay said...

Southern, she will learn that mommy will prevail over most of these little "let me test my limits" games.

Mommy - 9,693,746,839,468,234,496
Daughter - 3....if she catches me slipping! LOL!

I don't know what to say about the falling thing either.

Kasandra, See! And that's why we gotta break 'em down while they still moldable. When he's 16, taller than you, and gotta little bass in his voice you still wanna be able to flash him a look and that mouth that's developing will shut!

She learned the lesson, so the small sting was effective.

Trina, she can talk to me about her therapy needed from this experience later. LOL!

Well don't be too mad cuz she didn't do the very first thing you should do....cut the thing at the top and scoop all the seeds and flesh out! She just cut the facial features and pulled the pieces out, gunk attached, and left it to sit on my table!

Trina, you would have got a good laugh off me then. I wonder what it is about falling that triggers laughter....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

AR Gal said...

Dang Pooka!! She did all that hard work for nothing. I hope she enjoyed it. lol

Good for ya'll doing the walk!

Seems like you have the dreaded clumsy gene. I can totally relate! Me and walls don't get along to well either. lol

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

LOL my iq is 185 but sat scores was 690 go figure

Nobody not really... said...

It pays to read all the way through, cuz I was gonna ask you wtf "to hot my lip on my car Wednesday evening" meant. LOL

Yeah, er, you need to get that checked out.

Freaky Deaky said...

Poor thing. The gremlins are no longer satisfied with destroying your electronics, now they've taken to invading you.

You know I would've thrown the pumpkin on the floor, given it a couple of flying elbow drops, and stomped it until I slipped and fell on my ass. All the while screaming, "You made me do this." Then I'd make her clean it up and wash my clothes. LOL! Go ahead call me a meanie but that's funny as hell to me. :o)

You know when Pooka is 16 she's going to run some new 21st century game on you that will leave you befuddled and looking dumber than a T-Pain fan.

You should call your team, Team Thongs and require every member to wear one that day. Take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Mmm thongs.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think I'm done. Oh damn, no I'm not. Teeheeheeheeheeehee! Okay, now I'm done.

Seriously though you should get that checked out. I'm sure that's a symptom of something other than clumsiness especially if you're not generally clumsy in the first place.

Tasha said...

I hope Pooka enjoyed the pumpkin while it lasted. And I'm impressed that she managed to carve it herself.

cherry's kid said...

okay, I've read before but never commented...damn...just chucked the pumpkin...poor Pooka for not listening...and the unexplained things, falling, a mess

Ladynay said...

Me too ARgal! LOL!

Good for you doing the breast cancer walk! Good stuff!

Well the clumsy spell has seemed to disappear thank God. I can't even imagine being clumsy all the time. I would never go anywhere, esp. around walls *wink* :=D You have my respect cuz I couldn't do it.

Torrance, I haven't tested so I don't know where I fit in that whole IQ world. I am surprised you recall you SAT scores. I my life depended on me knowing what I got, I'd be a dead woman. LOL!

Nobody, what ever do you mean? I didn't type that! *eyes wander and begins to whistle*

I told myself if I did something strange again on Friday I would go get evaluated, but nothing happened so I am not going to worry about it.

Well I drink plenty of water so them gremlins are dead! LOL

*gasp* you are sooooooooo not right! That's begging for the kid to need therapy in a few years! LOL!

I know she going get away with a few things when she gets older. It just won't be very many things if I have my way!

I would like to have both sexes on my team if I manage to make this happen next year. I'll make sure to get close ups of the men booties....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm man booty! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I googled to web diagnose myself and came up with nothing. So whatever it was is gone in my book.

Tasha, we all accomplish very impressive things when we reaaaaaaaaaaaaally want what ever it is bad enough!

Hello Cherrys Kid! You've been here before but since I'm just now seeing you take your shoes off and stay while! :-)

Yep, I chucked it! Really simple solution that packed a nice lesson. Can't beat that!

I was a mess for a second. I'm st8 now.

Darius T. Williams said...

I love how you've emphasized "little talk." Great parenting - keep it up!

I'm gonna include you and this falling spirit in my prayers tonight...mkay? get it together!

Ladynay said...

I'm trying.

ROFL! I'm okay now Darius, but pray for me anyways. It won't hurt nothing :-D